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Like all good Fundamentalist Christians JezuzFreek777 is obsessed with a band whose Frontman has slept with over 9000 women
I am single and looking to meet new people:) I love heavy metal, rock and roll. I play a bit of electric guitar and enjoy motorcycling You can find out more about me at YouTube. Look for Jezuzfreek777


Johnathan Banville - Looking for love on myspace.

JezuzFreek777, aka "Anthony", aka Jonathan A. Banville from Hammond, Indiana, is a Christfag and racist Republican who is known for making fundamentalist Youtube videos. Both "down with the kids" (teh zzz's & eee's) and with the crazies (the 777), he has bought into the whole Rapture nonsense his pastor fed him – and believes Jesus is COMING BACK REAL SOON.

Like any great father, JezuzFreek777 beats his children, and admitted on a live video that he would murder his own daughter if he believes God has told him to. Jezuzfreek777 also likes to read the Bible and wanks off to pictures of Mother Mary sleeping with Jebus. He spends his free time stopping his kids from having fun or social contact so they can enjoy the Good Book. He won't let his children enjoy themselves with Dangerous Entertainment, so no computer games like Pong and Pac-Man, and no rap either – especially the black rappers. He struggles with himself daily whether or not to allow his children to read Harry Potter BALEETED.

He does however strongly encourage his daughter to play Iraqi court dramas with her dolls – so long as the brown-skinned man gets killed BALEETED. Like any good fundie, he believes no Jews or Muslims are getting into heaven, and even most Christians won't. He gave the weakest rebuke possible to VenomfangX for VFX's recent DMCA shenanigans, and lulz was ensued. He was rewarded with a DMCA-based Banhammer of his own for it.

Is Jezuzfreek a Repressive Homosexual or A Racist?[edit]

Jesus was NOT black

If it makes a person feel better to worship a black Jesus, that's fine... I have no issue with that... The only issue I have is, I want to worship a heavenly father according to the way he describes himself.


Jezuzfreek - basically saying he feels a black person is not worthy of his worship. lulz.

Imus is not a RACIST!!

You guys can say NIGGER this and NIGGER that and NIGGA PLEASE!!


Jezuzfreek @ 1:22 - Expressing his hate for coons.

If he is gay and still in the closet you'd have to cut him some slack given that he would be thoroughly shunned by his fellow church members for coming out. For similar reasons, jezuzfreek can't admit to any interest in women because it's considered a sin to have any sexual thoughts about a woman to whom you're not married.

JezuzFreek: A Faithful Christian[edit]

shitshitshitshit REMIX!!1!

Faps over Capital Punishment

Thinks UCLA Students should be Tasered in the LibraryBALEETED

Thinks Guns are what makes Amerikkka greatBALEETED

Fatty supports eating fast-food as "NOT evil" as he eats two KFC double-down sammiches in this video.

OMFG Jezuzfreek's House Was Robbed[edit]

On May 15, 2010, Jezuzfreek (Closet faggot )idiotically kept his front door open and a criminal successfully broke into Jezuzfreek's house at this address:

6542 Alabama Ave. Hammond, IN 46323-1608 Be sure to send some condoms and lube to say thanks!

The robber stole two of his many guns he keeps around the house to comfort him. Jezuzfreek sleep's beside side his weapon at night and keeps one beside his computer lol. How did he take care of it? He yelled "Who's in my house?" twice, as if a criminal is going to give away his name while robbing the place. The funny thing is, the person who broke into his house would have to have known him, because the robber knew exactly where his guns were located (they are locked away in boxes in his house). He handled the situation by making this video while the man was in his house:

Video Jezuzfreek made while his house was being robbed
The Aftermath

...And THIS box was open, just my personal stuff...


—Jezuzfreek777 - The 3rd box in his house that the thief opened.

Say "Hows God treating ya?" in the comment section of the video above for the lulz.

Be sure to give him a call at (219) 513-8142 to let him know that he is in your prayers.

His Stickam Room[edit]

Well, actually it's not his, he just likes to act like the room JesusTalk is his by barking out orders to everyone and being a hypocritical douche. He constantly talks shit about TheAmazingAtheist even though TAA is never even in the room, talks about his motorbikes and how great he is on guitar which you can see here for a good laugh (BALEETED, probably after realizing how much he sucks) and kicks out anyone from the room who defeats him in an argument in such a way even VenomFangX would be proud of. Brett Keane's always in the room too crying about how YouTube won't let him back and stuff.

How To Troll Jezuzfreek[edit]

Jezuzfreek777witnessing God's Glory.jpg
  • Did you know that : JF asked tommy from the bronx( Back in 2008 ),can i suck your dick ,but tommy said NO, sorry i am not like that..!! Ahh.. I bet you didn't know that!!
  • Tell Him: Faggot's behind the scenes don't go to heaven !
  • Tell him: Don't be afraid.
  • Tell him: Let's discuss, don't forget to pay child support bitch!!
  • Tell him: You can't even keep a relationship with a woman, so stfu bitch!
  • Tell him: Alcohol is not the answer.
  • Tell him: Hey Anthony show us your faith in God, close your account and re-open it !!
  • Tell him: It's Jesus not Jezuz
  • Whenever he gloats about his guns, ask him "Why would a Christian even consider buying from a company named KILL-tec?"
  • Say he's a racist for saying Jesus is not black and for saying "NIGGER" in one of his videos.
  • Describe the dirty things you would do to his daughter if you ever met her.
  • Talk about how great TheAmazingAtheist's videos are.
  • Ask him: If Jezuz was really Vermin Supreme's father, why did he end up hanging on a cross like a nigger from a tree?
  • Convince him: He had sex before marriage.
  • Make fun of his jewish circumcised penis.

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