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Example of a JxcelDolghmQ thread

JxcelDolghmQ was a forced and very brief meme on 4chan's /b/ boards around Summer/Fall 2008. An entire thread would be populated with the image seen above, and the only text (often in green) was JxcelDolghmQ. This lead /b/ to believe hidden treasure was involved, so a small party set off to find facts regarding JxcelDolghmQ.

What we do know about JxcelDolghmQ[edit]

  • Fact: The domain JxcelDolghmQ.com does exist; however it links only to an abandoned MySpace.
  • Fact: A boy by the name of Joseph (Resides in Charleston, West Virginia) owns the JxcelDolghmQ AIM screen name, and has been known to troll with it.
  • Fact: After November/December 2008, JxcelDolghmQ has been relegated to the status of "Lost Memes", due to it's obscurity.

What we don't know[edit]

Some things have never been discovered about this perplexing meme, including:

  • ?: What does JxcelDolghmQ mean? Is it an anagram?
  • ?: What does the cat have to do with anything?
  • ?: Why /b/?

What we DO know[edit]

This is not a code word or password of any sort.

JxcelDolghmQ is a puzzle that takes place both in reality, and the internet.

Keep in mind that JxcelDolghmQ is everywhere.

This puzzle has many, many parts. The first part takes place on the internet. If you do choose to try the puzzle, do not aspire to figure it out. Only the creator is known to have found the answer.

Although you will not contact the creator directly, he has thousands of representatives that you may find in various places. These people will only allow you a predetermined amount of information over an extended period of time. You may call us JxcelDolghmQ.

As any good puzzle, JxcelDolghmQ has many decoys and dead ends. These are designed to entice the various groups of personalities of this population. As I have seen here, you have found one of these decoys. That is all I can tell you in this form.

Source for above [1]

Anyone with knowledge on the subject is asked to help dig up the remains of one of History's Mysteries. Of course the most obvious answer one can assume is a cat has walked on the keyboard hence gibberish.


JxcelDolghmQ may, in fact, be a Germany-based group of mIRC programmers, who maintain their own servers. The group's wiki can be found here, and their main page here. The main web page contains a link to the groups forums, which have been dead since 2008, BEFORE the meme was declared a mystery. Moar sleuthing on the forum turned up one of the admin's personal web pages, going under the name of v2px. Featured prominently in the corner is the JxcelDolghmQ cat, upside down. Conspiracy?


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