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Such a sophisticated, classy lady desu.

Kanadajin (a.k.a. Mira Constable) is a Muslim-convert Jblogger from Canada who has become infamous on the internet for her piss poor attitude, drama kindling, and shocking stupidity. Despite showing characteristics of the common weaboo, Mira considers herself to be the supreme expert on all things Nihon. In reality, her knowledge of Japan is based on animu, sweeping generalizations, and TV stereotyping. She claims her full legal name is Mira Nagayama, but it is suspected that it is Miranda Constable. She named her Youtube channel kanadajin3 so she could call herself "kanadajin-san," because she still doesn't know how to use Japanese honorifics. She is based out of Tokyo and has been living there continuously since 2011.

If you ever make a comment disagreeing with her, wait a day and then make another comment somewhere. Then logout and see your comment just vanishes and is only visible when you're logged in. If Mira allowed open comments, they would make this article look positive toward her in comparison.

Early Days[edit]

Whatever it takes to win an argument.
Quasi, is that you?

Mira claims she is from Toronto but has said numerous times on her Facebook, Blog, Twitter and in the comments and on videos that she was born in Northern Ontario, in a tribal village that is too small to fit on a map. She used to have a video showing her audience footage of how she and her family used to have to survive by killing wildlife but she has taken down the video due to numerous complaints she received from PETA noobs. Her dad is a drug addict and her mom drank heavily while pregnant, which resulted in Mira's fetal alcohol syndrome features. Mira was a heavy weeaboo, admitting in earlier videos to frequenting izakayas and latching onto the first Japanese man who would take her to Japan. She started her first YouTube channel called The girl who loves to BI%%CH where she badmouthed everything her tiny brain could think of until she nuked it and started her Japan channel.

Moving to Japan[edit]

Mira moved to Japan with her boyfriend who she then married in Japan. She started off making long, non-edited boring videos where she ranted about her mother-in-law and gave tips on living in Japan for retarded people such as "Look both ways when you cross the street." Her YouTube channel started to gain viewers when she rode the coattails of a more popular jblogger, Sharla in Japan. She loves Japan totez much so when her husband needed to leave the country for his job, she divorced him and stayed in Japan. She took on the job of kyabakura hostess, where she whored herself out to Japanese men in exchange for expensive clothing and accessories, which she brags about constantly in an attempt to detract from her hideous face.

Her new "WHY I MOVED TO JAPAN - 日本に来た理由" video

Here's a new video she made to cover her ass. She leaves out the reason why she divorced her ex-husband to make it sound like it just didn't work out, they broke up, and she decided to stay. She left out that he had to move for his job and she divorced him so she could stay in Japan.


More Japanese Than Canadian[edit]

Too stupid for words
More Japanese than Canadian
You've only been in Japan for three years.
No foreign culture allowed... except her.

And she doesn't like foreigners bringing their culture into her Japan, despite the fact that she's an inbred white girl and half her videos are rants about Japanese people doing things the "wrong way." But it's okay for her to say that, because she's Japanese. She's even fluent in the language.

All fluent

She knows perfect Japanese except for writing, reading, and speaking. Her Japanese is so bad that Japanese viewers have to ask each other to translate her Japanese.

Her dream is to be a housewife in Japan and have Japanese babies. The babies will be so Japanese that she's stated repeatedly she'll refuse to let them learn English since "It's not needed."

Pictures of her supposed second husband were leaked on Pretty Ugly Little Liar, Mira told everyone she's single so she can keep reliving her kyabakura days, sucking Japanese dick for Burberry and Louis Vuitton knockoffs. She still tells everyone she's single, and whenever anyone mentions anything about her husband she bursts into ragemode and threatens to call the cops or lawyers. EDIT: It is confirmed that Mira has no relation to the man who was appearing on PULL as her husband, have received documentation from the man complaining that he has nothing to do with her, doesn't want to talk to her and has not seen her in almost a year. The man in her pictures is her ex boyfriend but doesn't wish to be associated with her (even he can't stand her). It has been suspected that she is married to Rody or is married to her ex husband who apparently left the country.

Takedown Notice[edit]

Kanadajin3 likes to google herself and lurked the Kiwi Farms forum until it shut down. (It's similar to the PULL forum.) She saw a post regarding her, got buthurt and sent an email to the forum crying for her pictures to be removed.


Mira claims she came to Japan on a working holiday visa but it is suspected that she got married before she came to Japan and arrived on a spouse visa. She now claims to have permanent residence visa, even though she has not been living in Japan for five years. There are speculations that she is here on a spouse visa from her ex husband, has no visa and is over staying in Japan, or that she is on a tourist visa and keeps leaving the country re-entering to gain another 90 day access to her kawaii kingdom.

Extreme Narcissism and Fake Accounts[edit]

This person's English is ten times better than Mira's Japanese.

Mira deletes almost every negative comment, constructive criticism, and difficult questions from her Youtube and Facebook. She keeps small criticisms here and there so that her unaware followers don't get suspicious.

Other fake accounts include /u/kakunin on reddit, made specifically to post her new videos immediately after uploading. But the only thing /r/japan hates more than jbloggers are jbloggers named kanadajin, and being the extremely transparent shit-filled paper bag she is, everyone immediately knew what she was doing and downvoted the everloving shit out of her.

Her sockpuppet ways were first revealed through the website Pretty Ugly Little Liar. Most of her hilarious attempts at defending herself can be found there. She also posts all her new video uploads to 2ch in an attempt to find more Japanese male followers she can whore out to.

No Morals[edit]

Like a true sociopath, Mira actually has no opinions. She says whatever she thinks will get her the most attention or followers at the time. Her current mode of operation is "extreme conservative", in order to woo the Japanese right-wing neto-uyo. These opinions consist of:

  • Kill all the whales.
  • Fukushima never hurt anyone.
  • Comfort women are a lie.
  • Women's places are in the home, and any woman who doesn't cook and become a mother is literally Hitler.
  • China is also Hitler.

Fighting With Her "Fans"[edit]

Mira has carefully cultivated a reputation as a retarded mother badger who defends every sentence out of her mouth with blind rage. She's so dedicated to winning an argument that she will contradict herself many times over in desperate attempts to refute the newest accusation. Anyone who disagrees gets insulted, and then reported to the police for harassment.

Mira's current strategy is to claim that every negative comment about anyone online is something that should be reported to the police. She got into fights with her twitter followers after defending Sam_Pepper from criticism, saying people should just report him to the police and stop criticizing him online. She often says now whenever anything is mentioned about her life that she's terrified for her safety. This is in stark contrast to her previous philosophy, where she uploaded videos against anyone who criticized her (now all deleted). This includes the audio from a fight she had with her current husband, which she claimed to be domestic violence.

One previous video was dedicated completely to a single "crazy hater" of hers. She revealed the full name of the person who criticized her, belittled her for approximately ten minutes, and then defended her video (now deleted) in the comments. Update: After obsessing over her ED article, she unprivatized her video in a horribly stupid attempt to try to prove this article wrong. This is a prime example of her doing anything to try to win a new argument, even though it contradicts everything else she's been saying.

Internet info.png
Mira in disguise

After reaching 80,000 subscribers on Youtube she declared that she's famous, and now she walks around outside in disguise so that she won't be recognized (because she fears for her safety).

Lies Mira's Been Caught In[edit]

As a known sociopath focused on winning her immediate arguments and nothing else, every other sentence Mira says is a lie. This results in constant contradictions because she can't keep her stories straight. She will also reverse any argument at any time to suit her current needs, no matter how bad it makes her look or how much evidence there is of her previous standpoint.

Denying her real name[edit]

from her ex-bf's blog

Kanadajin's real name is Miranda, but since that isn't Japanese enough, she pretends she was born with the name Mira. Despite being called Miranda in various videos, being called Miranda by her ex-boyfriend, and having old accounts on other websites under the name Miranda, she flat out lies to her viewers and insists her name has always been only Mira.

Mirandaname.pngOld account.png

She also claimed her last name was Kanagawa. She wasn't born with this last name, she took it from a train station. She says it was her first station in Tokyo. She probably did it to fit in with the Japanese and not feel like a Weeaboo.

Blackface Drama[edit]

Mira made plans to do a social experiment where she dressed up in blackface so she could prove there was no such thing as racism against black people in Japan. She supposedly walked around town, confusing and scaring the Japanese populace. But because no one tried to hang her she called the experiment a success and bragged about it in her comments.

Black face mira.jpg
After people were shocked in horror at her blackface photo instead of praising her genius, she backtracked and lied, calling it Photoshopped.

Calling Other Jbloggers Competition[edit]

Mira is infamous for referring to youtube as a competition and other jbloggers as her competitors, but when she steals video ideas and makes the same videos suddenly youtube isn't a competition anymore.

Its competition.pngIts not a competition.png

Lying About Her Dad Being a Drug Addict[edit]

Mira once used her dad's history as a drug addict to try to win an internet argument, and then later when people kept bringing it up as an example of why she's retarded, she lied and said people made it up.

Mira drug addict dad.pngLie about dad being a drug addict.jpeg

Being a Weeaboo[edit]

she's not a weeaboo she promises
she even painted her face white
she's really doesn't watch anime
she doesn't even like it

Miranda pretends to have no interest in anime to avoid being called a weeaboo, and even publicly refers to anime as "cartoons" and manga as "comics" to further distance herself. She's stated before that she hates them, although after stalking Sharla and noticing the animu plushies Sharla puts in the background of her videos, Miranda like always attempted to horribly copy her by adding ONE Pokemon stuffed animal to her background.

One plushie.png

This all came to a head when her ex-boyfriend's blog was found, and he talked about how she had been dressing up as Pokemon and geisha for Halloween long before she had ever even come to Japan. This is in contrast to Miranda's claims that she had absolutely no interest in Japan before suddenly moving on a whim one day with her Japanese husband.

Her ex-bf also has an entire blog post dedicated to her website, 123Japanese, where she was pretending to be an expert in the Japanese language in 2010, years before she ever went to Japan.

Her website 123Japanese[edit]

claiming she doesn't own the website
she even makes the same spelling errors
defending herself using 123Japanese

Before it became public knowledge that she had control of the website 123Japanese, she routinely used its associated YouTube account to back up her arguments against other people. She also used the website's email address to create fake accounts on other websites attacking other female jbloggers. She still denies having any contact with the website whatsoever, but when the old blogs of her ex surfaced he clearly detailed how it was her website all along. Her stupid as fuck spelling errors are also immediately noticeable when she uses the account on YouTube. Additionally, her previous friends also claimed she owned the website. Her excuse is that she told everyone she owned the website but really didn't. Right. She also tries to act stupid and claim that the website wouldn't have an email address, when an email address was required to create its YouTube channel. The final piece of the puzzle is that the videos she used to upload to the 123Japanese YouTube channel taught Japanese in her voice, but she thinks that if she deletes something from the internet that no one will remember and she can claim it never happened.

Her ex talking about her role in 123Japanese

Using Men and Being a Gold Digger[edit]

a blog rant shaming others for doing what she does
not interested in dating but she'll take the free meal anyway

Miranda likes to rant about women who use men for money, and women who marry for Japanese visas. This is because she's incapable of reflecting on her own issues and therefore projects them onto other people. By attacking other people for the things she does, she hopes to draw attention away from herself so no one will know how horrible she really is. In a blog post written by her ex-boyfriend, he talks about paying for everything for her after she dropped out of high school, even after she admitted to cheating on him by sleeping with another guy. Her ex-boyfriend also talks about how he knew she'd slept around before they even started dating in 2007, when she was 15.

Mira cheating.png
Mira gets a job.png

She's known for illegally working kyabakura and sleeping with her customers so that they'll buy her expensive brand products. These days she sleeps with men not just for money, but also for support against internet "haters", and of course a visa.

She has a pussy raging with yellow fever and only dates Japanese men when possible. Her ex boyfriend, first husband, subsequent kyabakura customers, second husband and secret boyfriends have all been Japanese or at least half-Japanese.

Fake-ass Stories (2015)[edit]

Mira is a pathological liar, and when there's no drama for her to cover up she goes out of her way to create fake stories detailing her heroism instead.

Mira fake story 1.png Translation for those who don't speak retard:

"A black family was speaking in Japanese at a restaurant.

The waiter spoke to them in English.

The dad said 'I don't speak English' but the waiter continued anyway.

The poor baby said, 'Mama, I don't understand.'

Seeing this pathetic story unfold I became enraged and yelled at the waiter,


The mother cried and thanked me for saving them."

Mira fake story 2.png Wow such a hero this rly happened
Mira fake story 3.png Japan doesn't let in any Syrian refugees like every country in the world except white countries who are the only ones with open borders. [2] The refugees also are not starving [3][4] and would bitch about being given leftover food. They've complained a lot about food.[5] So Mira made this story straight up. No Syrians in Japan. If there were, Mira would be whining about being gang-raped all the time.
Mira fake story 4.png Mira, weeb queen of babies
Mira fake story 5.png There is no situation where this would happen

Rise to Notoriety and Weeaboo Drama[edit]

Mira survives on YouTube by giving her videos attention grabbing names with a weird (often misleading) thumbnail. Her videos are often titled with some grabbing line, such as "CRAZY JAPANESE CANDY" or, "JAPANESE ARE STUPID?!?". This has allowed her to become e-famous without the effort of making interesting videos. She first gained a bit of negative attention on the site Pretty Ugly Little Liars, where a user posted a thread to ask what the fuck was Mira's deal. The thread expanded as other users speculated on her shitty attitude, as well as her ignorance on the topics she insisted on teaching others. After Mira caught wind of the thread, she decided to do the wise thing by making about a dozen sockpuppet accounts to defend her asshole. One interesting little trait about Mira is that she has a unique, one of a kind style of spelling and writing, and isn't into spellcheck. She attributes this to her "forgetting how to speak English", which is complete horse shit. It's actually because she's fucking stupid and can't spell. Mira consistently misspells the same words in the same way, which makes her writing style distinctive and easily recognizable. What Mira failed to realize at the time was that most people know how to spell at her age. This made her sockpuppet accounts easy to spot and she was laughed out of the thread. Aside from generally making an ass out of herself, it was also noted that Mira threw other Jbloggers, many of whom were her friends, under the bus to alleviate the attention from herself. This caused some drama within the weeb community, as Kanadajin had also been sending her irl Jblogger friends harassing messages through sockpuppet accounts on other sites.

Kanadajin the Puppeteer


Rachel & Jun Drama (2013-2014)[edit]

After the sockpuppet accounts were outed by a PULL admin, a different Jblogger, Rachel & Jun, decided to share their own experiences with Mira.

Rachel and Jun Exposing Video

As shown in the video, Mira is not the sharpest tool in the shed. One thing in particular that stands out about the sockpuppets is that she frequently accuses Rachel of marrying her husbando for a visa. HMMMMMMMMM. Much of Mira's attacks on other weeaboos were done to draw attention away from herself, so there's no doubt that this reflects on her personally. Mira met her Japanese ex-husband in Canada, moved to grorious Nippon with him, then divorced him when he wanted to get a job overseas. Gee wiz, Mira, projecting much?

Mira made her own response video where she tried to be so confusing and abstract that no one would be able to figure out if she was admitting to anything or not. Unfortunately, she couldn't stop herself from looking like a psychopath.

Mira's Response

Kanadajin then deleted all videos she used to have other bloggers in and any pictures of her old friends. She continued to upload new videos regardless of the large number of thumbs down from angry fans and haters. She went on ignoring the drama and blocking anyone who dare to talk about it.

Sharla Drama[edit]

this coming from a girl who rode Sharla's dick to fame.

The Jblogger "Sharla in Japan", another Jblogging weeb friend, also cut off contact with Kanadajin3 suddenly a week before the Rachel drama started. Sharla was friends with Mira for 3 years and started her YouTube career shortly before Mira did, but didn't become noticed till her and Mira started making "Japanese snack fun" videos together. Sharla's channel became more famous as she made a video about Japanese condom ice cream, where she sprayed white ice cream all over herself that looked like cum.

She posted on her Twitter that Mira had been talking shit about her and that Mira is a "bitch" and "wasn't a real friend" that she just "felt sorry for her". Mira attempted to contact Sharla on Twitter to act like she didn't know shit and ask why she was being blocked, but Sharla refused to answer with anything other than "you know why".

After Sharla dropped Kanadajin from her friends list, Kanadajin's views and subs went down drastically so she started making semi-sexual videos of the most boring shit imaginable. She also attempted to turn things around by acting like a victim. She now cries everynite about how her life is in danger, and refuses to let her "friends" appear in her videos in order to "protect their identities." In reality, the truth is she has none because her love of burning bridges is unending.

Hello everyone, Sharla here.

I've been scanning through all the posts here over the past few days, trying to figure out the extent of what Mira has been saying about me. I noticed that a few people were wondering why I haven't made a public statement about this yet, and thought I was being "just as bad as Mira" for blocking her and refusing to talk to her. It's understandable that people may feel that way, so I want to clear up a few things. So here's a quick summary as to why I refuse to have any contact with her, I won't go into too much detail because it's starting to look like I may have to file a lawsuit so I will save those for the lawyer.

The day that I tweeted about not being able to trust my closest friend was the day that I was shown 100% solid proof that Mira had be lying to me all along, about various things. I've known she has been trying to ruin my reputation on YouTube for a while now, she would always suggest that I make videos about things that she knows will be controversial and bring me hate and dislikes from Japanese people. I tried to just shrug it off, and thought maybe she was just angry that I had more subs than her, which I thought was understandable... so I continued to try to be friends with her even though I was pretty hurt that my friend was trying to ruin my channel. Then, someone decided to share my personal information from my private Facebook on the internet, and even at that time I had suspicions that it was Mira. But after finding out she had been lying to me about many other things... I was pretty convinced. So after realizing that someone who knows basically all my personal information, is in fact backstabbing me and trying to sabotage my life, and is possibly the one who is posting my private information on the internet, I blocked her on every platform. I have no intentions of unblocking her and allowing her a chance to talk, because I have 100% proof that she lied to me. I don't need to hear her side of the story. I don't have any more time or patience for someone who I gave so many chances to, even after I knew they were trying to screw me over. I am pretty disgusted to say the least. All I ask for is an apology and that she stop trying to ruin people's lives. Especially those who were supporting her, and were always there for her when she needed help.


—Sharla, PULL post

Kat Loves Osaka Drama (2014)[edit]

For someone who's constantly threatening to sue those who "slander" her image, Mira has no problem with using someone else's identity for her own gain. Kat Loves Osaka is another one of Miras former friends who was lied to and thrown under the bus so Kanadajin could boast about herself on one of her numerous sockpuupet accounts. Using the name "kyaripa2", Mira tried and failed to clear her name by calling other users "stalkers" for going through her publicly posted facebook and twitter posts. After users began to suspect that kyaripa2 was Mira, Mira contacted her friend Kat Loves Osaka and told her she was frightened of weirdos finding her profile. She then asked Kat for fake proof pictures to make them think it wasn't her, promising to obscure her face for her protection. After sending the pictures, Kat got a call from Sharla, asking if she had recently defended Kanadajin. After finding PULL, Kat found that Mira was using her image to whiteknight herself and to attack her own friends.

Kat Loves Osaka Response to Mira

Now ostracized from her own community, her anger and desperation is redoubled and she continues trying to find ways to anonymously sabotage others while making herself look better. This includes editing her own ED page to remove the negative comments about herself, replacing them with dates and accomplishments, while adding obscenities and extraneous information toward Rachel and Jun and Sharla in their drama sections.


Gaijin vs. real Japanese people in Japan--Nov 2017 during Trump's visit.

Political Views and Third Channel[edit]

January 2017, Kanadajin made a video, Advice for immigrants to Japan - RACISM, saying that all white people are racists and the only people in Japan who are racist are white people. Very soon after, she then made a new, English-only channel A voice from Japan which is going to be about her political views. After she made it, instead of making videos there, she started injecting her beliefs into her Japan channel. First, in her video, Things I used to HATE about Japan at 5:40 she said "Alternative right book nazis" about a movement is full of jews. 3 of Donald Trump's adult children are married to jews and the 4th is dating one. And the earliest known use of the name "alternative right" was in Nov 2008 by a Jew, Paul Gottfried.

For over a month she just let her politics bleed into her main channel. She's now claiming Japan is full of Muslims and she goes to a Malaysian restaurant in Japan as her proof. Mira still isn't wearing a burqa or even a hijab, something she could easily do with a bath towel, instead she just shows lots of drawings and photos of other people in hijabs. She goes into the Malaysian halal restaurant wearing her blonde, prostitutesque wig and a tank top. She then suggests occassional visits by Malaysians to Japan is going to turn Japan as Muslim as Sweden. If you ever see news stories of how a bunch of men in Europe had a "sexual emergency" and had to gang-rape a 5-year-old boy or something, then you see the country the rapists are from, it is always Africa of The Middle East, never Malaysia. This is probably why Japan lets them in.

It took her until the second half of Feb 2017 to finally start uploading videos to her political channel. They showed off basically everything about her that this article has said all along but she has tried to hide on her main channel by acting cheerful. This includes her making videos attacking other YouTubers, usually girls, just like this article said she did for years in secret. She also attacks guys like Black Pigeon Speaks.

The comments in the videos are not happy. Bear in mind, since she started, anytime anyone posts a comment that disagrees with her, she personally shadowbans the person. Then their comment and any future comments only show up as having posted on their account. When the person logs off, their comments are mysteriously just not there! Even with her shadowbanning everyone who disagrees with her, still the comments are bad! The comments that go through are full of people that heavily suck up to her (they have to for their comments to appear) before completely destroying her arguments.

Her Views Are Not the Average Japanese Person's[edit]

In KANADAJIN3 LIVE - Live in JAPAN (eng) at 2:14:22, she said that CNN and similar fake news told her most Japanese hate Donald Trump and she believed it without question. She sure doesn't know much about Japan because most Japanese are like Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016 and NOTICE ME TRUMP SENPAI!! Japan made Baron Trump into a manga character. Real Japanese people admit JAPANESE TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON CNN AND OTHERS that the only people in Japan upset over Trump's travel ban were foreigners, not the Japanese. After Trump won, Japan's Prime Minister as well as Japanese businessmen like Masayoshi Son have pledged to invest in the USA for Trump and create tons of jobs.

Confirmed 100% Triggered by Donald Trump![edit]

Kanadajin changed her avatar on Twitter and YouTube to a woman in a hijab in the colors of the American flag, story on the image. To her, the Statue of Liberty is about Islam. Where's Kanadajin demanding Japan take in infinity Muslims? Japan keeps its borders tightly closed like all non-Western countries, like Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Japan has an even more strict Muslim ban than than most countries and is perhaps the most anti-Muslim country out there.

In her next video, IS KANADAJIN3 DATING RODY?!, in response to a question in the comments, "what is with the amerikajin onna no hito in in the American flag hijab?" She said, "To support my fellow man and women in the outrages that happened with the trump ban." The Trump thing was that in 2013 Obama blocked all travel from Iran and nobody protested. In 2015, Obama picked out 7 countries that are overrun with terrorism. Trump blocked those seven.

She should stop being such a hypocrite wear a burqa in real life. Then she should demand Japan replace its population with Muslims.

Japan needs the cultural enrichment of a billion Muslims too like Sweden.

Anchor babies in Japan is bad. But anchor babies in Canada and the USA are good[edit]

In JAPANESE CITIZENSHIP LAWS, she explains her view how Canada and the USA should keep granting birthright citizenship (anchor babies) to any illegal alien that invades and shits out a kid. And then the parents should stay and get citizenship. She then says Japan doesn't do anchor babies because then the parents might get deported and it would separate the families. She says she thinks Japan should keep its method and it's fine when Japan deports them all. This is after she flipped out when Donald Trump wanted 1/100th of what Japan does for its immigration policy. She goes on that Canada and the USA should allow unlimited immigration and never deport anchor babies or their illegal alien parents. She goes on to say that Canada and the USA should keep their dual citizenship programs so the entire world can be citizens of those countries while retaining citzenship in their other countries. Israeli dual citizens make the same argument but substitute Japan for Israel. Then in HOW I FOUND FIRST JOB IN JAPAN she says that people in Japan should not work illegally (eg. working on a tourist visa)--that's after previously saying that anyone should be able to come into the USA and Canada illegally and be able to work.

NUCULAR [sic][edit]

As seen in her Apr 17, 2017 video ANYDAY could be the last for Japan...(GOODBYE?) at 1:20, 2:10, 2:15, 3:05, and 8:05, when she pronounces NUCLEAR, she somehow adds a U to it and removes the E and says NUCULAR! The only people that mispronounce it that way are patent idiots like George W. Bush, W.'s friend Sean "Hitler never used chemical weapons" Spicer a furry who accidentally denied The Holocaust, Ramzpaul who non-accidentally denied The Holocaust, and a nazifur named Evalion.

Her Untrue Rumors video[edit]

Kanadajin talks about some of the Rummors that she has. thought the video she shares her cringy pictures and states that people on hate websites, forums and the comment section and invent stuff.

White Sharia[edit]

Kanadajin has officially adopted Sharia law and now wears a hijab. She says she's a Muslim

It seems to be a troll, though. She has yet to talk about Palestine or get circumcised. Also if she's a real Muslim, she'd move back to Canada because that's where a third of them are going.


Denied Japanese Citzenship for being Muslim[edit]

Aug 11, 2017, Kanadajin revealed that right after she began wearing a hijab, she was denied Japanese citizenship. They couldn't tell her that it's because she's a Muslim so they said it's because she lost her job as an excuse. She got fired from The Sleazy Bar (remember Princess Maker?) for wearing her hijab or being a Muslim.

Kanadajin though said she's completely fine with Japan denying people citizship based on whether or not they have a job. However Trump is proposing something like that in the USA with the RAISE Act and she of course thinks he's Hitler for it.

Also notice she is sweating like a pig in that hijab.

Kanadajin denied Japanese citizenship for being Muslim.jpg

COVER UP YOUR HAIR YOU SLUT!!!!!! In Saudi Arabia, which she said is her favorite country, they stone women to death for that.

The Japanese government has her under constant surveillance[edit]

Not only was she denied citizenship for being a Muslim...

The Japanese government has all Muslims under constant, blanket surveillance. More info: [6], [7], [8]

It's no wonder that with Donald Trump's Nov 2017 visit to Japan, Japan's Prime Minister, Honest Abe, announced that Japan-US relations were the best they've ever been in all of history.

If foreigners cause trouble in Japan, Japan doesn't renew their visa.

Deleting all her old videos[edit]

Before becoming a Muslim, she got sluttier and sluttier, wearing more revealing clothing, while ironically she started getting fatter while doing this. She also started showing partial shots of her nude in the bath, when she used to totally avoid this. Then suddenly she became Muslim and she slowly began deleting these videos.

On Nov 4, 2017, she deleted all the videos she made where she showed her face without a hijab. She then slowly began re-uploading these videos with a crude photoshops of a hijab over her face throughout the video and often the rest of her cropped. She re-uploads them as if they are new videos and it's extremely annoying to follow what is new vs rewritten history.

The video where she announced it, she compared herself to Mohammed (peace be upon him) several times in her decision and the video got mainly thumbs down.

In the comments, (the ones that showed up after she shadowbanned most people) revealed that even Muslims didn't agree with it. They said the videos over time show she changed as a person and became Muslim. YouTube is filled with Islamic conversion stories and that's what Muslims like. A follow-up comment explained, "nah - muslim boyfriend would beat her up if she didnt". That's Rodi, her half-Pakistani boyfriend/crush. It's a fact that women change their political views and religions at a whim based on who they're in love with.

At the same time, she deleted her A Voice From Japan channel as out of the 2 videos there, 1 didn't have a hijab.

Well, the point is these days wearing a hijab and being a Muslim is the ultimate act of being feminist during the 8 years of President Trump.


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