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Sing like there's no one listening.

Karaokeplay.com is a website offering free karaoke. Visitors can record their own version of popular songs and rate other recordings. All you need is a microphone, some music talent, a burning desire to be famous and zero ability to self-edit. If you can't get enough bad midi, over-modulated microphones and squealing vocals, this is the place to be.

Karaoke Tips[edit]

  1. Pick a song entirely out of your vocal range (or a duet - sing both parts for ultimate win).
  2. Make sure you don't know any of the lyrics - they're written down for you!
  3. Can't emote with your voice? Just close your eyes and sway while you sing - no one will notice.
  4. Make sure your nose is very stuffy.
  5. Have the mic volume completely out of proportion to the music.
  6. Completely ignore the timing.

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