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“Some people out there that are looking into this deep-level conspiracy level thing, PizzaGate or whatever. You may be on to something. What I can tell you from experience is don't let it consume you.”


Jack Pierce AKA “FoxDie”

Seattle4Truth is 2sexy4u

On July 14, 2017, at around lunchtime, a great disturbance was felt throughout the internet. It was as though a million retarded voices cried out at once, and were suddenly silenced. And that was pretty much what had happened, because – with a single suspect arrested by the local copsabout 300 different crazy, alt-right and pro-conspiracy sites, communities, and social media platforms had lost one of their most prominent and prolific contributors.

When he went down, Seattle4Truth – AKA fat, balding, neckbearded, 33-year-old permavirgin Lane Maurice Davis (born: May 28, 1984) – took a great chunk of the internet with him. In so many ways, Lane Davis represents a human incarnation of the internet itself.

The Incident[edit]

"Prison4murder,” more like

On July 14, 2017, Lane Davis spent the morning on the internet. His breakfast was a solid diet of shitposting about the Second Amendment, Hillary Clinton, Seth Rich, Donald Trump, and Pizzagate. But the same was also true of his lunch, dinner, tea, and all the bits in between, because this was the entirety of Lane Davis's waking life.

What happened to push him over the edge is not yet known, but at some point Davis chased his parents (with whom he lived) round the house yelling that his motives were pure, as he only wanted to kill “pedophiles who are taking over the country.” The next thing anyone knew, Davis's father had been stabbed to death with a kitchen knife and Davis's own fat ass had been drop-kicked into the back of a meatwagon. This was obviously a frame-up job to silence Mr Davis Snr, and then frame Lane himself for exposing too much vital truth for the American sheeple to handle.

Official Narrative[edit]

Lane Davis told detectives he had gotten into a fight with his father, that had developed from an argument over “whether toddlers could consent to sex,” during which Mr Davis (for some reason) had called his son a Nazi. Lane Davis was held on $1 million bail and pled not guilty to first-degree murder.

Path to Glory[edit]

How did our hero come to this point in his life? Lane enrolled at Washington State University in August 2003 but abandoned his studies in 2004 (aged 20). This was because the university course upon which he had embarked was too restrictive for an intellect as superior as Lane's. By 2010, he was showing signs of fulfilling his true promise at last - publishing a scientific paper entitled “Quantum Cold-Case Mysteries Revisited,” in the renowned international gazette of cutting-edge research, The General Science Journal.

This remarkable work fully demonstrated an intellect at the height of its powers, by using quantum theory to explain how perpetual motion is not only scientifically possible but is in fact the most abundant resource in the universe. Some idea of how little regard Davis held for the woolly thinking that has been holding back humanity for centuries can be gleaned by examining the references cited by Davis in this paradigm-busting opus.




That's right. As Davis himself modestly declared: “In honor of the late, great, Albert Einstein and his celebrated paper which announced the famous equation E=mc2 to the world, this dissertation does not include any references.”

Always read the fine print.

Or was this lack of citations Lane Davis's way of covering up the fact that he had stolen his "theory" from online cranks who are obsessed with a theory put forward by mainstream science over 100 years ago? It's called Zero Point Energy and is the number one topic among fans of perpetual motion machines and similar crackpottery (archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2). So there are three established facts to consider. 1: Lane Davis is a crackpot and believed any old nonsense he read on the internet. 2: He is also a plagiarist (see below). 3: He published an unsourced "scientific paper" in which he staked a claim to an idea that was already well-known among internet crackpots. You do the math. It shouldn't take long.


Moar info: Youtube.
Prepare yourself

Not content with solving the human race's future energy requirements until the end of time, Lane prepared himself for stardom by joining YouTube in 2009, where he gradually uploaded 28,462,865,209,856,705 personally-produced videos on a wide variety of subjects of interest to seekers after knowledge. (See archive, right.)

Davis's seminal work included a three-hour “documentary” about GamerGate, exposés of how deeply the pedophile agenda is embedded in so-called progressive thinking, and - suspiciously – a number of cryptic videos concerning something Davis would only refer to as “BlackPill,” which appeared to contain clues to a terrible secret at the heart of the Deep State.

But there were lighter moments amid the investigations, including raps written in support of Donald Trump and in disgust at Hillary Clinton. Davis also found time to relax by sharing recipes and cookery tips with his subscribers. His inspired “garlic-fried Brussels sprouts” are to die for. Seriously, that shit sounds good! In a similar way, Davis found a winning recipe for presenting his reports and stuck with it. His secret formula for a gr8 video was to begin with dramatic music and glitchy graphics to make the viewer expect something dynamic, then instead fill the screen with rotating clips and screencaps from other websites. Critics have suggested that this was because he was confined to his studio and couldn't film any original material, while being simultaneously unable to afford copyright clearance fees.

However, the touch of the maestro was the air of gaiety lent to his work by the slightly queer and squeaky quality of his narration, particularly at moments of suspense and dramatic tension. Not unlike another manly man's man of the alt-right who might be over-compensating for something and who also produces TL;DW nonsense.

Some glimpse of how many viewers he enlightened with his career as an independent documentarist can be gained from his Patreon, which brought him an income of $4 a month. Fortunately, the Deep State has not yet hacked into Davis's YouTube channel, so make sure you watch these amazing videos before they disappear. Your life will never be the same.

Full squeaky version YouTube Favicon.png here
Full cringe YouTube Favicon.png here
Whole thing YouTube Favicon.png here
Complete abomination can be seen YouTube Favicon.png here
Unedited horror available YouTube Favicon.png here
Very long version YouTube Favicon.png here

Above Top Secret[edit]

If Davis joined as "Seattle4Truth", the admins have covered it up (Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)
Moar info: Above Top Secret.
Moar info: Jared Lee Loughner.
Moar info: Jeff Weise.

Picture this. You are a misunderstood genius with a scientific theory that could revolutionise the world if it were taken seriously. But no-one will listen. Well, they laughed at goddamn Einstein, right? You have to get this work into public circulation. Where are you going to start this herculean and historic labor of disclosure? That's right, you must take it to "", where you are bound to find open-minded and free-thinking fellow-researchers.

Except -- uh oh! -- the site's owners take a dim view of publicity-seekers, so you have to don a hard-to-see-through disguise. But at the same time, you have to be able to communicate your theory properly, almost as if you were personally acquainted with the person you are pretending not to be. It's a difficult trick to pull off. In 2010, Lane Davis rose to the challenge.

This makes Davis the third crazed killer known to have frequented the world's premium destination for unhinged conspirafags.


Moar info: Reddit.

What could be a more natural home for a neglected genius than Reddit, "the internet's front page"? And what could be a more natural home for a redpilled redditor than r/KotakuInAction? And so in 2015, that was where Davis established base camp in his campaign to conquer the internet, ascending within two years to the first-stage camp at "Ridge r/The_Donald." The mist-shrouded peak itself was now in sight!

If your theory is right, it's part of the Minerva Initiative run by Obama's deep state


—On "Kathy Griffin's stunt wasn't a joke - it was a test" (2017) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Yeah. Trump could do literally anything and I'll still vote for him again, because of the left. He could murder the Pope


—On: "I must take a moment to thank liberals and democrats" (2017) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Hitler went to ARGENTINA in a fucking sub? What are you some kind of idiot????? Hitler went to Antarctica in a sub, not Argentina!


—On "FBI Vault drops Hoover files while everyone is watching Sessions testimony." (2017) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

I'm not sure you understand the implications of a massive murder cover up


—On "Why are media not discussing Seth's social media?" (2017) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Pacing around my living room, beating my fucking chest like Tarzan.


—On "Where were you when you realized it was going to happen?" (2017) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Oh so its not "new" that they literally hired Obama's propaganda minister to be MTV's propaganda minister? How come I never saw it mentioned anywhere before then? Don't lie, you learned that here, and you're salty because you already knew they were biased. As if suspicions are the same as proof. You retards on this whole subreddit are stupid as shit, honestly. You call me a conspiracy theorist, then get mad when I display undeniable FACTS and evidence. Its hilarious.


—On "MTV News Tied to the Democratic Party" (2015) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Fuck off pedo


—On "MILO will be joining us TOMORROW for an AMA!" (2017) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Milo is a big coke head, anyone close to him knows that


—On "CENTIPEDES - Where are all the MILO threads?" (2016) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Fuck off, RT is based as fuck and the best news channel out there.


—On "RT BANNED FROM FACEBOOK TILL AFTER INAUGURATION!" (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

I don't give a fuck about my "reputation". You "muh PR" faggots never change, and you NEVER do anything either, except sit there and complain about people that actually do stuff. Stay salty, useless whiner.


—On "World Internet Government is Coming" (2015) (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)


Moar info: GamerGate.

Lame’s view of the GamerGate affair developed somewhat over the course of his investigations. He supported the campaign, then renounced it, and finally joined a group fighting against GamerGate. His evolving views on the subject are best described in his own videos – his explanation of how the education system's “Common Core” syllabus was designed to feed into social engineering projects pre-programmed into unsuspecting video game players who were then driven to harass Women In Tech is a must-see for all who care about the truth.

Unexpurgated ravings watchable YouTube Favicon.png here
17 minutes of full-on frothing YouTube Favicon.png here
Feature-length schizophrenia simulation YouTube Favicon.png here


Moar info: PizzaGate.

You already knew this guy would be onto this story. And of course he was. And he was rewarded with the sort of scoop most basement-dwelling youtube-obsessed conspiratards could only dream of, when he connected the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich to the ongoing scandal that's too hot for the LameStream News (and too hot for the roof of your mouth, until you've let it cool down on the kitchen worktop for at least 5 minutes, or else you'll end up with a blister behind your front teeth that turns into a horrible hanging flap of skin). The connection? The recipient field of nothing other than one of the Wikileaked emails (archived Archive today-ico.png here and Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg here).

Slightly longer original YouTube Favicon.png here

Except this wasn't a scoop at all, because Davis had just lifted it from a thread on r/The_Donald (archived Archive today-ico.png here and Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg here). But never mind. The main thing was that PizzaGate had now become real for Davis, because it was linked to a genuine event. This was the start of the big time. Davis could trust no-one, because the world was full of sinister pedos who were bent on world domination at any cost. Fortunately, this was just about what Davis had believed all along, and he didn't trust anyone to begin with, so it didn't shock him too much. In fact, his new-found faith in PizzaGate confirmed for him that his earlier hunches had been correct. He was onto the trail.


Moar info: Breitbart.
"We can't stop here. This is batshit country."
Seattle4truth lane davis and milo yiannopoulos joint byline.png

In 2015 Davis became a “researcher” for Milo Yiannopoulos at Breitbart, meaning that at least quite a few of the articles under Yiannopoulos's byline are by an indicted murder suspect. (They'll probably be the articles about GamerGate, if anyone wants to check.)

You can judge for yourself how Milo feels about his former collaborator's new-found infamy, as some articles originally published under Archive today-ico.png a joint byline have since been doctored to Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg remove Davis's co-authorship.

Later, Davis's team-player qualities (devotion, turning into disillusionment, and finally into destruction) repeated themselves and he leaked the existence of Yiannopoulos's stable of exploited ghostwriters to BuzzFeed. Ironically, considering what happened a year or so later, Milo was one of the few people Davis had not accused of pedophilia at this stage.


Moar info: TheRalphRetort.

After storming out of Breitbart, Lane took his talents to an outlet he felt might show him some appreciation. was edited at the time by GamerGate guru Ethan Ralph (but now by his partner “Nora” as Ralph is currently serving eight months for assaulting a Virginia police officer) and he welcomed Lane with open arms, pushing out a near-continuous series of Lane's increasingly-amibitious writing (his author profile portfolio can be seen Archive today-ico.png here (& file here). Mysteriously, this awe-inspiring arsenal of autism was deleted shortly after Lane's arrest. However, it was all safely archived before it could be swallowed by the drifting sands of internet history.

Lane Davis was a 33-year-old unemployed loser who lived with his parents and had no income to speak of. The man he murdered is the sole reason he was able to subsist at all. He had some volatile anger issues which are evident in the many YouTube streams he’s been present on. He’s also made threats and wild unfounded accusations against a lot of people over the past few years. I thought it was all in jest, but hindsight is always 20-20.


Ethan Ralph, attempting to Archive today-ico.png disown a long-term, like-minded friend who suddenly became a liability.

Despite not having "the ability see into the future" (as Ralph reminded the world via Twitter), a casual observer might have concluded from the deleted pages that Ralph flattered and promoted someone he already knew was volatile and who frequently threatened people. The same casual observer might ponder whether this reinforced Davis's belief in his own paranoid delusions. They might also question the wisdom of endorsing Davis's ravings as "the truth" (as Ralph did on e.g., December 17, 2015).

And ultimately, our (hypothetical) observer might even accidentally conclude something like: "Ethan Ralph -- because of his disregard for truth and his cynicism about publishing any old rubbish that served his alt-right agenda -- helped tip a violent nutcase gradually over the edge, into a dream-world full of delusions so toxic that it somehow made sense to murder one of his own parents."

Whereas, of course, in reality Ethan Ralph knows that he has absolutely no reason to feel guilty.


Lane davis seattle4truth murder arrest record.jpg

  • (Trial is scheduled for January 2018, so check back then.)
  • Apparently now pushed back to October 2018.
  • Disregard that. The Seattle Jews snuck his trial through in the middle of August. Davis agreed to plead GUILTY to 2nd-degree murder, and got just 17 years (archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)

Mitigating factors: Disassociative disorder and Asperger Syndrome.

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The truth hurts

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Lane Davis connections that Ralphy didn't want the world to remember.


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