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Leah Costa = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

TOTALLY not an attention seeking whore and TOTALLY looking for love but willing to shame other girls to win the show.

Leah Costa, who goes by her stripper name Charley, is a dumb manipulative attention seeking Australian who will do anything to gain fame. To achieve her desire of becoming the centre of attention, she applied to be on The Bachelor, one of the most deplorable excuses for entertainment and according to feminists the only acceptable time a man can date dozens of girls at once. The aim of the show is to win the love of an over-privileged male and convincing him that the other dozen girls present are total whores in the most subtle way, that he shouldn't consider marrying, because love has always been about getting attention and not actually loving each other.

Topless waitressing past[edit]

Despite telling everyone that she was an innocent flower whilst at the same time slagging off the other girls in an attempt of winning on the show, it was soon found out that despite studying to become a builder, she was in fact a topless stripper.

Now that's a respectable girl.
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Nothing says attention seeking like going topless for money.

However, she would get rejected by the Bachelor himself not because of her occupation as a stripper, but because she was bad mouthing the other girls.

Well she may not be getting married for attention anymore, but now she can pursue her dream of becoming a builder by erecting men's dicks.

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