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With Jews, you lose!

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Jordan Hunt aka Cuck Norris is a pathetic excuse of a Canadian satanist vegan nu-male feminist soyboy from Toronto, Canada. He is famous for roundhouse-kicking a woman from Lifesite News in a pro-choice protest. After assaulting the woman, he defended himself like a little bitch saying he meant to kick her phone, then he yanked off a ribbon that the victim was wearing and ran away like a little soy-pussy. Police later came but didn't do anything about it...yet.

Cuck Norris Identified[edit]

Next day later, the woman posted the video of the assault. And thanks to the internets, the video went viral and Cuck Norris' true identity is revealed as Jordan Hunt, a fruity looking hair stylist from Noble Studio. Not anymore now that Noble Studio fired his soy ass after the assault on the internet got their attention! After he got fired, he purge all of his social media pages to cover the remaining tracks.

Jordan is living proof that ABORTION SHOULD BE AS SAFE AND LEGAL AS POSSIBLE. As a matter of fact, whole cities should be aborted. Toronto definitely qualifies.

Epic Gameplay

He also kicks little kids

Cuck Norris Arrested[edit]

After days of negative fame and reputation he received and cannot be able to handle all the criticism like he's Andrew Dobson (minus the inflation fetishes), Jordan Hunt did one of the right things in hoping to end his backlash. No, he didn't kill himself to reduce physical violence against women. Instead....

Even if he did finish his sentence in jail time, he still has a lot to make up from assaulting women who oppose him. State an apology speech, end his social justice ways, get some help, change his life, learn to respect other people's opinions, face his backlash like a man, and for the love of god change his appearance that doesn't look like a gay ass social justice warrior. If he can do all of that, then maybe he can recover and reduce his backlash from being a social justice jackass. If not, then he can always stay locked up in jail. A roundhouse kick is not going to have effect on any of his big strong black cellmates ready to make him their bitch.

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