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The crazy bitch and her personal meatshield.
Korryn Gaines fanart.

Korryn Shandawn Gaines (a.k.a. shesyourmajesty and RoyalKay) was a batshit insane 23-year-old anarchist Shaneequa who, on August 1, 2016, decided that the proper response to the police officers who were at her residence to arrest her over her failure to appear in court over a stupid fucking traffic ticket was to grab her Cobainator and use her 5-year-old son as a hostage in a live-streamed 6-hour standoff that finally ended when she made the brilliant decision to point her loaded shotgun at officer Royce Ruby Jr. and was then filled with more holes than the innocent walls of Aztec High School. Korryn's son, Kodi, was also injured as a result of his ghetto-ass mother using him as a meatshield.

Following the shooting, police found guns and enough heroin in Gaines' apartment to charge both her and Kareem Courtney—her fiancé and domestic abuser who was previously convicted of attempted murder—with possession with intent to distribute and illegal possession of a firearm. Strangely, what ended up bothering Black Lives Matter activists about this incident was not the fact that a mentally ill woman used her own son as a human shield while armed and wantonly resisting arrest to avoid drug charges against her and her abusive boyfriend, but the fact that the police justifiably shot a black woman in self-defense – then again, these are the same twats who sperged out over a fucking H&M hoodie.

On February 16, 2018, a six member all-female jury of Korryn's peers decided to award Korryn's family a whopping $37 million for her wrongful suicide-by-cop and her reckless endangerment of her son – once again proving that women are fucking retarded, can only think with their vaginas and feelings and should never be trusted to do anything right.

The Traffic Stop[edit]

An example of the domestic terrorist shit that you'll find on Korryn's Instagram.

In early March, 2016, Korryn Gaines' license plates were stolen by some local thugs who most likely intended to sell them for crack. Instead of simply getting a new license plate, Korryn decided to blame the government gangstalkers that she believed where following her everywhere and taped a piece of cardboard with an anti-authority message written on it to her car in place of a license plate.

Any government official who compromises this pursuit of happiness and right to travel, will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right and freedom.


—Korryn covered her license plate with this anarchist bullshit

On March 10th at 4:05pm , at this point in time me daughter's dad had been held hostage for 8+months and i had to go thru drastic measures to have him freed. After it was said nd done,my cell phones were disconnected and my license plates were stolen off of my car. I put a tag on my car to warn that if any government official further tried to compromise my traveling rights that they would be held accountable. This note remained for about 4 weeks with no harassment from the police who i live directly across from. This was the day they orchestrated my kidnapping.



Constitutional Law is the only true law. In order to be granted the role as Law enforcement u must take an oath to uphold the Constitution and be granted a DOAO DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY ORDER. The police are not Law enforcement they are Policy enforcers and operate outside of the laws of the Constitution which would make them organized criminals. They enforce CORPORATE Law (to generate revenue,in others words to get money,however in this case they know that i know this nd this is them making trouble with me) which is not a true form of the law but so many of us have bended to their criminal ways. Not me.



Cane back without my information and told me they were "towing" my car.in other words stealing it. They never asked me if i had the means to remove my own property off of the street which i did,nd they never asked if i had somewhere to house it which i did. I know plenty of ppl with tow trucks nd i have a deed to a property that shows the square footage of thw land i own is enough to fit the dimensions of My car. I was never asked nd they insisted on stealing my car.



After 2 days in isolation and being starved nd with no water and my prints being COURT ORDERED to prove i was under duress (which the court order was stolen and i have proof of that as well via video) being denied phone calls AND being diagnosed with pregnancy AND a miscarriage i requested a medic for the second time which i was able to alert her and tell her i was a hostage and being denied my basic constitutional rights and she was on it. On my consent forms in the ER i had to write "Please help me" on the line without the kidnapper that traveled with me seeing. They all were very helpful and when i left the ER at 130 am March 12th i was taken pass the precinct where some of my stuff was handed to the transporter thru the window (i was never asked to sign my belongings in or out) and i was taken to see a commisioner where i was set free. As u can see this all stemmed from traffic, none of the traffic items holds jail time, but they conveniently have resisting arrest at the top but there is no reason on this document for an arrest. I was supposed to leave with fines not with bruises and definitely not in their custody to spend for 2 days and more if i had not been smart enough to realize i was a hostage from the very beginning of the traffic stop. They told my family i fought them which i didn't all i asked them to do was not to touch me. And snatched away my arms. I hit no one hence the reason for no assault charges. They literally put this bullshit in black ink on white paper. Smh



No females were in the number until i was being transported to North west hospital where they said i suffered a miscarriage.


—Korryn, accusing the police of causing her to have a miscarriage

On March 10, 2016, Korryn was pulled over by a donut-snorting pig for not having a valid license plate attached to her car. Rather than cooperate with the officer, Korryn began rambling on incoherently about how she doesn't "participate in" the laws of the United States of America and how whitey has no authority over her as a strong black woman.

Do you have a delegation of authority order?


—Korryn Gaines, making up bullshit excuses Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Let me inform you of who I am. I do not participate in any of you guys’ side laws or any of that. I do not participate in it.


—Korryn Gaines, refusing to follow the white man's laws Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Sir. You’re tryna steal my car, and you’re telling me that if I don’t get out the car, you’re going to kidnap me, and probably planning on kidnapping my kids too.


—Korryn Gaines, being batshit insane Archive today-ico.png (archive)

This is the saddest part of this confrontation...the fact that he thinks hes law enforcement nd doesn't know what would authorize him if he actually was.


—Korryn ain't gonna be convinced by no fucking badge

Stealing my car keys nd still didn't identify himself ,his authority,or what law hes operating off of....


—Korryn, on having her keys confiscated by the police

Because Korryn was fucking insane and paranoid, she also did us the favour of recording the entire traffic stop in an attempt to show the world how dem rayciss police were out to get her – unfortunately for her, all that the video showed was 20 minutes of her acting like a total cunt and informing the police that they'd have to "murder" her before she'd willingly obey their laws.

Oh, to go against the fucking law that wants to kill them? Of course I won't raise no submissive ass fucking children! Absolutely not! I don't have to lie to him, I can pull a video up for him right now, of you killing people for no fucking reason! People that look like his uncle, his brother, his sister, his anybody!


—Korryn, on showing her 5-year-old son videos from BestGore

Korryn acts like a bitch at the police station.

Korryn Prepares For War[edit]

Oh yeah, we're sure the cops felt great when they saw this during that six hour standoff.

Following the license plate incident, Korryn began to become even more insane on her Instagram account as she began posting images that advocated the the killing of police officers and suggested that police were engaging in "genocide" against black people despite the fact that blacks are far more likely to be killed by niggers than by cops.

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The Standoff[edit]

Pointing this at a police officer is a bad idea, but even a complete fuckwit like you probably knew that already.
How the libturds actually believe it happened.

On August 1, 2016, an arrest warrant was issued after Korryn failed to show up in court over her earlier traffic violation. As the police arrived at her apartment, Korryn armed herself with a Mossberg pistol grip shotgun and began threatening the officers. The ensuing standoff would last for 6 hours as the police were aware that Korryn's 5-year-old was in the apartment with her and were too chickenshit to shoot.

Officers Allen Griffin and John Dowell testified they went to Gaines' home on the morning of Aug. 1 to serve warrants on Gaines and Courtney.

The warrant for Gaines was for her alleged failure to appear in court for charges from a traffic stop. The one for Courtney was for an alleged assault on Gaines.

Police said no one answered the door even though they heard noises from inside. After trying to open the door with a key from the rental office, an officer kicked in the door. Griffin said Gaines then pointed a shotgun at him.


—Korryn Gaines sounds like a lovely person Archive today-ico.png (archive)

As the standoff dragged on, Korryn began posting videos on her Facebook and Instagram accounts to whine about how she DINDU NUFFIN and was being persecuted by the white man. In an attempt to cut off Korryn's ability to spread fake news to potentially violent and impressionable young racists, the police asked Facebook and Instagram to disable Korryn's accounts – a request that both sites soon complied with.

I'm muhfuggen tired, but the devil at my door, and he's refusing to leave.


—Korryn, on the white devils Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Don't tell me what to do, im home. Tell those gang members outside my door to go away from my home and family


—Korryn, resisting arrest

I'm at peace. I'm in my home. I ain't trying to hurt nobody. ... They been quiet a while so they plotting to come in here and disturb the peace. ... I am not a criminal.


—Korryn, being completely delusional Archive today-ico.png (archive)

My son is not a hostage. He wants to be here in his home with his mother.


—Korryn, denying reality in an Instagram post

Korryn loads her shotgun.
Korryn talks to her son while using him as a hostage.
More of Korryn's anarchist bullshit.

Maybe she shouldn't have pointed a loaded shotgun at this guy and then told him that she'd kill him.

Now cut off from the internets and unable to get the attention she so desperately craved, Korryn decided to call 911 and inform the operator that people with guns were outside her apartment and she wanted them to go away. Eventually, Korryn's already erratic behaviour began to escalate as she became increasingly hostile and began to resort to issuing death threats and pointing her shotgun at both her son and the police.

If you don't leave, I'm going to kill you.


—Korryn, before utterly failing to kill the police

The Shooting[edit]

Korryn's snail trail after getting fucking shot.

After issuing a direct death threat to SWAT officer Royce Ruby Jr. and pointing her shotgun directly at him, the officer was finally forced to take action and put the bitch down.

We discharged one round at her. In return, she fired several rounds back at us. We fired again at her, striking and killing her.


—Police Chief James Johnson Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I wanted to give her every opportunity ... to do the right thing, to put the gun down, to let (her then-5-year-old son), Kodi, come out.


—Royce Ruby Jr., on giving the bitch six fucking hours to surrender

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The Aftermath[edit]

Of course there was fucking heroin in their apartment.
This is what BLM actually believes.

Korryn Gaines' death helped bring national attention to America's problem of racist police shootings. Numerous peer reviewed scientific studies have since shown that racist black people like Korryn are significantly more likely to do something absolutely fucking retarded and get themselves shot to death than normal black people like Dave Chappelle and Vester Lee Flanagan.

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Galleria de Loco[edit]

My Son is a Human Shield! About missing Pics
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