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The mature Jay calmly shoo's away a troll from his Livestream.

Lil Miss Jay seems just another one of those brony porn-makers at a first glance. What makes him so special, though, is that he keeps going after even somehow disgusting and insulting the rest of the fandom. However, just like any other person who can grip a pen with their cum-stained hands and draw a stick with breasts, Jay still manages to have an amount of dedicated fans to slurp up his scribbles. Oh, and he's also an ass-blasted Berniebro. LMAO

Lil Miss Rarity

Before Jay became an insult to the Brony fandom, he was a respected artist and mod of Lil Miss Rarity, a Tumblr blog about a BDSM version of the character Rarity and her interactions with the other characters of the show. In other words, it was a blog as close to being pony porn as possible without being called a sick fuck. Surprisingly, Lil Miss Rarity caught on, becoming one of the more known pony ask blogs on Tumblr. Now being accepted into the community, Jay did what any self-respecting artist would do: open up another blog and post endless drawings of identical ponies with balloon tits fucking each other. Jay was on top of the world...

Pissing Off Everyone

Now being a totally famous artist, Jay was above criticism. Anybody who would DARE point out that Jay could only draw balloon titted furries and penises, or that Jay completely ignored anatomy and gravity in his drawings, that he was not allowed to use other's drawings in his art without telling them, or that he was not the best artist ever would be punished by a deafening wave of "its my styel!!!!11" and be swarmed by an army of white knights. On September 19th, 2012, Jay held a Livestream to confront these misconceptions about his artistic abilities, saying that he was better than Picasso, Dali, or da Vinci, and then proceeding to go on a transphobic rant so that his fans would be pleasured by his brilliant opinions and melodic voice. And yet, he still retained his fans.

In fact, I'm better than him!


—Lil Miss Jay, on Picasso

Banned from Tumblr

Jay eventually got into trouble. Not for drawing pony porn, no (that's rewarded on Tumblr), but for drawing UNDERAGE pony porn. Drawing two young furries being coated in semen was apparently something Tumblr was against, and thus he was banned. He might of avoided the ban if he hadn't written that the ponies were underaged himself during the livestream. While some were glad to have him gone, many more bemoaned the loss of the great artist. Jay himself was beyond pissed off for the ban, as an excerpt of a Livestream convo below shows:

The screenshot that got him banned
"They say I overreact! I overreact!?"
Giant tantrum of hurt feelings.

You wanna what I know? I'll tell you. This is what I wanna know, you 20 viewers listening. What the fuck did I do to them hate me so much? I understand people disliking me for drawing violent Rarity comics, I understand people disliking me for pony porn, but does this shit happen to Slugbox? To King Cheetah? To Strider Orion? To 0r0? There's so many pony R34 artists and grimdark pony artists out there, but JAY has the haters who go out of their fucking way to revolve their pitiful lives around fucking with me. They spend so much time and so much effort waiting for me to give them some kind of ammunition to get my accounts banned from Tumblr, because they hate me so fucking much that they can't bear to have me coexist with them.

I just... want to know... what the fucking SHIT did I do, what could I have POSSIBLY DONE to make them hate me THAT FUCKING MUCH? It can't be that I'm bad at taking critique, because lots of artists are, and I don't see them getting banned from Tumblr or swarmed by a fucking hive of haters called ShutUpAboutPonies. It can't be my attitude because any sense-having human being would easily understand they can just fucking ignore me and move on with their fucking life. It can't be my art style because even a fucking vegetable can separate drawing from reality. I just don't get it! They just HATE.

Fuck this fandom. I love ponies,I love them to death, but this fandom has haters worse than anything FurAffinity threw at me. I don't think I want to be part of this fandom anymore. So HEY HATERS, I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE RIGHT NOW. YOU WIN, YOU DUMB PIECES OF SHIT. I QUIT.


Jay's friend Jitterbug Jive defended Jay and tried to get Tumblr to allow him back on, despite the fact that she claimed to be a female to male transsexual (who just happened to have her original parts still attached) and that Jay had just gone on a rant about them. Jay used a sockpuppet account to announce that he was leaving Tumblr forever...

And then he came back, under the username Mommys-Still-Pretty. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for the rest of us), his new account was soon spotted by the Tumblr staff and consequently it was deleted, forcing Jay to create his own website where he could continue his sick fuckery activities.


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