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While it may first appear as possibly illicit and fun, LaTeX is actually a formatting system for typesetting. Basically it's a highly-evolved version of Microsoft Word. Sometimes referred to as the leetspeak that mathematicians use. It also a shiny material used by fags.

How to break LaTeX and make mathematicians angry[edit]

Mathematicians are inherently angry and frustrated people, and provoking them takes little to no effort. Essentially any interaction is likely to provoke rage, but if you want to incite full and complete aspie meltdown, erasing their chalkboard is the quickest method.

Breaking LaTeX is quite an achievement, and probably not something that you are smart enough to do. In fact, this is so difficult that Donald Knuth (author of Computer Science III) will mail you a check if you can pull it off.

On the other hand, if you would like to mislead physics students who are unable to do their own homework, and under the ill-conceived impression that the internet can do it for them, subtle edits to TOW are the correct method of attack.

Actual mathematicians don't read, nor do they (constructively) edit TOW, because it is full of shit and they distrust technology; instead they prefer the antiquated (yet effective) "book" format for purposes of education and reference. As such, the people editing and watching a typical math article on TOW are even fuller of shit than usual, making these articles a prime choice for vandalism.

List of things that do not have LaTeX installed on them[edit]

List of things that DO have LaTeX installed on them[edit]

LaTeX usage[edit]

Good usage of LaTeX[edit]

Good LaTeX.jpg BDSMLATEX.jpg

Bad usage of LaTeX[edit]

Bad LaTeX.jpg Bad LaTeX.jpg


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