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Esquire magazine, 1997

Kevin Spacey Fowler KBE (born July 26, 1959) is an Americunt actor best known for playing the role of lulzy serial-killer "John Doe" in Se7en and turning out to be Keyser Söze at the end of The Usual Suspects. He was also in one of the terrible Call of Duty games for some reason.

Former shoe salesman now making a go at film and theater.


—Kev's currently very much inactive Twitter profile

Last Thursday an actor named Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of having tried it on with him when he had been all of fourteen-years old. Shortly after, numerous other men alleged that Spacey had sexually harassed or assaulted them. As a result, a profit conscious Netflix cut all ties, shelved the film Gore and removed him from the cast of the ongoing series House of Cards in which he played the leading role. Britfag director Ridley Scott was further obliged to take one in the rectum and cut all Spacey's scenes from his then ongoing project, necessitating costly reshoots with another actor.

Faggotry Intensifies

Information icon.png Rapp was (allegedly) invited to a party at Spacey's home and, at the end of the evening, Spacey physically carried Rapp to bed and attempted to initiate sex.

Spacey tweeted that he didn't remember any encounter with the underaged Rapp however went on to offer "the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior" if he had behaved as asserted.

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Dat chutzpah...

Fifteen others then came forward alleging similar abuse including a journalist who claimed Spacey sexually assaulted her son; the Norwegian author and former royal family member Ari Behn; filmmaker Tony Montana; actor Roberto Cavazos; Richard Dreyfuss's son Harry and eight people who worked on House of Cards. An anonymous man further alleged that he had gone full hardgay with Spacey back in 1983, when he was fourteen and Spacey was twenty-four; the man said that the relationship ended after Spacey attempted to rape him. The Guardian newspaper was then contacted by "a number of people" who worked at 'the Old Vic', a London theatre where Spacey was artistic director for over a decade, alleging that he "groped and behaved in an inappropriate way with young men at the time".

Spacey stated that he would be seeking "evaluation and treatment" for his behavior. The following day Variety reported that his publicist Staci Wolfe and talent agency Creative Artists Agency were ending their relationships with the actor.

The Old Vic theatre subsequently announced it had received twenty testimonies of alleged inappropriate behavior by Spacey, with three stating that they had contacted the police. In December, Spacey's former costar Gabriel Byrne revealed that production of The Usual Suspects had been shut down for two days after Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward a younger actor. In July 2018, three more allegations of sexual assault were revealed by Scotland Yard, bringing the total number of open investigations in the UK to six.


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