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This cat has not won the war.

Kittenwar is a website that places kittens in an arena where the terrorists must fight the Americans in the ultimate battle of cuteness. It's sort of like a cross between Counterstrike and a Necrofur's wetdream.

How it works[edit]

Visitors can upload pictures of their cats. Then whenever anyone goes to the main page of Kittenwar, they have to choose which one of the random kittens is cuter. The kittens are then sorted into winnars [1] and lusers [2]. Best of all, it uses Dreamhost [3] just like Encyclopedia Dramatica! Actually, ED is hosted on a dedicated server at which is cached using Cloudflare

Kittenwar on LiveJournal[edit]

Kittenwar is a good website to look at to soothe your eyes after goatse or the pain series. Links to this website can be used to fill in unused bandwidth on obsessively cat loving communities. [4]

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