Khalid Masood's Westminster motor massacre

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Khalid masood, westminster attacker 22 march 2017.jpg
Khalid Masood
Born December 25, 1964
Nationality Sandnigger MiniflagUK.png
Highscore Killed 4, Injured 50
Top 25? Fuck No
Style Single player carmageddon
An Hero? No, killed by pigs
Crappy carnage

On March 22, 2017, a terrorist outrage of almost unprecedented fail struck at the heart of the British capital. Then-52-year-old raghead convert Khalid Masood (born Adrian Elms in Kent) drove his joyrider into a crowd and then jumped out and stabbed a police officer to death. Masood was duly dispatched within seconds by another coppa' who had been waiting years for an opportunity to kill a nigger, thus ending this brief moment of WTF.

This sort of thing is a weekly occurrence in Manchester, but Masood's impromptu game of GTA happened (a) in Westminster, London, outside the Houses of Parliament, and (b) within spitting distance of just about every journalist in Britain, some of whom actually go to Parliament for a living. So despite the measly death-toll, this lamentable effort to strike fear into the capital just made lots of people pissed off because public transport was disrupted and they couldn't get home in time for dinner while everyone else in the country shrugged because it didn't affect them in any way.


Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary: Hyandai Tucson
  • A small SUV that is best for squishing rats. 5~15 Damage
  • Side Arm: Knife
  • Some gay ass knife that's probably not that sharp. 5~17 Damage

How shit went down[edit]

Soppy candle-lighting faggotry

Masood mowed down and injured 50 pedestrians on his rental-car rendezvous with martyrdom. Amusingly, most of them were foreign tourists and only 12 of them were British. The rest were three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, two Greeks, and one each from Germany, Poland, Ireland, China, Italy and the United States.

Five other people have died at the time of going to press. This is fewer people than were killed in December 2014 by a bin lorry driver who wasn't even trying to kill anyone, which is truly shameful. But one of Masood's kills was a police officer, so there has been widespread BAW about Our Brave Boys In Blue. This is typical in Britain these days, where everyone goes fucking stupid and sentimental over any death that appears in the media, as though they actually gave a shit about that person at any point beforehand.

Many of these idiotic ponces have actually been sending flowers to their totally irrelevant local police forces around the country, because of course that's a perfectly normal and rational reaction.

Parliament in lockdown![edit]

A fainting MP is revived with champagne

Members of Parliament were tragically locked in the House of Commons all day, with only a heavily-subsidised restaurant and private bar for sustenance. By three pm, supplies of Bollinger, Krug and cocaine were at such low levels that it was feared they might not last the week. One MP told reporters: "It was terrible. I thought I might have to leave at some point, but fortunately the police told us to stay where we were. Is this interview on expenses?"

Early reports stated that Prime Minister Theresa May was seen being bundled into a car, leading to frenzied speculation that she was being kidnapped. No such luck, it was a security procedure to get her off the scene. Predictably, within 24 hours Nanny May was using the attack as an excuse to push her favorite agenda: trying to prevent free speech on the internet

There was some bleeding-heart weepiness about the tragically pwnt policeman when MPs returned to Parliament and resumed normal business, but they only do it to get on TV.

Related arrests[edit]

London mayor sadiq khan terrorism tokyo comparison.jpg

Ten people have been arrested and a number of addresses raided across London, Birmingham and elsewhere. Nine people remain in custody and one, a woman, has been released on bail. No prizes for guessing their skin color or religion.

This woman was clearly identified by internet sleuths as one of the perpetrators, casually phoning her ISIS paymasters amid the carnage.

As usual, the cover-up is well under way...

Conspiracy theories[edit]

A tinfoil-clad theorist is led away

Since the attacker was a lone nut, this immediately led to speculation that he was part of a conspiracy. Within one hour, the first allegations of this being some kind of "False Flag" attack were spreading like wildfire on the internet. This was aided by the fact that the attack meant the pretend parliament of Holyrood suspended its debate on trying to gain so-called "Scotland's" independence from England. Naturally, the prospect of Brexit played a part, with claims that the attack was meant to swing public opinion behind leaving the EU. The flaw in this is that the attacker was born and bred in England, so he would have made a fucking retarded choice for an anti-EU patsy.

Mind you, it is kinda fishy that a lone nut would unerringly drive straight for the one security gate that had mysteriously been left wide open but had no-one guarding it.

All of these conspiracy theories were put about to disguise the painfully-obvious truth. It was the Jew.

Media reaction[edit]


You can imagine. The highlight so far has been the headline of the next day's edition of The Daily Mail, which revealed to a shocked world that Google could be used to discover the deadly secret fact that it is possible to kill people by driving a car into them at high speed. Miraculously however, doing so does not cause cancer.

This place is just like Sweden. Terrified of admitting the truth about the threat we face, about the horrors committed by the migrants we failed to deter — because to admit that we are sinking, and fast, would be to admit that everything the liberals believe is wrong.

That multiculturalism has not worked. That it is one big fat failure and one big fat lie.



—Fearless Katie Hopkins exposes The Truth

There is only one solid conclusion to be drawn from all this: gun control works.

Graded Score[edit]

Graded Score
Kill count: 4/20 Epic Fail
Accuracy: 5/20 Just ran over people not giving a fuck.
Style: 15/20 GTA
Butthurt: 18/20 Blowing this shit out of proportion
Bonus: 15/20 Bonus for killing a pig with stabs to the head and neck and trying to kill people with a small SUV.
Total Score: 57/100 (F)
Use a Bigger Vehicle Next Time Faggot
See full ranking

Wanted Level
Oldschool britcop.png

"Sir, this is a strict 30 mph zone!"

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Have you seen this man?

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