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LOL Joshua Conner Moon insulted New Zealand
Have YOU shed a tear for Autism today?
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Null (Joshua Conner Moon; the other known aliases are IbanZ, Iban, ichverbot) - owner of Kiwi Farms and 16chan, Blockland troll, pedophile, self-proclaimed lolcow, internet tough guy, web developer, high school dropout, United Kingdom and New Zealand hater, nihilistic autist, jew, scam-artist, boyfriend of Chris-chan and potential mass shooter.

Josh Moon first came to attention when he offered to co-admin the CWCki Forums (now Kiwi Farms), giving out his email and doxxing himself in the process. Infamy soon followed when users quickly noticed that Josh could be easily baited into responding in emotionally charged and humorous ways. Eventually he was put under investigation where his embarrassing internet history was exposed for all to see including making rape threads and possible rape attempts directed at a number of his forum users.

His crown achievement was somehow convincing Fredrick Brennan of 8chan that he's the man to take his site to the next level, but instead spending the next few months making a crippled man in a wheelchair act as his personal autism caretaker/drug supplier while he pretended to write code but instead sat around abusing his mod privs to ban and dox anyone who made fun of him on /v/. For this dubious pleasure he billed Hotwheelz 12k, and when the code didn't work tried to claim ownership of 8chan and then just fucked off.

Joshua Conner Moon is a neko shota addict who scammed a meme website out of $12,000 so that he could feel superior to a cripple and fuck with people who called him mean names now that he can no longer leak their IPs.


Epic Life Story[edit]

We've been told this article upsets him greatly.

Born in the United States, Josh started a pattern of failure which continues to this day when he failed to complete high school. At age 18 Josh began working for an internet business in Australia and lasted an entire four years before he was fired for blowing off work too often. His employers described his coding skills as "adequate", but they recommended he not interact directly with customers.

In 2015 Josh fled to the Philippines, having conned Fredrick "HotWheels" Brennan into paying him to code the Infinity software upgrades for 8chan. Unfortunately Josh wildly over promised features well beyond his limited coding capabilities, and fell behind schedule within in the first month. When Josh attempted to actually *migrate* 8chan to his new shitty codebase, it utterly failed because he didn't think he needed to test his new shiny code on an actual production sized dataset, like a shitty junior developer learns on the first day. So copypastethe generous 8chan community just spent 12 grand on something that doesn't even work for his needs, gg.

Apparently he made quite a name for himself on the forums for Blockland, which is kind of like Minecraft with Lego men. There's a 121-page thread about his antics. He is one of the most infamous players of all time for that shitty game, and there have been thousands of trolls / autists drama'd on that game's shitty site, so that's saying something.


pls unban me :(
Null is a regular on Avery Chicoine's CP chans, but stopped using his regular nickname after being called out for it on his own KiwiFarms. He will also come to fellow lolcow pedos support by closing the threads or otherwise disrupting them with his shenanigans.

Some choice quotes by Joshua/Null:

(8:11 AM) Joshua: Alright, time to jerk off to some neko shota. 
(8:11 AM) Joshua: Yeah, I'm fucked up. I know :( 
(8:15 AM) Joshua: I drench my sorrows in masturbation so often that it becomes too hard to get off to heterosexual intercoruse for the sole purpose of reproduction. 
4:52 AM - Joshua: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can 
4:52 AM - Joshua: before getting gunned down by SWAT 
4:52 AM - Joshua: That needs to be my life aspiration
4:52 AM - Joshua: You stupid fucking cunts need to suffer 
4:52 AM - Joshua: All living things with a vagina

How Null raped a forum member[edit]

Joshua and Stocking
Joshua wanna stick his virgin dick in this
FGAS in action

The following events happened on the Blockland Forums, which are infamous on the internet for the amount of trolls, autists, manchildren, and retards flocking around the site. Iban was a notable problem user who has been banned Over 9000 times, and to this day, is still one of the most infamous autists in the game's history.

According to one member, known as Stocking:

He kept pestering me for my address saying he wanted to visit me, and for the next like two weeks leading up to his roadtrip he bugged me non-stop about my address and said I wouldn't give it to him because I thought he was a rapist. Then he said he'd find my address anyways and rape me before he killed himself. So I guess I dodged a bullet.


—ichverbot wanna get some pussy, then die.

On another occasion:

I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he'd show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he'd subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it'd cauterize as it cut and I wouldn't bleed out. Then he'd cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he'd just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he'd beaten me sufficiently.


—The sextape will pwn 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick on all levels

Null's excuse?

I was really mad that day.


—Just kiddin'

But he deleted his post 5 seconds later and made her look like she's insane.

This girl has been stalking me for years. I figured she'd do something like this because I've been ignoring her lately.

Really unfortunate, but this is what happens when you trust crazy people with your personal information.



—ichverbot, being almost raped by a stalker girl

5:01 PM - Joshua: I wanted belonging with you 
5:01 PM - Joshua: and you never rejected me 
5:01 PM - Joshua: just like 
5:02 PM - Joshua: side-stepped 
5:02 PM - Joshua: constnatly 
5:02 PM - Joshua: a full wall of text ignored here 
5:02 PM - Joshua: an issue not responded to here 
5:02 PM - Joshua: and just 
5:02 PM - Joshua: you kept doing that 
5:02 PM - Joshua: I had to say shit like that to get you to listen 
5:02 PM - Joshua: to get you to respond 


4:47 PM - Catherine the Necron: i never like attack you the way you do me 
4:47 PM - Catherine the Necron: the worst i do is downplay what you believe to be supr srs drama 
4:48 PM - Joshua: no. 
4:48 PM - Joshua: the worst you do is ignore me all the time. 
4:48 PM - Joshua: when I tried talking to you and devoting all my off time from work to you 
4:48 PM - Joshua: you'd take your time responding

Some argue Stocking is a provocational cunt. She is also very notable for being an attention whoring GOTIS who has at least 100 White knights licking her asshole 24/7 on the forums there.

Joshua has been fucked with in the past by other members in ways that are pretty fucked up. This was all quite a bit ago, and quite obviously he has gotten much better. Stocking has a history of literally following Iban around in more recent times. Stocking was also rated one of the top ten most hated forum users, and for good reason.

Null and health[edit]

Well you got the look right already
Zero coke? Drinkin' it can't help you lose weight, fat fuck
Joshua Conner Moon, 2016
null is much more like chris than you'd like to think, he has man-tits. also, lol reddit.

He drinks litres of soda to day and eats junk food on a daily basis. Why is it everyone on the cwcki forums is almost exactly like the lolcow they like to mock?

"Q: What's the hardest thing to find in a fast-food restaurant on nightshift? A: A pair of eyes that are not bloodshot. I've never seen so many people stoned out of their mind in my life."

"Arrrgghhh! My sleep schedule is screwed over so badly right now. I might run out to Walmart for ten liters of magic, happiness, and aspartame."

"Coinstar Income: $28.51. Tacobell and a Haircut: $24.11. -- Life is hard."

"I went to Tacobell yesterday. In the 10 minutes I was inside, it went from crystal clear sunny blue day to an absolute downpour and my two XL work shirts got soaked. The only size they had spare were medium, so I used one of them. It fit. Kickin' rad."

Baby Fuck[edit]

calling null out as a pedophile on his own Kiwifarms.

Child Pornography[edit]

Joshua has become so jaded from years of internet porn that he has started to jerk off to child porn instead. You read that right.

8:58 AM - Joshua: God I feel so guilty about the CP
8:58 AM - Joshua: I wish it didn't turn me on to see that shit
8:59 AM - Joshua: It's not just regular child porn either, it's hurtcore now
8:59 AM - Joshua: I just like to see children suffer :(
8:59 AM - Joshua: Oh well, no point in thinking about it too much
8:59 AM - Joshua: Time to load up Tor and find some more, lol!

Towards loli[edit]

Despite the fact he is sexually attracted to children, he also hates them and plots to murder them.

Here's something from CWCki chat:

@ Null - Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm

I fucking hate my friend's sister's baby.
@ Null - Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It's a fucking cunt.
@ Null - Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It just sits there and glares at me
@ Null - Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It cries 24/7
@ Null - Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
It's woken me up every day since I got here
@ Null - Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:25 pm
I hope it gets SIDS



Wishing death upon a baby is sooooo tough!

That's not the only time he's wished death on a baby,

« November 14, 2011, 02:00:37 AM »

I'm not going to be a jerk to her because some dumb angsty cunt on an Internet forum took advantage of her trust (in exactly the same way you took advantage of mine) and used her as a weapon against me.

You are an awful human being, and I hope your child burns to death.



—User was banned for this post

Towards shota[edit]

He'd absolutely hit him

In the "Post Real Life Pictures" thread, a boy who looks like he's 10 posted this picture of himself, and Null acted like a fucking creep and responded with this:

[11:57:02 PM] Joshua Moon: I'm gay for robo noob. 
[11:57:06 PM] Joshua Moon: I'm sorry but he's adorable 
[11:57:09 PM] Joshua Moon: Absolutely yummy 
[11:57:20 PM] Jimmg: are you going to rape him too 
[11:57:21 PM] Joshua Moon: maybe 
[11:57:26 PM] Joshua Moon: how old is he 
[11:57:29 PM] Jimmg: 17 
[11:57:31 PM] Joshua Moon: if he's 18 or turning 18 soon he's my new stocking 
[11:57:34 PM] Joshua Moon: birthday? 
[11:57:55 PM] Jimmg: i dont even fucking remember 
[11:57:57 PM] Joshua Moon: find out 
[11:57:59 PM] Joshua Moon: please 
[11:59:54 PM] Jimmg: nah 
[12:06:04 AM] Joshua Moon: :C 
[12:06:07 AM] Joshua Moon: jerk 
[12:06:16 AM] Jimmg: sorry bro 
[12:06:44 AM] Jimmg: I dont want my #3 nigga(WE HAVENT TALKED IN LIKE 6 MONTHS TBH) to be raped and then his anus sown shut and then him stuck in some pen 
[12:06:52 AM] Jimmg: for the rest of his life 
[12:07:18 AM] Joshua Moon: :c 
[12:07:23 AM] Joshua Moon: I wouldn't do that 
[12:07:25 AM] Joshua Moon: He's too pretty to hurt 
[12:07:28 AM] Joshua Moon: kawaii desu~~~ 
[12:09:03 AM] Jimmg: sorryy 
[12:09:19 AM] Joshua Moon: Is he even gay? 
[12:09:27 AM] Jimmg: are you? 
[12:09:34 AM] Joshua Moon: No 
[12:09:36 AM] Joshua Moon: except for him 
[12:09:42 AM] Joshua Moon: I love andro girls 
[12:09:42 AM] Joshua Moon: And he 
[12:09:46 AM] Joshua Moon: is definitely andro 
[12:09:48 AM] Joshua Moon: and looks like a girl 
[12:09:52 AM] Joshua Moon: I'd probably do stuff with him 
[12:10:25 AM] Jimmg: andro? 
[12:10:34 AM] Joshua Moon: Androdgynous 

-- LATER --

(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Alright, time to jerk off to some neko shota.
(8:11 AM) Joshua:   Yeah, I'm fucked up. I know :(
(8:11 AM) Joshua:   brb.
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   0-0
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   Wait
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I thought you hated furries
(8:13 AM) Joshua:   Neko =/= Furry.
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   I just googled it
(8:13 AM) Colten v3.5:   It was a half cat half boy
(8:14 AM) Joshua:   A single cat abindage is not equivilant to a dog with some human features.
(8:14 AM) Joshua:   And that's not why I hate furries.
(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:
(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   Also
(8:14 AM) Colten v3.5:   They are all little boys 0-0
(8:14 AM) Joshua:   Hence the word Shota.
(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   Yes
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to learn your lingo.
(8:15 AM) Colten v3.5:   But a boy jacking off to a boy?
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   Regular doesn't cut it anymore.
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   I drench my sorrows in masturbation so often that it becomes too hard to get off to heterosexual intercoruse for the sole purpose of reproduction.
(8:15 AM) Joshua:   You need to expand your pornographic interests if you do it too often.
(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   Oh ok, so Ill go over to /me/ and start jerking off
(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   */men/
(8:16 AM) Joshua:   I've done iit
(8:16 AM) Colten v3.5:   0_0


The Gay Phase[edit]

Joshua moon gay.png
404'd faggot

No longer a Cwcki Admin[edit]


Null has recently quit the Cwcki because he is tired of getting harassed and stalked. He enabled premium features on the Cwcki Forums and then stormed off, but not before saying goodbye to his British bitch, Melchett. his tantrum is available here:[1]

Although he hasn't really quit. He imposed premium features as a "tax" for his time because both the people on his forum and the rest of the internet make fun of him. Now he just hides behind his administrators and refuses to give them full access to the forums because he knows they'd get rid of him the first chance they get.

Null has also reduced himself to the role of a middleman on his own forums so he likely didn't think this plan through.

The plot thickens when it was revealed Nool also takes money from ad revenue from the forums. Lying to the userbase with his claim that donations would be the "sole payment for the site". He's been sitting on 320$ that he's already conned from the userbase, which has also raised the base cost of running it. So not only could just ad revenue alone pay for the site, but donations are basically unnecessary and will only fuel his daily 8 liters of coke zero. Essentially the greedy fuck is hiding himself from everyone while taking their money at the same time like the dirty jew he is.

Potential Mass Murderer?[edit]

A lot of his behavior can constitute massive Red Flags. He is obsessed with Hatred (Video Game), KMFDM, Rammstein and other bands the Columbine killers listened to; makes mass murder threats all the time, publicly posts about his fantasies of torturing and raping women such as Stocking, etc..

In a leaked private chat he had with Anon, he stated:

4:51 AM - Joshua: Everyone I've ever fucking met
4:52 AM - Joshua: I swear to god I want to kill and rape as many people as I can
4:52 AM - Joshua: before getting gunned down by SWAT
4:52 AM - Joshua: That needs to be my life aspiration
4:52 AM - Joshua: You stupid fucking cunts need to suffer
4:52 AM - Joshua: All living things with a vagina 

Infinity Never[edit]


In 2015, Josh got hired to create the next version of 8chan, which was literally called Infinity Next. Of course, he didn't actually have the skill or knowledge to create imageboard software. The only reason he got the job in the first place was because he was best friends with Hotwheels. After he got the job, he moved to the Philippines and begged people for money, and the retards on 8chan (primarily /v/) gave it to him. $12,000 to be exact. He worked on Next for several months, and when he finally revealed it to the public, everyone realized it was a steaming turd. Not only did Next look like it was designed by a newfag who didn't understand why imageboards were designed the way they were, but it was also just as unstable as 8chan's current software and was full of security holes. Josh tried to migrate 8chan over to Next. Twice. He failed. Twice. After desperately trying to polish his turd for several weeks, Josh threw in the towel and Hotwheels kicked him off the site.

Shortly after Josh was kicked off, Hotwheels did a little stream regarding the recent turn of events, mentioning things such as: "The only way forward for 8chan is without Josh." "Josh has a huge persecution complex" "Josh said 'I'm afraid Jim [the owner of 2ch] is gonna kill me, because he owns a pig farm, and people who own pig farms, they feed dead people to them.'"

You heard that, Josh is genuinely afraid of pigs. Maybe he's Muslim?

Infinity next was a mistake.jpg

Null Becomes an Internet Super Hero[edit]

A user on Kiwi Farms gets banned for trolling
Joshua will protect Chris.

On Jul 11, 2018 Null has been trying to fight off Christian Weston Chandler's trolls since he wants CWC to be his property and not the property of what he refers to as Idea Guys. The Idea Guys were a group of faggots from /pol/ who lured Chris to their Discord only to exploit him in unfunny ways. Null has been trying to weaponize the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and various law enforcement agencies as if they are his personal army in order to get these people in jail, but without any success. Ever since the Idea Guys have extorted Chris-Chan for money illegally, people on the Kiwi Farms are unable to troll Chris as long as they are not part of Null's inner circle. Null has gone from CWC's biggest troll observer to his friend white knight in a matter of weeks causing butthurt to all weens and A-Logs (no). For whatever reason CWCki is sucking Null's cock mighty hard on their page about him and his recent on-goings with Chris, and doesn't mention anything about his more than shady past.

Quit it already. You're the reason everyone thinks Doopie is a tranny. Stop it. She's very sensitive. You're hurting her feelings. I hate you guys at ED. You don't have to be mean ALL the time


Null to ED

Null has no money and can be trolled about it[edit]

On July 31st 2019 Null was trolled by a guy who said he was dying of cancer who threatened to harm Jonathan Yaniv, a guy who Null despises. Of course Null buys it because he is the supreme intellectual being who understands trolling in ways no one else can. And the troll doubles down and says that he has $130k, which Null "supreme troll understander" again buys. And of course a member null trusts, zedkissed60, hints that its a troll but Null doesn't catch on. It spirals on with the troll getting some good laughs but obviously not giving Null $130k. Null in a feat of desperation shares his wonderful plan for what he would do if given a whole bunch of money. This of course doesn't cause the troll to give null $130k. Null then in an act of unbelievable desperation tells the chat that he would kill a guy for $130k. Of course if Null wasn't so damn desperate for money and so damn gullible this would have never happened. But our friend has spent large amounts of time around trolls and spergs dealing with them every day which is why he would never be trolled into thinking someone is going to just give out $130k.

The trolling gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Null on his own forum

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