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Kristi Winters

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Artistic rendering of Kristi

Kristi Winters, or "Fistie Splinters" as she is more commonly known, is a fat, grotesque armchair feminist doing her feminist magic on YouTube, where she shits out the dullest videos you have ever seen. When she isn't making unsubstantiated claims and linking to Wikipedia as a source, she seems to think it is a good tactic to dox people she has problems with in order to focus on her own disgusting personality and her own non-existent YouTube career.

Drama with Bearing[edit]

According to Bearing, his doxing and YouTube channel removal was caused by Kristi, along with the help of Danny Korcz, a beta-white knight who never tasted pussy in his life. They allegedly got him DMCA'ed by tweeting the owners of Total Drama, resulting in Bearings page being shut down by YouTube for almost a week. A friend of theirs named Tim has denied they were behind the doxing, adding to the snowballing drama.

It happened on the 5th of December, costing Bearing his channel with 300k subscribers. It was allegedly Danny Korcz who let Total Drama via Twitter that Bearing was using an obviously ripped-off version of their property from their TV series. Bearing apologized for his art theft, and his channel finally came back to life, however it was down for almost a week and he was forced to re-edit all of his videos with fan art.

Feminism 3.0 and loss against Sargon of Akkad[edit]

Not only did Kristi lose against the stupid and boring anti-feminist Sargon of Akkad, but later she tried to dox as well. You might be starting to see a pattern emerging.

Kristi is Garbage and everyone knows that[edit]

It should come as no surprise that Kristi is a self-righteous cunt who will do anything to take down those evil anti-feminists who happened to disagree with her. Last Thursday she colluded with Danny Korcz to take down Bearing's YouTube channel for no other reason than she hates him and all men.

Life before discovering the internet[edit]

In 2006 and up to 2007, Kristi participated in many activities revolving around paedophilia. Believing in true equality, she assisted a small group of young Pakistani men to kidnap and violently rape young white females that she insisted "were ingrained with patriarchy and needed to be culturally enriched". To this day, those men have franchised their efforts - becoming the most successful people in all of the UK by feminist standards. Post-enrichment, the children were either killed and their bodies dumped in bins at the university that Kristi ended up going to in order to cover their tracks, or sold to other paedophiles during auctions disguised as "social science lectures". When interviewed, one Shari Cieslewicz stated; "Kristi was so full of life when she had her arm inside of a child. She would often bring the corpses of her victims to get-togethers, force her arm into its decaying anus, and work it like a puppet, making it say glorious things about how it hates the patriarchy and loves race-mixing. It's a lot funnier when she does it, I can't really do it justice with my description."

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