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22? Is this kind of like chalking your license, except in reverse?

Katiesopinion is yet another carbon-copy blonde bimbo with an annoying voice and the IQ of a watermelon who continues to make pointless YouTube videos, laboring under the impression that people actually watch her video for any reason other than the hope that she may take her clothes off.

This brainless slut believes that the sun shines out her ass and proceeds to make condescending videos trying to help the commoners be as beautiful as her. Unfortunately for her ego the videos she uploads get more hateful comments than she could dream of, except for a few fellow airheads and middle aged men trying to get into her pants.

It would be quite easy to assume Katiesopinion is a lesbian as in almost every video she makes there is a long rant about how all men are evil. She also loves to use the word penis as an insult as if she has a deep seeded antipathy towards the cock. However, it warrants note that all lesbians are ugly and obese with buzzed haircuts ruling out the possibility she's a homo.


Camwhore by Day, Pornstar by Night[edit]

Katie expresses her opinion on "A Girls Affair #33".

According to HellionExciter sweet, though not too bright, little YouTube Favicon.png katiesopinion was in a lesbian porno.

Unlike the prudish tease Bravesgirl5, Katie is apparently willing to take it all off on on camera. Just not for the schmucks on YouTube. If you are subscribed to her videos hoping for strip-tease action, save yourself the irritation of listening to her vapid babbling in a voice like nails on a chalk board. Instead, pick up a copy of "A Girl's Affair 33" with K.T. Licious.

According to recent investigation by EDiots, this information is false, and no "Kate E Liscious" starred in the porno flick in question. We all know that Katie is more into gangrape by niggers.

In her YouTube profile, Katie claims to be 22. Having watched her videos, we at ED find it highly unlikely that this bleached and bubble-brained leatherface in the pancake makeup could be a day under a hard living 25, meaning that despite the production year of 1999 for A Girl's Affair 3, the pedos still won't have anything to fap to.

YouTube Famous[edit]

I wanna-be famous
Everybody loves Katie. <3

Katie, like most intellectually challenged bimbos on YouTube, thinks that her subscriber list and a MySpace friends list full of other wanna-be losers just like herself will somehow skyrocket her to fame and make her the next Nicole Kidman or Michelle Pfeiffer.

This ED page is as famous as you are gonna get, Katie.

Her Fans[edit]

YouTube Favicon.png does his homeworkz and pwnes katie

"Am I a Myspace Tease?"[edit]

"When i plug my anal vibe directly into the wall it saves on batteries! "

Katie constantly asks herself - "Am i teasing the 'penises' by posting provocative sexy pix on the net"...?

A standard bimbo-issue, battery driven-vibrator isn't enough for Katie. She prefers to plug an industrial strength anal vibe directly into the wall

  • "It saves me money on Batteries".
  • "Girl Power-ED on 110V AC !!
  • "Sometimes I use it so much I blow all the fuses in the neighborhood!"

Katie on Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit]

"I loooooooove drama!"
  • YouTube Favicon.png Where is bravesgirl5? 'REDUX' (BBB)
  • "I love drama!"
  • "It's, like, pretty much, like, rape on the computer, if you ask me."
  • "I hope they don't do it to me."
  • "These are, like, some pretty bad penises that are fuckin' with you."

Where Katie's Man-Hating Started[edit]

The Philly Sistaz Strip Club[edit]


Are KatiesOpinions on Men from the time she spent working at Philly Sistaz Strip Club?[edit]

The owner of Philly Sistas Strip Club. Does he look familiar?

When ED approached the owner he wasn't very forthcoming with information.

  • He seemed a particularly nasty character - no wonder Katie Hates Men!
  • "That Bitch used to never pay up the money she got, but she sure as hell was popular; especially in the 'massage' rooms out back" was the only quote we got.
  • "That whore still owes me money for rendering clients sterile with her voice!"
  • Client: "The lights do a lot for the girls, however when she turned on the lights and started talking, I curled up in a corner in to the fetal position."
  • Leprechaun: "Yes, she is my sister, not a full sister my dad fucked a hobbit."
  • Katie's dad: "I used to tease her and sing: I'm a little teapot, short and stout

Here is my handle, here is my spout When I get all steamed up, hear me shout Just tip me over and pour me out!

I'm a clever teapot, yes it's true Here's an example of what I can do I can change my handle to my spout Just tip me over and pour me out" and "Somehow she always got very upset when I sang that to her."

Katie is an Independent Woman !![edit]

Katie at work being Interviewed by an EDiot

Katie is an Independent Woman, and works hard to pay her college fees. She enjoys her work. When she was telling this EDiot the story about her career and how much she enjoys it, I must say it was a pleasure. A great story, it even had happy ending.

Katie is a SRS Feminist[edit]

  • We got hold of this Class Handout
This explains it all

Fun With Socks[edit]

Battim, Katies biggest supporter.

Recent Drama[edit]


Before deleting his channel, the method actor formerly known as pigslop handed over the ownership rights of the ultra-exclusive War is art group to Katie. Katie was contacted by the ED-controlled spoof channel of pigslop, mr ketamine. Without missing a beat, Katie declared "OMG!!11, I'm so glad your back! here's the ownership back to WIA!! Teehee!!". Lulz ensued as ED stormed the clubhouse
watch for græt justice

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