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Alot of memes liek this support group

The Large Penis Support Group is a casual homosexual relations buliten-board that operates under the ruse of being a "support group" for men with a large penis. It just so happens that this "support group" is entirely populated with men looking for the loving embrace of 9"-12" inches of hot pulsating George Zimmer, macro-phallused camwhores, and 13 year old boys looking to prove that it is they that have the largest penis evar.

This site is generally unintentionally lulz-inducing.


(It's you!)

Common Discussion Topics[edit]

  • How large is your penis?
  • What is the best comment that your penis has got?
  • Does you penis have a nick-name?
  • How wide is your penis?
  • Has anyone had trouble having sex because of the size of their penis?
  • What clothing best shows off my large penis?
  • How long was your penis when it stopped growing?
  • Have you ever been in a relationship only becasue of the size of your penis?
  • How do people in the locker-room react to your gigantic penis?
  • Isn't it awesome and totally not gay to fap with other dudes?

Notable Threads[edit]


People Who Might be in the Support Group[edit]

The metric system is often used in homosexual sports.

People Who Are NOT in the Support Group[edit]

[-+]You have to be at least this long to join:[edit]

Longpenis is looooooooooooong

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