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John Oliver is an unfunny SJW Britfag jew hack comedian huckster. He was originally on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, before getting his own show on HBO. John was also responsible for spawning the shitty Donald Drumpf meme to the world on his show. John was the one who brought The Donald back in 2013 to run in the presidential election in the first place as a joke...and he took it for granted. One of his "accomplishments" was that he made The Current Year a popular term in the wretched hive that is the SJW community.

Jew William Oliver was born in Erdington, Birmingham, England on 23 April 1977. During the 2016 Americunt election, he joined forces with the Democratic establishment to use his show as propaganda to get the Democrat in name only Hillary Clinton elected for the 2016 election, which thankfully failed. Now, he bitches and moans about the current US President just about every chance he gets on his show.

The most noticeable thing about him physically is that he has the worlds larges nose. People have tried to climb up Mount Johnny's Nose, but not have been successful. He has glass which just screams "I'm a dork." He wears a these business suits, because he sold his soul to The Devil to fill his fetish of dressing like a Joseph A Banks reject model.

Using a Trump-Created Loophole to Avoid Taxes on His House[edit]

Being a rich liberal hypocrite is hard work, especially when you own a house worth $9.5 million. Let me repeat that. $9,500,000. For a fucking house. But of course, John isn't satisfied with just owning this big house. No. He has to use tax loopholes, so he hardly has to pay any property tax, something he himself has lambasted others for.

In 2015, Oliver and his wife used Hoagie’s Place to purchase a 39th floor penthouse in an Upper West Side building overlooking the Hudson River for $9.5 million. Property records show they put half down and took out a $4.75 million mortgage from J.P. Morgan. Neither Oliver nor his wife’s name appears on the mortgage, or any of the other property records discussed in this story. Hoagie’s Place (named after his dog) is identified as the buyer in the mortgage, but it's listed address is an office building in Encino, California that houses dozens of shell corporations and revocable trusts....

Oliver benefits from New York’s property tax system, which offers huge advantages to residents of rich enclaves like the one where he lives. For example, even though Oliver paid $9.5 million for his penthouse, the city assessed its market value for tax purposes at just $1.3 million. However, only $515,000 of that amount was billable for property taxes. At a rate of 12.8 percent, Oliver normally would have paid $66,390.

However, property tax records show that, thanks to Trump and Roy Cohn, Oliver gets the very generous 421-a tax break on the penthouse. Hence, his property’s billable value after the exemption plunged by over $300,000, and he owed just $27,343 for 2016. That comes out to a property tax rate of roughly 0.25 percent, which would make Ronald Reagan and Ayn Rand dance in their graves from happiness.


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