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Those who look like Johnny here tend to e-peen their way out of real life.

Fox (Power word: John Field) is primarily known for being Angyl's Other Boyfriend, and for starting #school4lulz, which was where he re-taught everything he had learned in CS III that day.


Yeah, they actually let this retard in.

g00ns and Angyl[edit]

Rob started his trolling career by becoming Angyl's other boyfriend and joining g00ns. He also claimed responsibility for defacing the Church of Scientology website in 2008 and declaring war. Later, he decided to make a power grab in g00ns, which ultimately failed miserably because they had more than 3 members.

HostGator and InstantProfitz[edit]

After that, very little is known until he got drunk at DEFCON and was offered a security job at HostGator. He then proceeded to spend all his time running a spam operation from their servers. Eventually, he was kicked out of the security department and landed his own section on their ED page. He was also paid to troll an anti-HostGator thread on some forum nobody cares about.

Not long after this, Rob decided to play both sides of the fence at a referral high yield investment program called Knowing his friends had begun dumping their database, he decided to PACKET EVERYTHING and call the CEO on the phone, then land a security contract by "forcing the kids to quit ddosing" and stopping LOIC in his terminal.

Once he'd gotten the retainer, he tried to have his friends do the work for him, then failed because his friends didn't want to be slave labor, and just let him take the money. Thus, the contract fell through. Shortly thereafter, he ripped someone off for a BMW. He was next seen claiming to be a millionaire and asking for money in the same breath. This failure was even witnessed bragging about ripping people off over paypal before ultimately stealing $3,000 from his own girlfriend, who was left in tears.


In May 2011, Rob ventured onto's IRC and into the #lulzsec channel, where he actually looked smart compared to all of the skids and losers. After trying and failing to answer someone's question, he decided to start #school4lulz. He reached out to old friends and claimed that he had stopped ripping off friends and strangers alike, so they decided to lend him some credibility and help out. This would prove to be a disaster for all parties involved.

Not long after #school4lulz started, ED's IRC was TOS'd and our fuhrer, Ryan Cleary was v&. #school4lulz moved to the moralfag cancer that is AnonOps for a while, and a few weeks later got its own server, at which time it was rebranded as BlackHat Academy, and #school4lulz thereafter became #school. During all of this, backtrace security decided to try making a name for itself by doxing Rob, since they were unable to dox anyone who mattered in AnonOps or LulzSec. Fox intentionally lead backtrace to the guy who donated one of many developmental domains to the school, by giving her the domain's private registration info. He later bragged about this to a 16 year old girl he was trying to sleep with at DEFCON. A couple of weeks after moving to a new server, someone decided to DDoS BlackHat Academy, and while Rob was crying about it on AnonOps, troof decided to troll him and claim responsibility for the DDoS. Rob raged hard, and knowing troof was involved with doxbin, decided to join doxbin's IRC and act like an Internet Tough Guy. This did not Pastebinfavicon.png work out so well. The next day, BlackHat Academy was mysteriously nullrouted, after doxbin's IRC was DDoSed. It was back to AnonOps for the #school kids, where they stayed until...

DEFCON 19[edit]

During backtrace security's panel about Anonymous, Rob, some loser in a Guy Fawkes mask, and another guy in a Pedobear mask, decided to crash the panel. In the course of this herculean display of faggotry, Rob managed to partially dox himself, and dropped the names of a bunch of people who either didn't know him, or who barely knew of him, as though they were his friends.

Unrelated to the backtrace panel, Rob "borrowed" $300 from some 16 year old girl's friends so that he could buy his DEFCON badge and do other things, which he is never going to repay. At one point, so many people were pissed at him that there was talk of throwing him in the pool. Hedging his bets, Rob gave his wallet (Full of prepaid debit cards) to one person, and an sd card which he claimed was full of stolen credit card numbers to another. The person he gave the sd card to dumped its contents, and marveled at his Gentoo .iso and his random Mac files. He was also said to have attempted to sell a 0day for $10,000, and in the course of his pitch, bragged about having previously sold a cpanel 0day for $250,000. All of it was bullshit, of course.

DEFCON Aftermath[edit]

Seeing that their fellow staffer was out of control, the rest of the #school staff decided to steer things on the right track again, and make their channel more legitimate. Pastebinfavicon.png Fox BAWWWED pretty hard over this. Around this time, the internet detectives of #doxbin decided to get together and do what they do best, and Rob's dox were posted for the world to see. During all of this, his newly reborn #school4lulz channel on AnonOps wasn't doing well. When AnonOps got DDoSed by polish skids again and stayed down for a couple of days, Fox Pastebinfavicon.png closed down #school4lulz, hopefully forever. Two days later, amidst a bunch of drama on Twitter, Rob threw in the towel, declared that while doxbin got his docs right, they were no longer current, and made veiled threats against his former #school friends that if they targeted him, there would be reprisals. With that, he disappeared from the Internet.

At this point, he is believed to be employed by backtrace security in order to cause infighting among Anons and hackers, and he is thought to be sleeping on Jennifer Emick's couch.

Known Aliases[edit]

  • Fox
  • riot
  • h4ckfox
  • nopi
  • nopic
  • BinaryTerrorist
  • Nopi-one
  • nopi304
  • Obi Rob Kenobi
  • [g00n]riot
  • st4rfox
  • DerpMagician


Moar info: John Field/Logs.


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