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Ohio's 4th congressional district

Jim Jordan, a former Assistant Coach for Ohio State University from 1985 to 1997 and a current representative for the gerrymandered-to-shit 4th district of the mutated population of western Ohio, has decided to fight recent allegations that he overlooked more than 1,000 cases of sexual abuse between students and athletes when he was a coach at OSU by saying. "Would you look at the time. The timing of this is a little too convenient."

What happened to the days when you could slap someone across the face when they tried to play a game of grab ass? Oh yeah, we call that assault now. BEAM ME THE FUCK UP!!


—Jim Trafficant

Look, the timing makes you wonder. All I know is, it’s not true. ... It’s interesting that the timing is what it is, in light of things that are going on in Washington.”


—Jim Jordan

Wrestling Career[edit]

Jim jordan 4513.jpg

If there were three words that could ever spell gay in a sentence and convince your mother to start setting you up with bag boys she met at the super market, they are Græco-Roman Wrestling.

Jim Jordan's high school and college wrestling career must have had no complaints of him rubbing a hard dick against his opponent's ass when he was in the "top" of the Par Terre position because he had a High School record, while at Graham High School of 150-1 and was state champion 4 years in a row.

Jordan was a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion while at Wisconsin Madison and even made a future 2 time Olympic gold medalist his bottom for the 1985 NCAA Wrestling championship.

Coaching Scandal[edit]

NAMBLA poster boy

Despite what libtards might want you to believe. Jim Jordan is not being accused of touching anyone.

As a republicunt and a member of The House of Represenatives, he is being accused of not doing a fucking thing about multiple reports of faggotry at the hands of the team doctor. Not exactly an uncommon thing back then...

Former wrestlers are saying the Rep. Jim Jordan turned a blind eye to Dr Strauss being too "Touchy Feely" with them. They are claiming that a 200 to 300 pound, muscular, physically fit, well trained wrestler was terrified by a 150 pound, middle-aged doctor that would go down with single Bitch slap from one of them when he allegedly got over enthusiastic massaging their prostates.

Even more interesting, none of the head coaches from Ohio State University, during the years of 1985 and 1997, are being named or accused in this facade.

We don't like to take sides here at ED but it sounds a little suspicious when the only one being accused holds a political position.

Mike DiSabato[edit]

Mike DiSabato

It should be known that one of the first Whilstle Blowers to come out against Ohio State University Wrestling doctor Richard Strauss has a long history of legal disputes with OSU and others.

  • In 1999 DiSabato sued and later dropped a case against Nutmeg Mills.
  • In 2003 he sued Team Beans, the case was dismissed in 2004
  • In 2008, an employee of Silver Knight sued the company and DiSabato for breach of contract The case was settled.
  • In 2006, DiSabato complained to the Columbus Dispatch saying that OSU was seeking a license agreement with Nike, saying that if the contract was made it would destroy half of his company's (Silver Knight's) sales. After settling the case Disabato was ordered to sell all stock and give 20% of his profits to OSU.
  • DiSabato blamed his losing the Nike dispute on now Youngstown State University president and then OSU head football coach Jim Tressel, along with others, saying, "folks who know who they are who hide in bureaucracy.”".
  • Currently DiSabato's company Silver Knight is in debt and Silver Knight owes $5.3 million to Globex, according to Business First.
  • DiSabato was ordered in Franklin County Common Pleas court last Thursday to pay Huntington National Bank nearly $1 million for defaulting on a loan toward his latest business, MMA Authentics. The bank is owed $960,730.04.

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