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Lisa the Vegan.

Oh boy! Some aspiring artist took it upon him or herself to take a really stupid cartoon and turn it into an even more stupid webcomic, can you believe that? Lisa is a Vegan is a lame attempt at being divisive to just about everybody. Within the frames, a person can see blasphemy, child abuse, maps, gore, gluttony, water sports, forests, ageism, animal abuse, and possibly child pornography. Aren’t you interested now? I know I am not, but somebody keeps posting the retarded things, so I guess there should be an article about them.


Get out a pack of the fattest crayons you can find and try to scrawl pictures of Lisa Simpson using your weak hand. That is: if you are right handed, use your left hand and if you are left handed use your right. See what you have drawn? Yes, something very similar to the Lisa is a Vegan bullshit that some wannabe cartoonist shat out onto the world wide web.


The story deals with a whining Lisa Simpson who is worried about being a vegan…or a vegetarian…or something. To tell you the truth, I didn’t pay attention to any of them because they suck so bad. Tell you what…why don’t you read them yourself and postulate your own storyline? Seriously, nobody on the planet would really read through this horseshit and actually try to figure out what is going on would they? I know I wouldn’t, and at this point, I am fairly certain that I am just mailing this article in. Yes, they are that bad. Hell, I am not really confident that this is all of the cartoons, there could be like 20 more images that I am missing, but I am so apathetic at this point, I just don’t care.


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