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What happens when you kick dan in IRC in jest
Dan gets his bottom hurt and takes away the forum again.
The Vox Kazantzakis

Kazantzakis, aka "Dan", was an ED sysop and soccer fan known mostly for his uncanny ability to Pastebinfavicon.png throw crybaby temper tantrums and shut down the forums at the drop of a hat whenever he felt his E-Power being challenged. This behavior is a by-product of hanging around with Sherrod DeGrippo, one gains the super-human ability to be able to dish it out but not take it. The most famous of these incidents is when Kale had the audacity to kick dan in HIS IRC channel (le gasp!). Dan shut down EDF and then proceeded to hold his breath until Sherrod took kale's IRCops away 4lyf. Proof of this incident in the screencaps on the right. It is a well known fact that Dan has doo doo in his soul.

Why is Soccer so much better than Baseball?

List of Kazantzakis Originals[edit]

[18:55:48] * sets mode: -oooooo dan azariel kale_ toastmonster F_JUNK_DUMP mediacrat
[18:55:48] * sets mode: -q dan
[18:55:48] * sets mode: -aaa kale_ F_JUNK_DUMP mediacrat
[18:55:48] * mediacrat sets mode: +o mediacrat
[18:55:48] * mediacrat sets mode: +a mediacrat
[18:56:48] * mediacrat sets mode: -r
[18:56:48] * &mediacrat ([email protected]) has left #forum
[18:56:55] * wit changes topic to 'RAEG�'
[18:57:11] <@F_JUNK_DUMP> Did you just dereg #forum ?
[18:57:24] * dan ([email protected]) has left #forum

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