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Kilroy Event

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Kilroy event, or Kilroy Free Speech Conference: A Safe Space for Free Speech was supposed to be a free speech event, but like all fundraised projects, ended up being a highly controlled scam, where none of the popular speakers actually got to speak. Imagine Dashcon but way more incompetent.


The 7th of December Dave Cullen of ComputingForever started a kickstarter-like to raise money for a free speech event, where all your favourite skeptic™ YouTubers would meet up and circlejerk each other off, and find out who was more of a blight on society. In just a week's time a whopping 85,000 was collected from people with more money than common sense. And since they believed in this idiotic project, that means close to no common sense.

Pool's closed[edit]

Shortly after all the money was raised, would-be journalist and bald hack Tim Poole talked about how this supposed free speech event was anything but, as it had a 3 year NDA and 16 month non-compete, meaning that none of the speakers could do similar events and could not talk about anything. All in the name of protecting some ex-mudslimes, apparently.


Shortly after many of the alleged speakers, who could adhere to the alt-right started getting no responses, getting uninvited, had their topics changed. They needed to make room for real scientists, not some YouTubers people actually wanted to see.


Dave Cullen[edit]

Pulled out due to a family death and not wanting to put enough work into it. With that timely death no will needs to be left behind.


A thot, extremely high IQ individual who no ones understands because she is so smart. This big-nosed and big-titted whore high IQ individual has actually managed to lose custody of her kids. Her cunt turds that she lost custody of were all shot in her by different men. While one may think this is the kind of behavior of some retard gutterslut with an addiction to riding the cock carousel who is too poor to hire a doctor to scrape her mistakes into the trash, it's actually a high IQ method of having children by selecting difference men with different genetic strengths, then finding a man who is the best father to raise those children. Well done, you stupid skank stunning and brave High IQ individual. She also pretends to be an ex-Muslim despite being trailer trash.

178 IQ[edit]

My IQ is extremely high


the dumbest person on the planet

BasedMama IQ.png


Killroy turned out to be a failure of an event so Massive, it made Dash-Con look like Comicon. The event organizer ((( Based Momma))) advertised the event using guests she had no plans on hosting at her event in an attempt to Bait and switch. Bait and switch into what you might ask? Well turns out Based Momma was part of Kraut and Teas 24 hour op discord server dedicated to stopping those evil race realists who made Republicunts look bad. Based Momma's plan all along was to have a massive event that pushed stuff she was interested in, have people she didn't like politically go fuck off and die because she already got their fans money, sell franchise/naming rights to anyone else who wanted to host the event, and everyone would think she was the smartest, prettiest and bestest person who ever was.

She knew there may be backlash for pulling such a move. That's why she planned on having all speakers sign 10 year non disclosure and non compete contracts in order to keep those good little goys mouths shut, because this is Bassed Mommas time to shine and she's gonna have a bunch of college adjunct professors from University of Phoenix come in and lecture.

Unfortunately, Based Momma didn't realize the state of Arizona has strict fraud laws against advertising an event promising guests when you haven't finalized it. Based Momma is now on the line and under investigation for fraud and her boyfriend who took out a massive loan in his name to put a down payment on an event that will get none of its money, will be working the rest of his life to pay that shit.

Part 1: Background on the Kraut & Tea drama
Part 2: Jim explains the goal of the discord server the event organizers were active on
Part 3: At least Dash-con had a ball pit
Part 4: Conclusion of Dash-Con for skeptics and Kraut and Tea's drama

Reason Rally 2.0[edit]

The Kilroy event reeks of Reason Rally, an atheist conference taken over by left-wing idiots to push their pro-diversity agenda.


Are you dumb enough to have given money to this scam? Well you are a fucking idiot. But thankfully the law and particularly PayPal do what they can to protect idiots like yourself, as you can actually request a full refund.

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