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Laura Kate Dale is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix, making a YTP video out of them or spamming their talk page.
Laura Kate Dale, Kotaku video game journalist and gladiator of all trannies.
Laura Kate Dale shows his transbrony pride.

Joshua Dale (aliases joshany12 and obscurejoshany12) who currently change his sex and name to Laura Kate Dale and its aliases Laurawesome, Laura K Buzz, and Vaginaman, is a proud 26-year-old attention craving manly tranny working as a co-host for Jim "The Lumpy Cuck" Sterling's Jimquisition podcast & a transgender game journalist for Kotaku UK. Laura is the exact same tranny journalist who gets easily triggered for many ridiculous reasons he finds offensive such as accusing a Microsoft employee for misgendering him on stage at Eurogamer Expo, and screeching his head off to pull a game off Steam because it's called Tranny Gladiator. Laura's reputation and behavior on the web is approved to be qualified as a lolcow, riped and ready to be milked for the entertainment of the lulz. He is also well known for being a fake leaker, autistic tranny, feminist, a social justice warrior, and having a sexual food fetish for fucking delicious buttery popcorn with extra salt. Due to his own asperger suffering, he hates being called a tranny and claiming that he's being harassed by mean internet trolls due to his erroneous leaks by being a lolcow in the first place.

Joshua Dale, Before The Transbeast[edit]

Before he was hideous, he was a normal kid.

Joshua Dale was born on September 14th, 1991. He lives in Boscombe West, Bournemouth, United Kingdom with his mother Jenny Dale. Joshua was your normal typical soyboy-looking kid with autism condition who looks like you can be friends with to kill time playing video games and having a good time. Later after high school Joshua attended college at Brockenhurst College. During his time in college he slacks off to not learn anything in his classes. Instead he sits his ass down playing World of Warcraft all day and all night, role-playing as female characters and claiming waifus. Thus begins the downfall of the normal life of Joshua Dale he once had. And his life's downfall grows more mind breakable as the years passes.

In 2010, Joshua confirm himself he's Autogynephilia and wanted to be a girl with snowflake syndrome in game journalism known as Laura Kate Dale without thinking in his shattered mind that the results would turn ugly. Very, very, ugly.

Paying For A Sex Change With GoFundMe[edit]

Once you see Vaginaman's newly announced vagoo, you may want to take a shower.

Like all bad attention whores and special snowflakes asking moronic fans for donation money, in early 2016 Laura thinks it's a good idea to ask his fans to donate money to his GoFundMe page for a sex change operation without using his own damn money. Unfortunately his braindead fans went bankrupt to help the snowflake successfully get enough money for Laura's sex change operation.

Gentlemen, behold! Vaginaman!!

And then on June 2016 he brings exciting news that he got rid of his penis in exchange for a vagina. Did I mention the results would turn very ugly? Well, take a good look at Vaginaman and you found the ugly results!

Career of a Tranny Lolcow[edit]

Your typical deodorant for traps.

During his career as a tranny game journalist, Laura Kate Dale has written other articles in the following websites: RPS, Destructoid, Indie Haven (founder of the site), Let's Play Video Games (founder of the site), 3DSBuzz, Explosion, MCMBuzz, Kotaku, Polygon, VICE, The Huffington Post, and The Average Gamer. Laura is also the co-host of the Jimquisition podcast by Jim "Fat Cuck" Sterling where he talks about everything Jim Sterling does in a room that reeks of Jim's putrid Monster energy body odor and Doritos farts. Other podcasts Laura got involved and founded includes: Laura's Gaming Butts, Oh No! Video Games!, C:VG, Year of Steam, and The Let's Play Video Games Podcast. His most favorite thing in his no-educated career is playing the victim card because he has trolls ROFLing at him.

World of Warcraft Inspired Him to be a Tranny[edit]

After Joshua cut off his e-peen and change his name to Laura, he wrote a article on The Guardian about World of Warcraft inspired him to help him come out of the closet as a transgender woman. He was hoping his inspiration sex change transformation will make him as attractive like his NPC elf waifus Tyrande Whisperwind or Sylvanas Windrunner. But instead his transformation comes from a Frankenstein's lab to look more like Jastor Gallywix in drag...minus the big fat pimp chin & grin.

SSBU Persona 5 DLC Disability Slur Meltdown (04/18/2019)[edit]

Yeah, no shit you're aware of this. Maybe you should think twice next time.
Oh Ah Hi

Are you ready?

Ready to pick up the pieces

Let’s go, let’s play, retarded

I can say it

Are you ready?

Uh Huh


—Laura Kate Dale's claimed lyrics on Persona 5

On April 18th, 2019, Archive today-ico.png Laura Kate Dale submitted a clickbait Kotaku UK article (which is redundant because Kotaku is one giant joke of clickbait article) on Super Smash Bros Ultimate's first DLC character Joker from Persona 5. But instead of focusing on the the actual subject, he instead focus on the Persona 5 soundtrack claiming to have a disability slur 'retarded', just like all of Laura's Kotaku UK articles are. Retarded and full of bitchtarded clickbait retardation. This cause a lot of criticism from the gaming community he finally deserves, causing Laura to go into meltdown mode to protect his reputation and fame. Even if he has to defend himself with the victim card in his "I'm a victim here!" stance. Just wait until his trusty white knights like Jim Sterling and Andrew Dobson roll their fat cuckoldry bodies down to white knight the poor bullied defenseless ratwig princess Laura from the evil toxic gamer bullies known as criticism.

LKD Reactions About missing Pics
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The fakers

Are all sick at heart

Their faces hiding their fear

They look down on

All the rest of us

Like they're some special breed


—This describes LKD perfectly.

Even if he is getting criticism up the ass from posting a clickbait Kotaku UK attack article farted from his ass, it's more likely Laura will still keep his job because he thinks part of being a woman is fluttering so everyone forgives him for purposely making a boo-boo and mostly SJWs, LGBTQ+ clowns and soyboys blindly roll with this because of made-up mental health issues. But yes, people choose to blindly believe Laura Kate Dale without questioning who has shown a habit for frequently lying and playing victim card when things start to look bad. However, before joining Kotaku he has been responsible for;

  • Endangered publisher/developer relations for Kotaku UK with his fake Nintendo leaks hijinks.
  • Written a bunch of trashy articles about boobs/butts or how something offends him with his allies Zoe Quinn, Jim Sterling, and Brentalfloss.
  • Thrown a long time supportive friend TotalBiscuit under the bus while he was literally dying of cancer.
  • And currently potentially endangered relations with Nintendo, Atlus, and SEGA in one afternoon.

And speaking of criticism....

Reactions to LKD's article About missing Pics
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After all the criticism Laura's been deserving, he calls it defeat and decide to stay offline for a while. But we know these type of people. He'll come back a few days later and call it a comeback for other trans and soyboy followers to give him welcome back ass-pats.


Gallery Kate Dale About missing Pics
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Video Game Vagoos (12/22/2016)[edit]

According to his own imagination, Vaginaman himself submitted a article of pornography drawings full of female game character's pussies he finds it "female empowerment". The reality check is that it's never about female empowerment. It's just fucking porn! Laura craved many e-fame over it and greedily stolen all the credit for himself without giving the hard workers any credit. A main sample of the corruption that is video game journalism.

PillGrimm, the artist responsible for the vagoo drawings for Laura to steal his credit, explain the reason why the website hosts demanded to put the article down for good is because of, you know, vaginas. And these vaginas he drew for Laura to pose as female empowerment are beyond monstrosities that for the love of the human sanity, no human being should lay eyes on it. But that doesn't mean for Laura to post it on his Imgur page and for Encyclopedia Dramatica to upload for the lulz!

Laura's Female Gaming Empowerment About missing Pics
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