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Secretly, Joe wants to plow Alex.
Joe's "rivalry" with Alex in a nutshell.

Joe Crusher Pickles (better known as letmerok) is a special kind of retard and closeted ponylover. He's a predictably autistic 22-year-old weeaboo, a babyfur who's obsessed with seeing characters from Jewelpet in diapers, and a hentai fanatic who tries desperately to garner respect from internet trolls by stalking cartoon critics. Unfortunately, whatever valuable potential he had was thrown right out the window, thanks to his ever-growing obsession with a sperg nobody cares about.

Internet Infancy[edit]

Joe is so desperate for attention, he was so pathetic that he resorted to stealing terrible, terrible artwork (primarily babyfur pictures) and selling them as prints. He attributed his sick fetish to his fake brother and whenever people called him out, he behaved like any weak-minded man-child would in the face of criticism and bawleeted his entire gallery rather than growing a pair and facing his own actions. To this day, all of Joe's art is still shit-tier traces, recolors, and direct thefts of other shit-tier tartlet's work, which is astonishing seeing as to how he still manages to make everything he opens in MSPaint worse.

The Boy Who Cried Sperg[edit]

Recently, Joe has formed unhealthy stalking obsessions with sperglord critics on YouTube, and he won't go a single day without making his hateboner clear for all to see. It's unknown why Joe would focus on these people nobody cares about, though it's likely he's attempting to detract attention from his sordid past, sick fuckery, and innumerable personal flaws. If you're a commentator on YouTube or if you simply make stuff like cringe compilations, don't be surprised if Joe fills your inbox with at least one request to make a video about one of the people he stalks. sperg.

About the sperg[edit]

Joe's life.
This says a lot, actually.

One such sperg Joe obsesses over is a wannabe cartoon reviewer known as Alexander Cayford. Alex has been on the Internet for nearly a decade, and he started out as a typical expendable cartoon fanatic, populating all the popular sperg hotspots. As far as his YouTube history goes, he started off making anti 4Kids videos before he developed a hard-on for RebelTaxi and began making his own reviews. His reviews range anywhere between weird and bad, and yet Joe still can't let anything go and obsesses over him unhealthily.

When the video is more cringeworthy than the artwork, you'd better call it a day.

Stuff he gets aroused by[edit]

  • Norm of the North
  • Johnny Test
  • Teen Titans GO!
  • The 2016 PPG reboot
  • Dorbees
  • Any anime that has Bandai Visual (A.K.A. Emotion) and/or Sunrise's names on it (Expect for Moe)

YouTubers he stalks[edit]

Stuff that makes him triggered[edit]

Like most autists, Joe is completely removed from reality and spends most of his days watching cartoons and then complaining that they should be catered to his taste and are clearly missing their target demographic of sick-fuck 20-something men who refuse to grow up and should stop making them so childish. A few other things that he illogically rants about on twitter or writes full-length blogs crying about are:

Quotes on letmerok's art thievery and general asshattery[edit]

Letmerok posting as "colboxthethird". Seriously, go read the whole thing.
Pretty much the reason I don't to talk about this is due to I need to handle this matter myself. However this problem now escalates to a serious troll degree that I have no choice but to tell you what is seriously going on.

You see....we have a stubborn, stupid art thief here under the name letmerok who stole a TON of not-so-appropriate art (especially babyfur, UGH) and post it on his dA and Pixiv accounts. How do I know? Two of my commission pictures that were in my InkBunny account is stolen and posted them in his pixiv account.

The guy is a serious asshole. His gallery says it all:

Fortunately he uses them as an excuse to steal more art. And worse, uses the "Posted with permission" tagline, THAT IS NOT FUNNY! If you share your art, you must know you shouldn't steal and claim it as your own. And asking permission means you agree not to illegally distribute it.


Some furfag on Fur Affinity.

Well as it happens, all week i've been pestered over and over by a certain colboxthethird, whom has been continuously rudely forcing requests for free art of some japanese Jewelpets onto me, and I am not joking when I had to tell the guy about 5 times, ever more aggressively that the answer was NO. Below was a typical response I received:

"well I heard that some people on deviantart like them, some ABDL artists sometimes draws them in diapers, and you would be the perfect guy to take a chance at it" "but I though you where going to say yes..... ......S**T! why do some cute ABDL artists just have to say no to some of the most cutest things from japan!? and besides *insert other artists here* never say no to jewelpets"

My responses went something like this:

"Frankly, no. you're very rude to be asking for free art in such a pushy way. Just because im the perfect one doesnt mean i want to draw stuff that YOU want from me. If you have the nerve to tell artists what they should be drawing, back it up with some money or have the courtesy to listen when people tell you know the first time so that I dont have to tell you a SECOND time. I cannot just magic up art out of my ass if thats what you think. Are you even sure what you're asking? 10 pictures FREE! It takes me over an hour to make just one of these and I actually have a life with other work i need to get done. Stop being a rude greedy person and rethink the way you approach artists. We are not slaves that will draw whatever you want free of charge just because we are 'perfect' for it."

Anyway, a certain comment from ConejoBlanco on that image revealed that this 'Colboxthethird' is actually our Letmerok, from dA. I obviously cannot prove if this is true or not, but i'm willing to believe it based on the d*ck-like behaviour on both accounts.



Recent Memory/Webcomic[edit]

As of now, Joe is directing his attention towards making his own gawdofful webcomic. In a nutshell, the comic centers on a baby fur who goes by the name of "Bebe Killy" in a world full of babyfurs and lolis with names taken from Arthur of all things, engaging in shit that only autistic retards would care about and he takes influence from Clay Claymore and and some British lardass with a bad case of USI. Archive today-ico.png See for yourself. After the back-lash that it got, in a shocking sense of self-awareness, Joe abandoned the concept, but still desperate for attention, he wrote an apology, which is littered with sarcasm. For a quick laugh, point out how hard it'd be to take his word seriously.

As of now, he isn't as active as he once was on deviantART, but he's still very active on Twitter, and on here as well. Joe was finally banned from ED, and he took it like you'd expect.

He couldn't even be bothered to keep this video up on his own channel.

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