Koko The Gorilla

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Koko The Gorilla
Given Name(s) Koko The Gorilla. Hanabiko (花火子), Fireworks Child
State Of Being Worm Food
Nationality American
Genus Gorilla
Species More Educsted Than You
Born July 4, 1971
Died June 19, 2018
Classification Monkey, Talking Ape, Fake
Residence San Francisco Zoo

Koko the Gorilla, (born July 4, 1971) who proved that it is easier to teach an animal to perform complex tasks such as Americunt sign language, that require pre-cognition and intellectual capacity, than it is to train a black man or a patreon artist to do the same died June 19, 2018 at the age of 46 or the average age you can expect a black Male or Basement dwelling omega male to live before they have their first, and maybe last, heart attack.

Although some language experts dispute Koko's language prowess, some estimate that she knew over 1,000 signs and could understand over 2,000 spoken English words, making her already more intelligent than your average Twatter user. Much like the average twitter user, Koko used simple sentences, (predicate and subject) to convey her thoughts like, "I's Hungry, Want Food", or "Like Kittens."

Koko is probably best known for the many Kittens she had as pets throughout her life which led many psychiatrists, psychologists and philosophers to argue that the desire to nurture is an inherited trait rather than one that is taught.

Koko and her kitten


Francine Patterson and Koko


Koko's Use In Language Studies

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Interspecies lesbians

Looking to improve the language skills of inner city youths and extend their skills beyond their two phrases of Yo Yo Yo and Where the white Wimmins at? linguist and Ape Biologist Francine Patterson began a study with Koko the Gorilla, when she was at the age of 1 under the assumption that if an intellect of equal proportions, like that of a gorilla could be taught to comprehend language and sentence structure then there is hope for Trailor Trash, inner city youth and Illegal Immigrants.

Rather than showing how language is learned, Patterson showed how language is destroyed by inferior species through the sheer laziness of refusing to learn new words.

For instance, rather than learn the sign for Bracelet, Koko would make the sign for Wrist and Ring to make the Autistic, portmanteau replacement word of Wrist Ring. Some other portmantaus of Koko the Gorilla included Duck for Penis and China for Vagina.

Many experts argued, that like many lower minds such as those from the Appalachians, stoners, autistics, and Internet Artists, Koko really didn't understand the words she was using and merely was succeeding at a trial and error use of words. Much like an adopted Vietnamese kid in Angalina Jolie's home, it wasn't the child that learned how to say he had to take a shit but its handler figuring out its grunts and moans from the numerous times it squated and dropped a steaming log in Johnny Depp's rose gardens next door.

Over the years, experts such as Magicians and Behavioural Psychologists have studied Patterson's language videos with Koko and suggested that Koko was actually being cued by Patterson using the Clever Hans technique. Clever Hans is a cueing trick where the answer is giving through the use of subtle body language. For instance the trainer of a Counting Horse will subtly nod their head ever time a horse has to stomp their hoof to reach the answer to 5 plus 3.

This technique has also been seen in court rooms where a prosecutor will use body language or place a hand on their witness to cue them and make them recall their rehearsed testimony.


Looking to study lonely old ladies and compulsive hoarders, Koko the Gorilla was offered a Kitten as a pet because she had become fascinated with them after seeing one in a flip book.

On Koko's 3rd birthday, in 1984, Koko's handler, Francine Patterson, decided to get Koko a kitten to shut her up and to stop throwing Shit at her because Koko kept signing that she would like a kitten.

A box of abandoned kittens was presented to Koko and after killing all of them but one, Koko chose to keep the survivor and named it All Ball.

Patterson said that studying Koko interacting with her cat presented many possible theories regarding crazy cat ladies and animal hoarders.

Patterson reported that Koko saw the Kitten more as a child than as a pet. Koko would try to tit feed the kitten as if it were its offspring and would even put it to bed as if it were child.

These behaviours led Patterson to hypothesize that animal hoarders collected pets as a replacement for loss such as their children growing up and their losing them to their growing up and moving out.

Patterson had also commented that she wanted to do a study with Koko where she had a Kitten in her basement to see if she would ask for another one.


On June 29, 2018 Koko's handlers found her curled up and dead after receiving life's big ban hammer from natural causes and old age.

She was 46.

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Koko The Talking Gorilla A documentary on Koko.

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