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Panties are getting wet
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I wonder what it will be like reading through my browser history in 3-4 years.


—Kraut and Tea 3-4 years ago (this post didn't age well)

KEK and Tea or Joseph Lancaster single-handedly stopped the rise of the anti-semitic, meme-spouting, racist-fascist, white-ethnostatist alt-right by making well researched videos on race realism, where it was quite evident he was a master on the subject. He owned everyone with science and no one has ever, ever proven him wrong because he is a genius. The videos were amazing as Joseph is incredibly intelligent.





Before his time on YouTube as a protector of the fair Jewish people, of which he is one, Joseph was busy protecting M'Lady on various atheist forums, where he tried to use his abysmal spelling to impress all the fair maidens, so they would have sex with him.

Hello, i have registered to this forum after simply googleing "atheism" and klicking the first thing that turned up. I have been a atheist for a very long time of my life, pritty much having a catholic mum and anglican father made me dought at an early stage why there should be so many versions of the same thing - and in conclusion why such a thing as god/s should exist after all.


—Actually better English and research than his current videos.

Anti-race realism[edit]

If you have an extremely high IQ, you might like Kraut. You might also be a nigger, because this high iq-having cuckboy likes to pretend that all races are equal, despite that virtually every video he has produced on the subject has been ridiculed, debunked, memed, debunked again, proven wrong, debunked and ridiculed, by even the complete fucking idiots of the alt-right. Race is not real, nazis. Get over it.

Doxing cabal[edit]

In December of 2017 it was found that Kraut's crack team of researchers were trying to dig up old posts to find dirt on alt-right losers. Newsflash idiot, the alt-right are already lolcows. They touch their tiny dicks to traps and anime tiddies and will never touch a real girl, unlike Kraut, you raped at least 3 women. This is something both the alt-right and Joseph have in common. This caused Kraut's best friends Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) and Veemonro (Codrin Stavri) to ditch their support for him, although he continued to beg for their help in his quest against the alt-right.

Vee gives up on Joseph

Carl gives up on Joseph

And then the unthinkable happened. He got doxed by Atheism is Unstoppable in 2016, although he makes clear constantly that even saying his name is a dox and everyone is doxing his mother, a politcian, and while he would later run a doxing server himself, this is justified because Kraut is a supreme intellectual. By using very basic google searches, someone with five minutes of spare time figured out his real name, and decided to post the result on Kiwi Farms Favicon.png Kiwi Farms.

He is a also an epic shitposter[edit]

After his old moniker @The_Germans_Are_Coming was found by autistic evil kike fucks, it didn't take longer for other autistic evil kike fucks to dig up a facebook page that seems to glorify Hitler. It even has the same autistic Thomas the Tank Engine edit photo he has on all of his other profiles! Kraut is really an extremely progressive fighter for equality.

Evidence that this FB page is him[edit]

Literal cuck[edit]

Kraut and Tea literal cuck.png

Sexual fetishes[edit]

Kraut today[edit]

Kraut is back to get his deserved vengeance on those who have wronged him because he literally dindu nuffin. In late May of 2018, screenshots given to Braving Ruin by Alister Mycroft (Aydin Paladin's mentally disabled fanboy) indicated that Kraut had a master plan: to get a payback at Mr. Metokur and Braving Ruin by suing them for acts of actual defamation, including calling him a cuck.

That didn't stop Kraut from planning his revenge. He returned to Youtube and launched an attack his most hated enemies: Coach Red Pill, Braving Ruin and, of course, the evil liar rat kike Aydin Paladin. After kraut was finished with uploading his 3 videos in which he exposes the 3 people he justifiably hates,he went into hiding, only to once again resurface in glory. Joseph and Tonkasaw exposed AndyWarski by using made up Snapchat dms to make it appear that Andy was sexting a underaged girl. And for the first couple of hours it did seem like it was working,but then El Rariachi,(a former coworker host of the Kumite) secretly leaked a recording of a Google Hangout call in which, Rari,kraut, Tonkasaw,the wronged bishop,a few of krauts butt buddies and the Romanian pigeon himself,Vee interested where they were doing (yes you guessed it) exposing the alt-right.

After this,kraut laid low for awhile but made some appearances on the Kumite during the war of coke and supper berries,with one appearance in particular being the time he and one of his sworn enemies (or rape victims, depending on how you wanna look at it) Aydin Paladin "buried" the hatchet. That of course didn't last long because Aydin, rat kike, has the tendency to scream "Muh kraut doxed me" even though he was just trying to get her fired for being a alt-right nazi, as he did with Rage After Storm, the queen Nazi cunt.

Every now and again, Kraut would later pull a big brained thunk by not only going after Black Pigeon Speaks for the cardinal sin of not sourcing where he found his studies in his videos, but also start yet ANOTHER gay op in which he and David Sherrat fake discord chat logs to make it look like Ethan Ralph and his fans took down Sargon of Akkads patreon. This was all fake, of course as Kraut did nothing wrong. That sadly backfired because Kraut fucked up the completely accurate screenshoot, accidentally typing "pastebin" instead of "patebin". Who knew a dude from austria that fakes a English accent could be bad at typing shit in English. Again proof he is completely innocent.

Once that shit fest had ended,kraut rang in the new year by having a super meltdown by getting into a screaming match with Dr Kristi Winters where he talked about how he likes tying up women and spanking them,go on a live stream with Mr potato Head Kevin Logan and have a shitfaced Jeff Holiday White Knight for him and scream fuck you at Kevin Logan while Jeff's 5yr old son was seen wandering in the background. He also Went on a stream with Mister Metokur where Jim wanted to get his side of the story. Basically the stream was 50 minutes of kraut saying "I didn du nuffin"m, because he didn't and is our only hope.

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