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Any explanation of something that is TL;DR.

Your Life Story[edit]

An example of how to give your life story follows,

John: "Hey Bill, how's it going?"
Bill: "Pretty bad really, my wife's left me, my son is a furry, and my daughter just got a Lexus off her Amazon wishlist."
John: "Fuck, I didn't ask for your life story."

Giving somebody else's life story is just as easy,

John: "Can you pass the French fries?"
Bill: "Sure. You know they were invented in Belguim."
John: "I didn't ask for their life story, fuck."

Life stories inevitably contain a lot of ambient information, and are much like expository dialogue found in well-written books, plays, and movies. Unfortunately, they all belong to people nobody listens to - this is why they feel compelled to tell their life story at the slightest hint that you might listen to it - and invariably the reason nobody listens to these people is because their life story is boring, pointless, and even depressing.

It is not ever worth listening to a life story.

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