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They should never be trusted by anyone! Possible side-effects include (but are not limited to):
2. Bestiality
3. Cuckoldry

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Breakingnews.gif BREAKING NEWS!!
Joy Villa = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

"Joi" Villa was born in Orange, California. Her father was a white reverend and Vietnam war vet, and her mother is the old classic "black and muh Native Indian in me" bullshit. She tried to pull a publicity stunt by wearing a lulzworthy #MAGA dress to get attention and money from her shitty royalty-free sample using songs, but got exposed by our bois:

  • Mark Dice
  • Her ex-boyfriend Cory Duncan
  • The Red Elephants
  • John Ward
  • Hi, I Think I'm Real
  • Tony Ortega (exposes Scientology's bullshit)
  • Steven Mango (an ex-Scientologist and also exposes Scientology's bullshit)
  • Anthony Brian Logan
  • Michael Gale Media
  • Leah Remini
  • and Vinnie James especially, who whipped her ass into oblivion on Twitter as a Scientologist money whore. Wait... she's a dominatrix, not the slave girl.....Yes, she was also a dominatrix, punishing guys and gals for the lulz.
The #MAGA dress


Joy Villa being a slut

If Joi wasn't enough of a hypocrite for claiming Lewandowski raped her in the ass, but.... she also raped some big dude in the ass, She beat the shit out of her ex in public in front of a police officer, which landed her in bondage. Worst part is, they had a kid together....Welp. 

Joy and Cory were being paid shekels and Jewgolds to be audience members for America's Got Talent, and the two met there. After that, they randomly ran into each other again, and started living together, along with her sister Veronica, some nigger who was her dad's friend, and some Nazi German girl who lived in the garage.

Her mother rarely visited and was a crazy-as-fuck schizophrenic who taps into her inner Native American Christian voodoo shit and said shit like there were "demons coming out of the walls." Joy was very embarrassed being around the crazy bitch and had to take care of her.

Cory and Joy kept looking for audience work and work as extras for some shekels in Rapeywood, but her dad Joesph wanted to know what they were doing. So Joy got pissy and destroyed her dad's window, and he was VERY pissed, so the two started living with some couple in North Hollywood.

“We were a couple in our 20s trying to make it in Hollywood while trying to care for Joy’s schizophrenic mother. It wasn’t easy,” “Joy had even written a song about how hard it is to have a schizophrenic mom. Joy was a really big Christian at the time, by the way. We attended a church in Burbank. And one day, we were in Van Nuys, trying to cash an $800 check for Angela that a man had written to her for her car. Angela couldn’t cash it — she didn’t have proper ID.”- Her ex-boyfriend Cory


Arrest and money problems[edit]

It was August 20, 2007, and Joy was extremely stressed out by the situation. And while the three of them were crossing a road in Van Nuys, Joy had to be a fucking idiot and got into a fight with her psycho mom in the middle of the street.

Some guy had a pic of her from Californication back in 2008 lol

“I ran over to pull them apart, and Joy grabbed my arm and pulled so hard, she dislocated my shoulder.” “Joy was freaking out, and she just slugged me. And a Van Nuys cop just happened to be sitting right there, watching the whole thing.”- Cory Burton


The slutty singer was also spitting on the cop and was going completely autistic. She got arrested and was charged with "domestic violence with injury to a spouse." She was also charged with a misdemeanor criminal trespass violation. The slutty biracial nigress's bond was over $50,000, so her slave-boy had to call her aunt in Virginia, and she was getting her an attorney. But when he went to the courthouse the next day, there was no attorney. So he literally pleaded with the judge and she lowered the bond and released her. And it allegedly scared the crap out of her. She pleaded no contest and got 3 years probation and a $400 fine. After that the couple kept looking for gay Hollywood jobs and appearing in the background for scenes in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, UPN’s Girlfriends, Showtime's Californication, and several other shit nobody cares about. Her and Corey used to joke about infiltrating the Church of Scientology, knowing about how powerful they were in the industry.

“It was supposed to be a way into Hollywood. I even did one of their short films. That was so weird,” “It was a shoot at a house in Beverly Hills filled with all of these skinny, spacey people. Mainly there were a lot of women there. They were filming a movie about the ‘reactive mind.’ I actually play a father in that, and I was only 27 at the time.”- Cory


When they were between gigs, they tried to get moar shekels. One thing they did a lot was getting paid to get signatures on various political initiatives and for political parties. Of course Joy was a very hard-core Democrat and said that George W. Bush "was scum." But the Republicans paid extra for niggers to do these things. $4 for a cracker and $30 for a nigger. But she didn't care about the cheap Democrats and started signing blacks up for GOP causes, because they pay WAAAAY more, dipshit.


Then there was a Hollywood strike, so Joy and Cory had to move to Washington. Being the self-entitled whore she is, they had to buy vegan garbage for her gay vegan lifestyle. She soon got pregnant and Cory grew some balls and told her to stop being a vegan fag for the baby during the pregnancy. The guy had an arrest warrant from 2004 and was put in the slammer while the kid was put up for adoption. In 2009, The baby mama nigress completely fucked Cory over and never told him about the child when he got released. Even though he learned the girl's name, he never saw both of them again and she cockblocked his calls. Oh, and the lying nigger said that he was a abusive crack addict.

Achievementunlockedtrophy.gif ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED
50G- Cheating Baby Mama
Joi Villa is totally a conservative and not a attention whore and disgusting mother

Modeling and being a slut[edit]

Joy started working as a dominatrix and joined Scientology in 2010. She was doing this BDSM shit even when she was fucking around with Cory. And no, she didn't do feet pics, you fucking neckbeard. She was cheating on the guy with everyone, including girls. We told you being a vegan makes you gay.

  • When she was 21 (this was 2007, when she was fucking with Cory), she filled in a model release form in which she said she wanted to be called 'Joy the Kitty' and that her fetishes included 'bondage and hickeys.'

-despite heavy evidence that she's actually having sex and cheating on him, plus said on old posts that she was one.

  • Joy Villa posed as an adult model for an erotic website called Urban Bombshells (did her boyfriend know this?)
  • The Urban Bombshells website is down lul, They intended to publish porn of gals like Joi

No, she's not wearing panties. Even the pussy cuck boyfriend knew it.
Literally admitting to being a fetishist, BDSM freak, and Dom girl in an years-old post

Joi's questionnaire. Apparently she's into vampirism? As she couldn't be emo and edgy enough.....

Her application for fetish/sex work. From the Daily Mail article
She definitely doesn't do fetish shit, Cory

Grammys Attention Whore[edit]


At the 2015 Grammy awards, Joi Villa being the stupid whore that she is, teamed up with her Scientology to wear a slutty demonic-looking "dress" as a way to get attention and earn money off of her shitty unoriginal songs to give to Scientology.

This is prostitution

She did it again at the 2016 Grammys, wearing a construction net dress, and yes, of fucking course it was revealing. this shit from the official Scientology JewTube channel

2017 Grammys Dress[edit]

The #MAGA dress is the slut's name to fame. Unsuspecting liberal retards and dindu nuffin' niggers and spics attacked her, not knowing she isn't even a Trump supporter, but the black version of Stormy Daniels and a Bernie bro fag. She was all over the news and her music sales have went up 200% and her song "I Make The Static" did significantly well, even though the song is actually abysmally horrible and it was just fooled Trump supporters buying her shit to "support her." The saddest part: the song came out about 3 years before the sales spike LOL, what a clusterfuck.

Being Exposed[edit]

Conservatives will never admit this, but they are some of the most gullible motherfuckers on the planet. - Hi I Think I'm Real, from his Joy Villa exposed video.


Mark Dice made a video exposing her as the Scientology whore that she is, but the God Emperor Trump and his supporters fell for it and started white-knighting for her.

Stupid faggots defending their dominatrix
Scientology is not compatible with Christianity, idiots.
Plz gas the comments section
Just....shut the fuck up...

Being a Tryhard Conservative/MAGA Normie[edit]

Following the orders of LORD XENU, Joy pretended to be a Christian, and boy, was it cringy... She went too far with it and contradicted herself multiple times....

Wow lol

Her Twitter and other social media is so uninspired it looks like she copies shit from a stereotypical Fox News female contributor. Oh, and she tried to convert Kellyanne Conway and the Dangerous Faggot to Scientology, but got PWNED by him and her former manager for the lulz.

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