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Atomic.gif Warning!
Jenny will use his 1337 HACKER SKILLZ TO TAKE DOWN THIS SITE!!!111
Pre-batshit Jenny thinks: "hmm...I'm awfully boring...I wonder how I could make myself more interesting... by going to girltrap"

YouTube Favicon.png JuggaletteJenny CLOSED!!! JuggaletteJenny, is an obese pre-op transsexual goth lesbian juggalo. Srsly.

If you're confused, hold on. It gets worse. Much worse.

When Internet Humanitarianism Goes Wrong[edit]

Approximately a year ago, Jenny wandered into the troll forum PWN3D on DarkStarlings.com. He was aghast to see the offensive image macro at the top right of this page. The macro was made to tease some other user named Disturbedfire about a girl he had a crush on. Jenny took this macro to be serious fucking business. Having confused the macro with a legitimate threat of rape, he then proceeded to contact the local police department in Disturbedfire's town and make several lulzy videos that have since been deleted. Like fresh meat in a piranha tank, Jenny in one fell swoop had managed to make himself the star attraction of the aforementioned trolls forum.

The Many Faces of Jenny[edit]

itza trap

Jenny has used so many pseudonyms that at times it's difficult to keep them all straight. Most of his original trolls refer to him as "Kayla". Here's just a sample of some of the names he's used in the past:

  • amberrenee
  • Babyboy James Harris
  • GenderBitch
  • GenderBytch
  • Jennifer_Katie
  • jennybowen
  • jennybowen75
  • JuggaletteJenny
  • Kayla
  • Middy
  • MissouriRedMist
  • RavynCrow
  • RavynCrowShow
  • RavynCrow75
  • RavynCrow2008
  • RavynManiac
  • VampiricAsshole
  • VikkyLynn (NEW!!11)

Plan B[edit]

FACT: Jenny buys his panty hose at the "Dollar Store" in the background.

After getting incessantly trolled and earning several image macros of his own, Jenny embarked on Plan B. This basically consisted of him deleting his DS account, creating a new one, and pretending to be a splinter cell of the ever-fearsome Gothic Liberation Front. As the new spokesman for the GLF, Jenny declared that they were going to "roll up in here and shut this place down". Of course, this completely blew up in his face when site moderators confirmed that it was just him.

GLF tells Jenny GTFO.JPG

Plan C[edit]

Jenny's MySpace before batshit
Jenny's MySpace after batshit
Jenny's haxxing skillz in action: changing his own YT channel description
Oh noes!! Jenny has already begun his attack on ED with his web designer hacking skills!!!

Jenny's next plan was not quite as complicated as Plan B, but just as brilliant. He decided to pull a Cheryl Shuman, and threaten the owner of DS into giving him what he wanted.

Oh and Eon, mark your calendar for September 20th at 4pm. That is when you and I will be in Dallas Federal Court. Hope that gives you plenty of time to prepare your case..HEHE!


—Jenny, threatening with lolsuits

Be aware that I do have ways of getting what I want...I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT!


—JuggaletteJenny, internet tough guy

When that failed, Jenny fell back on his 1337 h4x0r skilz:

Just so you know asshole..I am going to work on hacking into DS and shut this place down myself..


—Jenny, self-pwn specialist

Ah, so now that your imaginary law suit has flopped, you're going to use your imaginary hacker skills to bring the site down. Okay, I'll pretend to be worried.


—Eon, winrar

He just can't get enough[edit]

On February 22nd, 2010, Jenny returned to DS, under a new alias. "VikkyLynn" Instantly, he was accepted among DS's beautiful elite, the day he joined. What a fucking ego boost.

He was quick to shun of drama instigators.

I hate drama and want no part of it in my life. So if you are full of drama, then you can past on by. I am way too busy in my life to want to deal with childish shit.



Stay tuned, kids. It's going to burn DS to the ground with its epic skillz.

Taking it to the Tubes[edit]

Austin knows better
Jenny taking on "teh haterz"
oh noes!...a fat zombie tranny!
Myspace to Jenny: "Hey You - Fatty?"
A hungry Jenny sneaks up on an unsuspecting baby
Jenny doing his best Oprah impression
what does lulz mean?

As Jenny's one-man war on trolls progressed, it occasionally spilled out of DS and on to YouTube. Strange channels and videos would crop up, only to be closed down shortly out of tranny butthurt. Jenny's trolls began ripping his vids, knowing that they would soon be gone like the others. Here's a sampling of the known channels that Jenny has owned:


Most of Jenny's videos are tl;dw since he's one of those people that thinks every little detail about his inconsequential life is somehow amazing. Occasionally though he comes up with some real gems. Here's just a few of Jenny's greatest hits:

this is frighteningly reminiscent of Buffalo Bill's dance in Silence of the Lambs.


—a random Jewtube user

It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again!


—another Jewtube user

I've got a poolstick...oh yes I am very fucking dangerous



I just wanna rip somebody's throat out. Ya know what I'm saying?



you would get my full wrath



This is the end of the conversation. Cut the damn.......... film.



Doesn't anybody talk about the unicorns?



Jiminy Fucking Christmas




JuggaletteJenny v. ED[edit]

Hold on to your SSN kids
Encyclopedia Dramatica - The dangers of it

If you don't want your personal information on internet, do not put it on there.


JuggaletteJenny - Not taking his own advice

People beed to be aware of how banberous this side is.



I talked to a few people in the government offices and shit.


JuggaletteJenny - Making shit up as he goes along

Don't Be Fooled By The Cock That I Got[edit]

Now we know why he just wants to chop it off entirely.
Jenny's triple nipple

At one point during his YouTube skirmishes, Jenny thought it would be a good idea to make video of his pen0r. As you can imagine, this blew up in his face too. This earned Jenny a few more image macros.


After seeing the images above, Jenny quickly went into damage control mode. He started telling people that those stills weren't actually pics of his diminutive dick, but pics of a "pocket vagina". Then he made the mistake of uploading another video that proved he was completely full of shit. Whoops.

Holy shit.

Get your very own copy here!

I'm So Ronery[edit]

There's a big heart somewhere underneath those big mantits.

When Jenny isn't busy waging internet war on "teh haterz", he likes to scour the 'nets for nookie. Jenny is very specific in his requests. He wants his partner to accept that he's "transgendered", "good-hearted", "different" and on SSI. In return, his only request is that he wants her to be a "genetic girl", essentially making him a tranny-hating tranny. What a fucking bigot.

Jenny's very active on several gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/goth dating sites. Have a look:

im going to be moving in springfield and would love to know someone

from there and hang out. im 32, transgendered and a sweet person. im from columbus ohio originally. i have my dad,my adopted bro, and my friend coming as well. my dad and bro are bisexuals. my friend dave is gay so we are one big happy family. you can add me to yahoo if you like.


—Jenny, trying too hard


Hay guize lookit me now i iz a Web Designer
"i have my dad,my adopted bro, and my friend coming as well. my dad and bro are bisexuals. my friend dave is gay so we are one big happy family."
Hay guize I'm gunna vlog naked
I knowz sum magikz
You know things have gotten pretty bad when even the goths tell you to GTFO

nope not my email addy you stupid bitch....i don't ever use yahoo in the first damn place because yahoo has viruses in it..so wrong again..




hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! FUCKING STOP THIS FUCKING SHIT ON ME NOW DAMN IT!! JESUS FUCKING HELL!!! WHAT DO YOU FUCKERS WANT WITH ME DAMN IT!!!!!






No I didn't run..I changed accounts..something I have the right and freedom to do.


—RavynCrow, on how to delete yourself

Hell my oldest 12 year old son is very aware of me being who I am and doesn't have any problems with me being his half mother. He in facts likes the fact he has sorta two mothers...three if you count his stepmother, my youngest boy's mother.


—GenderBytch, on parenting

I have aids!!! I have aids!!! I have aids!!! I have aids!!! I have aids!!! I have aids!!!


—JuggaletteJenny, AIDS victim


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