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Kirbyraeg will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

The original image

"Kirby Rage" or "kirbyraeg.jpg" is a forced meme that originated on 7chan, and shortly thereafter leaked to 4chan. It started when a samefag spammed the same image over 9000 times to sagebomb threads (or, more commonly, just flood them for no fucking reason). As is the way on 4chan, additional shoops were soon created, mostly for the intent of trolling.

About a week after kirbyraeg.jpg started being spammed, the moderators of 7chan set up the picture at the top of /b/, as well as renamed everyone to "KIRBY" instead of Anonymous. Because of this, kirbyraeg is often believed to be the work of mods in order to troll the users of their own imageboard.

On 5/2/08, when a huge faggot took /b/ down, kirbyraeg was mass spammed on almost every fucking 4chan board, most notably /a/, which was already being raided by /b/tard refugees.


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