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For some reason, Sir Karl is very popular with the gay community. Most likely they have him confused with Wittgenstein.

Karl Pooper is best known for the view that all scientific theories must be composed of "falsifiable" statements. Philosophers, who are the only ones who actually know what he meant by this, have long since agreed that he was wrong. But the news has not yet reached almost any of the scientists, wannabe scientists, atheists, Christians, and other assorted fuckwits of Internetsland — if, that is, they have ever even heard of Popper in the first place. The resulting fog of ignorance results in much lulz. Example:

Prima: 1+1=2 is not scientific because it isn't falsifiable.[1]
Secunda: According to Popper, 1+1=2 is a tautology and therefore, indeed, not scientific (although certainly true). Also, why the hell was this posted to soc.culture.singapore? duh, if 0=2 then 1+1=0.[2]

But the main occasion for dragging Popper's theory through the mud of stupidity comes when someone makes a brilliant TL;DR post in which they disclose their original discovery that Intelligent Design is not a scientific theory.[3][4][5][6][7] In this sterling case (which also includes a brilliant Chuck Norris joke), the term "falsifiable" is only brought up in the religious idiot's TL;DR reply: "If you believe the arguments are so wrong, so falsifiable, so incorrect, put forward your views in a respectful manner." Oops, looks like he has no idea what "falsifiable" means. He does have a big cross on his icon, though.

Mr. Popper's Politics

By the standards of today's American political scene, Popper was actually relatively left wing. But he was anti-Marxist (because — you guessed it — Marxist "science" is not falsifiable), and a scattered few leftards who know this have never forgiven him. This, too, can occasionally be a source of drama.]