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You know... how speschial you are?


You know how speschial you are mini.png
Just imagine if Chris-chan and ladyalt69 got really fucking drunk one night at an animecon, engaged in EXTREME ANAL SECKS and proceeded to eat Ruben-Guzman.
The kid diddler herself
After this orgy, a babby was shit outta Alt's loose goatse asshole. Not only did shit come out but vomit, a shit ton of naruto mangas, and a girl named Sierra. After the birthing ritual was complete, she was left on the sidewalk only to be cleaned off by a cat with rabies. And this is the nice version.

KaramatsuGirlLover92 (also known as NostalgicFandomChick, now Self-Insert-Queen) or Sierra Ione Garske is a 24-year-old generic bitch from Kirkland, Washington that you see in every hot topic. She's LOL SO RANDOM XDDD and is into "every hip and super kewl thing ever!!!". She has over 170 fucking husbandos and she IS A LESBEAN!!!1. She spends most of her time creating retarded unfunny memes that no one gives a shit about and shameless marysue pics of her and her "current husband of the week". She believes she isn't like Chris-chan but her room and attitude begs to differ.

You know you're a womanchild when your room looks like this

Her account[edit]

Because you know, you offer to show your nephew porn of their parents. >v>

Clearly since she has over 170 characters she's into and, unsurprisingly, she HAS to have some weird ass fetishes. These range from her being into a child, a skeleton, a clock, a scribble, and literally a fucking panda. And no, it is not some scat coated furry, a literal fucking panda bear. Her behavior on the daily basis usually consists of the following:

  • Movie "reviews" (which is really just her showing off that her grimy ass was able to go outside for once"
  • Journals regarding either how many days until a holiday (what are you fucking 9?) or just some event that happened to her and she's just write a journal to show off as per usual.
  • post up outdated shitty memes (Legitimately, she reuses memes over and over again
  • post ugly ass selfies usually showing off some tee shirt she got her cheeto puffed hands on at hot topic
  • post up artwork of her selfships that no one gives a shit about or her newest "sona" (which is typically some recolor of her husbando with some scene hair edited on it shittily)
  • ETC. you get the point she's a fucking loser

She also really HATES criticism. Any time you point out anything she'll lash at you or hide your comments. Of course she needs to inflate the shriveled clit of an ego she has, so how does she? She prides herself on the many followers who kiss her ass and give praise to the great hambeast. Even if the criticism is meant to help her by any means she will lash out at you. A watcher legitimately tried to give her criticism but was met with a BAAAWWWfest and had their comment hidden.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

NO NO CRITIQUES HISS HISS HISS - karamatsugirl.png

It's not surprising that a watcher was met with the fate of the horrible ban hammer, since if anyone ever dares to try to critique her stuff, they usually are met with the same shit stained ban hammer. Few have tried to point out her flaws, and few have been able to tell their story as they usually have their comments hidden. The only comments you will see are from her two watchers who usually pat her ass and say the exact same "good job" to her. Which begs the question, why post your stuff on an art site if you don't want to improve? The shortest answer I can find is that she loves the attention.

Her sonas[edit]

If you were to take a drink for every sona she has, you'd basically consume all the fucking alcohol in the world, and even piss yourself. Even after that, you still have half a brain cell more than Sierra. Her sona literally changes depending on who she's whoring out to, whether it is Karamatsu or Kenny from South Park. Simply put, her sona is always generic bitch who is basically just her crush with brown scene hair shitted on. Just as she posts god awful memes, her sonas are just as tasteless and bland as they only serve as self inserts to whore herself with. She literally goes outta her way to ask people to ship her with her boy toys and draw art for her.

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How she treats her friends[edit]

i decided it was a good idea to vent this out to sierra (fuck me, right?) and she started caps locking the shit out of me and didn't even consider my feelings. it was only when i said i was crying that she suddenly turned around and said "ohhhhh!!!11! i'm sowwy !!!! ;w;"


—According to one of Sierra's original close friends.

Eventually over time, Sierra would ask to do those boring RPs or ask me for art. I would give in mostly to get her to quit her whining. Almost every time I drew her something nsfw, I told her NOT to upload it to DA or other sites.


—One of Sierra's other original friends expressing the annoying constant begging of art and RPs.

I met her as of summer in 2015. I was 14 (currently 17). I thought she was cool at first, but I realized she was a creep few months later. I went through similar rps like the other minors had gone through with this chick. I never told anyone bc she had tons friends and I was afraid they will tear me down.


—Another Ex friend of Sierra explaining how she use them..

I used to be friends with Sierra when she immediately asked me to add her to her friend list when we barely knew each other, and I did, just to be nice and generous. When I try and talk with her, she only responds with "Oooh" and "yes".


—An Ex friend stating normal chats with her.

one user by the name of "Springsisartsy" was one of sierras tard friends who'd RP with her. There have been numerous times where Springs is clearly uncomfortable and times where she would vent about her family problems in which sierra didn't give a flying fuck but rather turned it into a pity party about her instead. Springs also mentioned that when she would be busy with life, school, or family drama that even being away for a little while would result in Sierra constantly bothering her. The list of things she bothered springs for is as follows: NSFW RPs, headcannon bullshit for her selfships, and image spams of her husbandos. Sierra has been shown to say shit like "I ship you and Dio so hard" in order to attempt to get Springs attention and cut her off just for RPs. Literally Sierra has sent Dio porn, lewd messages, and made lewd comments to her in VC.

Sierra's creepy shenanigans About missing Pics
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Eventually springs got to a breaking point and ended up blocking her on Discord initially after feeling "used". Sierra proceeded to try to kiss her ass and win her back by saying stupid shit like "oh you're so awesome" or "oh you're so talented and cool" when in reality she gave less than a rat's ass about springs herself or her problems. Rather, Sierra only was friends because she liked the same fandom and wanted someone to be her RP buttbuddy.

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Springs tells layton about how she feels.png

The Rainbow Kel Saga[edit]

Unfunny shiftposting by byrapp-dcdlzvs.png

One of Springs's friends by the name of "Rainbow-Kel" supposedly killed herself after being groomed and preyed on by Sierra herself. Apparently Sierra had been RPing NSFW shit, pressuring her to draw her fanart, and making creepy comments to her. It isn't entirely clear as to all the stuff she did as Springs found this all out far too late in the game. Kel had stated that she intended to take her life after all the stuff Sierra did, and apparently donated all of her stuff to charity. As for Sierra's reaction she didn't care as she was more afraid that she would be considered a murderer. When asked if she felt guilty for her actions, she admitted that she was more upset that she got caught if anything. She also deleted many comments, including some Grawp esque trolling alongside legitamate non trolling criticism and questions about comments being hidden, matching perfectly with her behavior over time.

NostalgicFandomChick Call
(UPDATED) Sierra's reaction to the news of Kelly's suicide
Layton and springs discuss ED

She clearly has no remorse for killing a 16 year old girl.

The Ruben drama[edit]

A long fucking time ago she was a part of the ruben-guzman drama. She, like the shitsucking leech she is, decided to make the drama mostly about her. What was once a witchhunt over a man grooming children like a sick fuck became a drama about how a beached whale gave the wetback lood noodz. Ironically, if it was anyone's fault for the nudes, it was hers. She was literally in her 20s at the time and she chose to take pictures. Of course any recognition for her is good as her clit of an ego was getting rather shriveled. In short, her contribution to the drama was her bitching about a problem caused by her.

yaaaaay! He's gone even though I started the problem!

It doesn't help that on any journal regarding Ruben that she has to tell her "woe is me" story about how he "enslaved" her and forced her to send him "nudes". If that sounds like complete bullshit, that's likely because it is seeing as it's not really that hard to tell some jacktard to fuck off if they ask for nudes. It's more likely that she consented to send him nudes. But since he became a drama source, she wanted in on the action so she made it seem like he "RAEPED MEEEEE!!1"

Examples of Sierra whoring herself in the comments of Ruben Journals About missing Pics
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The pedophile fiasco[edit]

Despite literally mentioning she has a girlfriend, she has gone forth to literally roleplay her sick fantasies with children. Not only that, but it has been found that she had a tumblr full of kiddie pornz. Such pictures included violet from the incredibles, ash ketchum, and even boku no pico. She had even mentioned "having a crush" on a 13 year old girl and even telling the little girl about her "naughty dreams". Since her tumblr pornz had been found, she proceeded to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. Of course she had forgotten that with the powers of the screenshot, she could not hide the existance of the porn. Ironically, she decided to blame Nikkineko333 and pointed fingers to her saying "SHE'S THE PEDO NOT ME!!!1" News flash, pointing fingers doesn't erase what you did.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Her main excuses are that "she didn't know at the time" and that "she doesn't do it anymore". Spoiler alert, she literally did another NSFW roleplay a day later with a decoy of a 14 year old boy. Her excuse this time? "My friends say it's ok, as long as they give consent." Because you know you can ask a child for consent with sex right? Tooootally.

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Fucking gross.png

Avoiding questions and overall being a petty cunt[edit]

As shown with the Ruben drama, she is a complete drama whore and loves to make mountains out of molehills. By this I mean that she'll baw over any minute, small matter. She has been shown to complain about not being able to see uncensored porn, to literally getting upset when called out for her shitty memes. Do keep note that Blackby is a 9 year PROFESSIONAL artist telling her not to put her shitty memes. Yet like a tard Sierra ignores her advice.

Mountains out of molehills About missing Pics
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She also likes to avoid questions. If you ask her, most of the time she'll deny ever doing the sick shit she's pulled, or flat out ignore the question. One of her friends on skype found out about the whole pedo fiasco and was reasonably angry. When Sierra was asked about it, she seriously ignored the question, saying that she "deleted the tumblr". A DA user also asked her once again about why the tumblr was deleted as well as if she was a pedo. No surprise that they were blocked. As you can tell, Sierra likes to hide things or flat out avoid things, such as the fact that she had an old GF who she treated like actual shit and forced her to do things she didn't want to do.

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Q and a with spook.png
Her old GF and avoiding of questions About missing Pics
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Yeah you totally proved you're not a sick fuck or a whore by all the things you said to Springs kek
She unsurprisingly is a huge hypocrite as well. A prime example being how she hates raptor X owen grady porn yet literally a week later she draws a preggo picture of the raptor. Description? "hey Owen Grady looks gonna be a father now! ;)"

She claims to hate creeps on her profile and she mentions having a crush on Teruteru from Dangaronpa who is "very lewd and usually can be seen hitting on anyone near him, male and female alike, often to the point of sexual harassment." according to the wiki. He is also known to "drug people with his food and try to take advantage of gullible ones" and "openly speaks about sexual things he's into, makes the others sometimes feel uncomfortable around him". If that's not creepy then I don't know what is. Weirdly, he's just her type. In the past, she has asked people to "critique her art", "insult her", and even "kinkshame her". When you do she proceeds to lash out with pure tardrage. She has mentioned before that she is a "sane fangirl" and that if you have a crush on a fictional character it's fine as long as you don't go "overboard". She says this yet proceeds to make deviations like this

Yeah, don't go overboard...

Love you RL girlfriend! <3 <3 <3 After seeing the article she broke up with her, even her GF thinks Sierra is a slimy fuck

And if that wasn't enough, she has a video of her ranting on a pedophile. She really puts the nail in the coffin of being a hypocrite with her "rant". How so you may ask, she claims he's a pedo for "roleplaying sexually with a minor" and that he cannot be forgiven by "apologizing and using his autism as an excuse". All of these things she herself did.

Surprisingly, despite saying she's against pedofilia, she's perfectly fine with cheating, beastility, nazis, and pedofilia still. Since she RP'd Josuke having sex with her character, it's still technically underaged since he's 16. To make matters worse, she had a sexual RP of Phantom Blood Dio during the Erina kiss scene have sex with her friend Springs, in that instance, Dio is only 13. She also randomly stated in a chat with Springs that "Iggy has big doggy balls" legitimately out of fucking nowhere.

Hypocrisy part 2 electric boogaloo About missing Pics
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Use scrollbar to see the full image

Shes perfectly fine rping nazi shit mhm.png

It doesn't help that she states "the ED is old and I don't do that kind of stuff anymore" yet this evidence is very recent, showing that she still hasn't fucking changed and is a lying hypocrite. Also, I should note that Nikkineko333 had no hand in creating the ED whatsoever and Sierra is basically using another fucko with an ED as an escape goat.

Lying about being a lesbian and her "GF"[edit]

Anyone who even as much as glances at her shithole of a gallery can tell she's a fucking whore. It's even more apparent that she's not only a whore but a lying whore. She claims to have a GF but god knows she barely fucking talks to her. (Correction, her girlfriend broke up with her) If anything she's more busy RPing sexual shit with her naive watchers or even having people draw her with her "fictional crushes". Many can argue that "OH THEY'RE FICTIONAL THEY DON'T COUNT!!!" Or even "OH BUT SHES NOT ACTUALLY FUCKING THEM SHE CAN STILL BE A LESBIAN!!!1" But the definition of a "lesbian" is a homosexual woman, meaning she'd be sexually attracted to women. But god knows that she's not attracted to women when she's jacking off to all of her husbandos.

Gotta love how she constantly has to reiterate that she's totally lesbian About missing Pics
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And now the Sierra waifu/husbando drinking game:[edit]

1 Prohyas

2 kenny

3 sans

4 wilson

5 starlord

6 captain murica

7 bucky

8 nightcrawler

9 Chris pratt

10 grunkle ford

11 tord

12 yakko

13 dr strange

14 bendy

15 pan pan

16 daredevil

17 f. fish

18 venture bros

19 karamatsu

20 zachary

21 rayman

22 bill cipher

23 saitama

24 napstablook

25 onceler

26 naruto

27 loki

28 kylo ren

29 maxie

30 donatello

31 quicksilver

32 matt

33 toad

34 reaper

35 lion-o

36 hank

37 ultron

38 joaquin

39 layton

40 tony the clock

41 jack sparrow

42 rocket raccoon

43 Lewis

44 nick wilde

45 leon

46 grell

47 megaman

48 tabitha

49 ironman

50 evil the cat

51 purple guy

52 rachet

53 meta knight

54 raymesis

55 dib

56 doraemon

57 parappa

58 kedamono

59 smaug

60 thorin

61 descole

62 canada

63 russia

64 denmark

65 france

66 hutt river

67 italy

68 germany

69 bendy

70 owen grady

71 sonic

72 thor

73 shiro

74 manolo

75 pearl

76 jasper

77 prussia

78 popee

79 teruteru

80 Megara

81 Newt scamander

82 lord beerus

83 renji

84 robin

85 blackhat

86 osomatsu

87 choromatsu

88 ichimatsu

89 jyushimatsu

90 todomatsu

91 iyami

92 ace

93 axel

94 foxy

95 rapheal

96 warden

97 arthur

98 xibalba

99 deadpool

100 cell

101 sadness

102 joy

103 disgust

104 link

105 kurloz

106 sherlock holmes

107 murdoc

108 vivi

109 shadow

110 lotor

111 ratchet

112 knockout

113 bumblebee

114 starscream

115 wheeljack

116 Belarus

117 Harley quinn

118 Ukraine

119 Jessica rabbit

120 poison ivy

121 nyachan

122 homerun girl

123 allura

124 tracer

125 sombra

126 bulma

127 18

128 black widow

129 garnet

130 rose

131 lapis

132 rick sanchez

133 hanzo

134 cody

135 edgeworth

136 discord

137 aku

138 Lawliet

139 damien

140 alucard

141 joseph (DD)

142 craig

143 skelen (her friends oc >_>)

144 Darkwing duck

145 nega duck

146 scrooge mc fuck

147 dolan dicc

148 guzma

149 kululu

150 geroro

151 mighty

152 betrayus

153 daniel

154 david

155 cuphead

156 the devil

157 kai anderson

158 monokuma

159 nya chan

160 lola bunny

161 mantis

162 allura

163 blue pearl

164 yellow pearl

165 yellow diamond

166 wonder woman

167 poison ivy

168 junko

169 nergal

170 scrawl

171 garu

172 NOS-4-A2

173 Escargoon

174 Jotaro

175 Joseph

176 Jonathan

177 Speedwagon

178 N'doul

179 Josuke

180 Polnareff

181 rohan

182 avdol

183 bruford

184 Black spy

185 white spy

186 professor venomous

187 lord boxman

Odd how most of them are male despite her being "LESBIAN!!1"


I do love my GF alot tbh <3 it just.... she isnt on as much cause well.... she havent been feeling well for a long while (an illness and seizures too) i been talking to her alot and telling her i love her alot too.


— Actions speak louder than words hun

The only week where she can feel important rest in fucking shit.png

Life as an interwebz Fugitive[edit]

The Instagram photos by Selfinsertqueen About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Obviously after the whole dead girl fiasco, Sierra had to hide. She claimed that she was getting serious help but obviously that claim can hardly stand on its own. In one of her conversations, she claimed she went every tuesday to "Northshore Youth & Family Services" but when asked what she talked about with said counselor immediately started lashing. In the conversation she also acts like she can sweep the whole "oh I made a girl kill herself" thing under the rug and continue with her RP shit, basically equating to going to court and saying "Yeah, I'm guilty, I killed them. IM SORRY OKAY? I FEEL BAD OKAY? CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT THIS?"

In short, Sierra still hasn't learned and is still trying to lay low and RP with more minors, this time on Instagram (Now private), Discord, and Amino. Feel free to say hi to her, ask her about her day, and how little she cares about the sick shit she does.

The Instagram convo About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

On the 28th of June, there was a callout written on the "Fictional others" Amino. Apparently Sierra snuck back and was grooming a 17 year old as well as a 15 year old for months supposedly under that amino. It doesn't help that she was also a judge in the contest that was originally being held. In light of the callout, the contest was cancelled.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

The contest is cancelled + callout.png

Other stuff about her[edit]

thats a clean burning ED i tell you hwat
abandon hope all ye who enter About missing Pics
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Ass kissers[edit]


Other crap[edit]

  • IP Info: IP Address City Kirkland State or Region Washington Country United States ISP Frontier Communications Of America Inc. Latitude & Longitude 47.7181 -122.1990 Domain frontier.com Connection Speed broadband Connection Type Wifi UTC Time Zone -08:00 Postal Code 98034
  • Gmail: sierraionegarske123@gmail.com
  • Kik: Xibalbafan1992
  • Skype: sierraluvanime1
  • Discord (she changes this more than her husbando): Original :Kara-Fangirl#3892 Backup: kara-fangirl#2648
  • Her new discord account SelfInsertQueen#2648
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Their Methods

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