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What everything on Leon's blog looks like until you give him your money.

Kasim Demirci (a.k.a. LeonX, SKJmin, StrangerXL, SKJ-B, Doctrine, LeonardoXX, Bastardo and SabrinaK) is a morally-upstanding 34-year-old Turk who currently resides in the progressive and culturally enriched European utopia of Nazistan. Kasim, who often uses the online persona LeonX, was the owner of LeonX' Hidden Treasury – a Japanese porn and hentai blog, with the incredibly cheesy tagline "COME in, CUM out!!", that consisted almost entirely of links to content that Kasim had simply downloaded from various Chinese download forums (which, in turn, actually had users who bought them from DLSite with their own fucking money) and then re-uploaded to various Jew-owned file hosting services that paid him cash in exchange for sending them traffic and referrals.

Kasim's business model was to hide the majority of his site's already stolen content behind a paywall that forces his users upgrade to a VIP Account. While this business model alone is cringeworthy, Kasim just had to go and make himself look like an even bigger twatnugget by scamming all of his VIP members and stealing their money – an event that actually happened multiple times because the people who used his site were too fucking retarded to understand that they were getting fucked in the arse.

Kasim is also known for making unbelievably shitty New Super Mario Bros. hacks under the alias SKJmin and is notorious in the Mario modding community for being a self-obsessed prick with an ego that's almost as large as Girlvinyl's arse was before she went on the Auschwitz diet. Oh, and did we mention that he once lied about having terminal cancer after getting called out on his bullshit?

LeonX scams all of his paying users!![edit]

Leon expected people to pay him money for content that's available for free on pixiv.net. Some faggots were actually retarded enough to do it.

In June of 2014, Leon claimed that the Wordpress plugin he had been using to manage his users' VIP access privileges had to be removed because he could no longer afford to pay the developer. This would have been fine if Leon hadn't also gone and categorically stated that he was just too fucking lazy to go through his emails to restore his users' access and that they'd just have to deal with it and pay again if they wanted their VIP access back. Unfortunately for Leon, his users were unable to just deal it and a shitstorm ensued.

What Leon had seemingly neglected to consider before pulling his stunt was that while most of his VIPs may have only paid a measly $10, The VIPs with so-called "Lifetime Access" to all of the content on his site (including lolicon) had, in fact, paid well over $75 for the privilege of being able to download content from Leon's personal collection of prepubescent anime girl rape pics.

As should be expected of a complete sociopath such as Leon, he then expressed complete and utter dismay at the fact that his perfectly innocent act of scamming a bunch of fat, greasy, porn-addicted basement dwellers on the internets had resulted in nothing but angry comments and death threats flooding his blog!! As is the typical reaction of many people who end up in this kind of situation, Leon quickly began damage control and turned off comments on his blog.

Leon just couldn't handle all of this horrible death threat!

Leon lies about having terminal cancer!![edit]

Several days after Leon began damage control, he decided that it was time to re-enable comments on his blog. Realizing that simply re-enabling comments could potentially backfire, Leon also decided that he would also need to play the sympathy card and come up with a perfect story to explain away his abhorrent actions to his immensely pissed off user base.

The following is the absolute gem of a blog post that he made when he re-enabled comments, a blog post that he entitled "Fail Of The King..."

I would NEVER had expected that this plugin issue will escalate this much! I don’t know what humans you are,

but wishing me death, cancer etc. just because you lost your access is very wrong and besides humanity.

Even some “very loyal” members attacked me, my health and even my family, I’m really speechless! You just lost your VIP status – which had cost $9 (in the most cases) I’m even totally scared to open my email-inbox, because I know there are waiting tons of emails with not so nice things

However this is not a thread to be getting cheer ups. I’m just very very sadGetting tears in my eyes while writing this… Your death wishes will be fulfilled soon – don’t worry! I have an irrepairable pancreas cancer, maybe I live 5 years, maybe 5 days… The medicine costs me around 2,000€ monthly – I’m really very sorry that I had to take the plugin down because I couldn’t pay the support of the developer anymore… I pray for you that you never see these days I see right now…

I’m a fighter – and even when I have only Storobay, lePanda and Bryanis left – I’ll still post my content and keep this quality! I wish you a good night! Comments are enabled! Do what you gotta do – you are free to smash me mentally


—LeonX, lying about having cancer

Yes, Leon actually tried to claim that he was in fact dying of "an irrepairable pancreas cancer" and that scamming the paying users of his blog was the only way that he could afford to pay for his medicine. Unfortunately for Leon, it didn't really matter much at that point since everyone on his blog already wanted him to die.

The Aftermath[edit]

Fast-forward to several weeks later. Leon's blawwwg post about his "cancer" had already disappeared and he was back to offering Lifetime VIP memberships yet again. One notable difference in his behaviour, however, is that he was now frequently making blog posts about his constant "hospitalizations" (most of which he claimed were actually caused by him doing stupid shit and breaking his ribs rather than being caused by his "cancer") and making other assorted sympathy-grab posts.

One of these many sympathy-grabs was this lovely post about how he was having risky surgery that would most likely kill him, this post also served as a convenient excuse for him to once again delete all of the content on his blog.

I told you about my illness! The time has come for the important operation!

In the case that I don’t survive this operation, I removed all threads and comments!

Please come back in some weeks! When you see an update here, then I survived! If not, then I’m in the other world! :)

I’m a strong guy – so don’t worry! I will be back :evil: (I set a friend to an admin, since I cannot come online for a month I guess)

When I return, everything will be as always (even better^^)

Love to all of my followers who supported me for years!! Farewell, LeonX!!


—Leon "I have cancer" X

Not surprisingly, Leon survived this dangerous operation to repair his irreparable cancer and was soon back to shitting all over the internet.

Just wanted say that everything went fine!! But I’ll need a pretty long rest…

Once I’m fully cured – I will continue!! Meanwhile… I’ll start some random “normal” threads…

I’m sure I will lose 90-95% of all members – but this can’t be changed :/

I also wanted thank all members who posted in the previous thread!! It’s really good to know to have some people who care about others^^

PS: I’m limited to a mobilephone… but better than nothing :)


—Leon "Still Alive" X

Could you plz just get it over with and die already, Leon? Kthxbye.

SKJmin: Leon's Anti-Piracy Mariofag Alter-Ego[edit]

SKJmin's totally badass Rugal Bernstein avatar.

SKJmin (not to be confused with Skyrim) is the name that Leon usually uses when he's not engaging in morally ambiguous activities such as redistributing Chinese cartoon pornography or scamming other paedophiles out of their hard-earned money. SKJmin is somewhat well-known in the Mario scene for being a "ROM Hacker" who has made several hacks for the Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros. He is also well-known for being an annoying twat who's constantly getting himself banned from ROM Hacking forums.

Hilariously, SKJmin/Leon has only released his hacks in patch form and refuses to release them in ROM form because he feels that people should "Support Nintendo by buying their products!!" – Quite ironic considering that this is coming from a cunt who makes people pay him to access stolen content, removes their access and then essentially tells them "GIVE ME MOAR MONEY BECAUSE ZOMG I HAVE TERMINAL CANCER AND WANT TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY BEFORE I DIE!!"

Also, despite claiming himself to be a "ROM hacker", SKJmin actually lacks any coding skills and, in fact, makes his hacks by using a level editor that was made by a fine chap named Dirbaio Minikiwi. As should be expected of a complete and total arsehole like SKJmin, he ultimately decided to thank Dirbaio for his help by including a huge fuck you in his hacks' credits.

In the video, at the end: "Credits: 'dick' baio"

That's what I get for coding the editor? His hack wouldn't have been possible without my work. That's ridiculous.

So, here we go again. I just hope he doesn't start again with the donations and the 100MB files...


Dickbaio Dirbaio

His Shitty Mario Hacks[edit]

SKJmin's aspierations of becoming the world's greatest level designer are clearly a pipe dream.

The two New Super Mario Bros. hacks that SKJmin has been responsible for are New Super Mario Bros. 3 (a "remake" of SMB3) and New Super Mario Bros. Origins (a "remake" of SMB + The Lost Levels). You know that these hacks must be great considering that New Super Mario Bros. 3 has Archive today-ico.png its very own article on Kotaku, OH-EM-FUCKING-GEE!!!!!111

While both of his hacks are supposedly remakes of the NES Mario games, he has actually taken many creative liberties by adding in literally hundreds of his own shitty levels that are all extremely difficult and that look like they were designed by an autistic teenage edgelord who thinks that I Wanna Be The Guy is the greatest game ever made.

SKJmin has even bragged that it takes him an average of 7-10 hours just to remake a single level from Super Mario Bros. 3 (despite being a task that even Terri Schiavo could complete in a few hours at most). Yet despite the ungodly amount of time that he has allegedly put into his game, it still seems like he's actually put more time and effort into the multitude of trailers he's released for his games than he's spent on the games themselves. Evidence of this includes the existence of a 30 minute trailer for New Super Mario Bros Origins and a multitude of shorter trailers for NSMB3.

The trailer for New Super Mario Bros. 3 advertises it as having the following innovative features!!

Here is an example of one of the many "brainbreaking puzzles" in SKJmin's hack.
Please do the world a favour and kill yourself if you chose option #1.

In addition to this, when SKJmin's NSMB3 hack was called out by true and honest Mario fans as being a complete butchering of one of the greatest games of all time, SKJmin responded by saying that his hack "isn't just a stupid Jump N' Run" – Mario fans the world over immediately grabbed their torches and pitchforks in response to this blasphemy.

Leon discovers Encyclopedia Dramatica!![edit]

SKJmin: The Game

3 days after this article was first published and before he learned of its existence, Leon began bitching on his blog that several of his long-time blog users had recently called him the biggest ashhole [sic], scammer and cheater on the internet. He also stated that he hadn't made a single sale in the past 3 days.

It’s really a shame that I havent made a single sale in the last 3 days…


—LeonX, 3 days after this article was first published

Leon was then alerted to the existence of this article and, being the super-genius that he is, joined Encyclopedia Dramatica as "SabrinaK". He then immediately attempted to vandalize this article by removing all references to his SKJmin persona and was promptly banned by Encyclopedia Dramatica's very own Resident Weasel, Schnookums.

In an act of complete and utter desperation for moar Jewgold, Leon then made a new post on his blog offering a whole extra year of VIP status to those stupid enough to purchase it. History suggests that those who buy into this latest con will have their VIP status for about three weeks before a "plugin issue" takes it away from them.

Convoluted as fuck.

The Death of Leon's Blog[edit]


Tifa: Leon's Waifu[edit]

This article wouldn't be complete without us mentioning the fact that Leon considers Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII to be his waifu. The following quote from Leon's FAQ should tell you all that you really need to know about the extent of Leon's creepy obsession with Tifa.

Tifa is one day older than LeonX!! Tifa was born on May 3rd, LeonX on May 4th...



What Leon will never do with a real woman.


Quotes from The King

The dumbness of the humanity (some) nowdays is priceless...


—LeonX, commenting on how some people are suckers

Millions of people downloaded and played it, nly the fools complain!


—SKJmin, believing that over a million people have played his shitty hack

Was lying in the hospital for 4 weeks (broken rips xD)


—Don't strain yourself too much, it could cause a fake cancer relapse

Rapelay is the best game for me personally!


—Leon loves raep

I got banned there because someone STOLE MY Ssiterip...

The admin there is the most biggest fool in the human mankind...


—Leon, believing that stealing content makes it his own

Seriously... the most hot looking character is LINK!! (No homo)


—LeonX, being a homo

This person (LeonX-sama) is your master


—LeonX, being an egotistical faggot

SKJmin is an asshole maybe but he has made an ingenious work and EVERYONE should respect it!


—A self-serving comment made by SKJmin's known sockpuppet account

Quotes from Common Peons

Not only is he pirating stuff, but he makes it so money comes to him because of it. So not only is he screwing up the developers, he's making sure a small part of money that COULD go to the Dev is going to himself instead. Using the Cash Sharers is bad but not the worst thing he could do, he goes as far as making people give money almost directly by paying a premium account through a referral link...


—reddo, explaining how Leon is a complete dick

He actually uses OMGPONY theme.


—xfix, commenting on SKJmin's use of NSMBHD's Pony theme

shitty paywall site with an owner that thinks he's hot shit for copying that shitstain youngmike


—Anonymous, offering an in-depth review of Leon's Blog

Hi Leon… what to say? I´m sorry, had no idea you were in a situation like this, and I know no one lies about those things, these aren´t funny.


Sblade, believing that people never lie about having cancer

I also remember Leon having had a god complex and then throwing out a fake Kasumi Rebirth as "punishment" or something because apparently getting paid for his piracy wasn't enough and he was angry that he also wasn't famous and loved everywhere he went.


—"God Complex" is an understatement, my dear Anon

i hope someone cuts Leon's throat, that Jew piece of shit.


—Anon, on how Leon should die

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