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Look at those soulless, dead eyes.

Lactatia (Powerword: Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden) is the stage name of a 9-year old Canadian Jewish boy whose sick fucks of pedophilia-enabling parents, Jessica and Coriander, have turned into an underaged drag queen against his will, for the explicit purpose of turning him gay and is a textbook example of being so open-minded your brain falls out. Were this a little girl dressing up and performing like this people would be freaking out and rightly so. But for some reason, it's progressive and daring if it's a little boy. Geez, what is it lately with Jewish parents and pimping their sons out? This is the latest one-up from Canada, following in the footsteps of Assigned Male and Stefonknee Wolscht and is further proof that Trump is building the containment wall on the wrong side of America, or alternately why every country's nuclear arsenal needs to be pointed at Ontario rather than Moscow. What role this page aims to serve is a grim warning of what is ahead for Western civilization should the worst continue to befall it, and also as evidence once the kid grows up to be an hero and/or murder his parents.

"Early" life[edit]

Golden was born sometime around 2008, and whose path was set in stone from the moment the family mohel sucked its dick so hard the foreskin came off. When your father's a bald Antifa thug and your mother's an SJW landwhale, it doesn't take a genius to figure out your upbringing is going to be more fucked than the corpse of Anna Nicole Smith, both before and after the Coroner's Office arrived.

Initial media push[edit]

After spending a lackluster and comparatively un-pozzed toddlerhood, Nemis' parents decided they weren't receiving the attention they felt they deserved and decided to pressure their son into wearing his older sister's clothes. They then took him to an event known as "Werq the World Tour" and looked for the nearest camera to broadcast their degeneracy worldwide, much in the same manner that a faggot craves cock.

Welcome to Weimar Canada, where this is considered perfectly normal.

Unsurprisingly, this excited the type of pathetic faggot that would willingly consume such media and overnight their boy had a loyal fanbase of "lactaters" (yes, seriously, that's what they're called) ready to do his parents' bidding by acting as their collective mouthpiece. From the parents themselves:

Obviously, we’re not like most moms and dads. Instead of Saturday morning soccer practice, we have Vogue classes. When we go clothes shopping it’s equal parts black skinny jeans and skulls as it is sequins and tulle. We talk ollies, grinding and dropping in- he’s pretty dedicated to his skateboard, just as much as contouring and tuck tape!


Becoming a fetish model[edit]

This part of the controversy summed up through an MSPaint Meme.

When it became clear that the initial forcing of Nemis down our unwilling throats wouldn't be enough, the parents of this abomination decided to go one step further. Contacting House of Mann, an erotic gay BDSM clothing store, it was agreed for their Cultural Marxism experiment for a son to wear a "one-off" childsized fursuit to promote their products towards the gullible goyim with which they are helping to subvert. It should be noted that this site prominently used the advertizing of this 9 year old boy for the likes of BDSM sex harnesses, bondage gloves, jock straps, and nipple pasties, which are all tagged with keywords such as "hot" "erotic” "gay" and "kinky", which is precisely the type of lifestyle a child the age of Nemis should spend time involved in. Quite surprisingly, Facebook users and the 5 remaining sane people on Twitter gave a shit and began bashing House of Mann and its faggot owner, Brandon Hilton, proving there still may be hope for this world after all.

woke up to countless tweets telling me 'kill yourself' and calling me a 'pedo' after we announced 9 year old drag superstar Lactatia as our new HOUSE OF MANN covergirl.... If you can’t handle a kid in a sequin onesie, maybe the future isn’t for you!


A pedo, in utter shock of being called a pedo

After some of these aforementioned users reported the pictures which were no doubt the wet dream of NAMBLA members globally, Twitter refused, claiming that "they did not break any platform rules or policies", yet pictures of cartoon frogs curbstomping a cartoonized version of Hillary Clinton is too hardcore. And so they stayed up, much to the delight of the pederastic degenerates. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with a pre-pubescent elementary-aged schoolboy acting in a sexually suggestive manner and dressing up as a cheap whore, whose parents regularly subject him to an audience of cock-hungry turbofaggots. Once again, were this the case for a girl the same age as Nemis, if not older, the parents would have lost custody a long time ago. But because Lactatia here is a boy, nobody gives a fuck and thinks it's somehow "cute". DON'T YOU WANT TO FUCK THIS BOY ALREADY, YOU OPPRESSIVE HETEROS?

Hidden (((Origins)))[edit]

One aspect that isn't readily discussed of this living freak show is its religious affiliation, which is unashamedly Judaic in nature. The surname, Golden, which is so historically Jewish that just by saying it causes your nose to grow half an inch and gravitate towards the nearest pile of shekels, and the fact its online presence is managed as "Lactatia - House of Mizrahi", Mizrahi being a sect of Judaism, alongside the Sephardi and more well known Ashkenazi sects.

Regardless, even without the surname (of which most sources omit the "Golden" part for obvious reasons, and that is if they mention its real name at all) nor the namedropping of the religious sect which it and its parents belong to, it remains clear that Judaic trickery is afoot. Scatological humor plagues its Instagram account like an online version of the Gowanus Canal, including but not limited to a picture of Nemis with chocolate smeared all over his mouth.

Gallery of evidence (for when these fucks are inevitably arrested/killed)[edit]

Reverse psychology tricks used by its supporters (read: pedophiles)[edit]

Because it is technically still illegal for Lactatia's "supporters" to just outright say they fap their pathetic pinhead-sized dicks to sight of the poor Bacha Bazi, these faggots have to make excuses as to why they're so invested in a young boy who dresses up like a teenage slut and so instead accuse YOU of being the sick, twisted one.

Gays will literally eat their own to defend this blatant pedophilia.
  • "Who cares if elderly males are showing their affection?"
  • "How can anyone think a boy that dresses up like a $2 whore is sexual in any way?"
  • "Yeah, I love watching RuPaul's Drag Race, and I'm aware that the "man" himself endorses this degenerate and his family, but I would never condone this behavior!"
  • "This is bad, but what evangelicals do to their children is just as bad, if not worse!"

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