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"Nova" is Jew for "Sperm",

Lisanova, aka Lisa Donovan, is one of the most overrated v-loggers ever. The bitch makes around $400 per video she makes, and up to $3,000 on her most popular videos. She is not funny. The only reason people watch her is because she has a big ol' rack of sizzlin', jigglin' TITS. She is also obsessed with her lips, as are her male fans, and is trying to make them look like she stole Angelina Jolie's inflate-o-pump.


"Being honest" Purity or post-morning-sex and pre-caffeine-fix?

Recently, Lisa decided to acquire a new look by masquerading as an innocent teenage girl. That look consisting of messy "just finished having sex" hair and a deflated ego. She attempted to manipulate her audience into believing that she's "being completely honest", of course, a quick glance at the comments section would make it clear that most people were either horribly disgusted or politely asking for more and more accidental nudity while fapping (which explains many of the spelling errors in the comments). Lisa likes to regard herself as a natural "hippie" girl with this character. The channel, labeled "Lonesome Rhodes", along with her insidious new look, were designed to reinforce the overplayed, hideously artificial picture of down to earth purity.


You won't find any talent in there.
Just like everyone else, she enjoys a little snack.

The hearts of millions of small children everywhere lit up with joy when they put down their container of McDonald's french fries and a copy of J.R.R. Tolkein's newest paperback and logged into YouTube to discover that none other than Lisa Nova herself had taken the time out of her oh-so-busy schedule to leave a comment on their page, perhaps to mention how hot it is in LA, or how coffee is the new iced tea or some stupid shit like that. Said 13-year-old boys quickly pushed their rolls of fat out of the way and responded to Lisa Nova's heartfelt comment as globs of semen spurted from their 2" dicks.

Too bad they're talking to a spambot. Lulz. This is painfully obvious as Lisa Nova will leave the exact same comment on thousands of people's pages and sometimes comment the same thing twice in a row. You'd think she'd take note of this and attempt to fix the damn thing but this isn't going to happen anytime soon. She isn't going to get the banhammer either, seeing as how YouTube pays her. Therefore, the "Block User" feature is highly recommended for this human plague upon the internets.

She claims that she didn't spam and if you believe her, you have obviously been visually molested by her wigglin' jigglin' TITS. If you are a homosexual then there is no need for me to explain your excuse, coz you are a queer. 'Nuff said.

Mad TV

As it turns out, Lisa did not resign from Mad TV. The producers have yanked her for being unfunny. Which was a miracle with the fact that Mad TV has home been home to most talentless fucks. Especially now with their new cast.

Feud With Daxflame

Since March 2007, Lisanova has had an ongoing feud with Daxflame. After posting a video about his tendency to wear short-shorts, Dax responded with this:

Note the spelling of pervert.

After much more lulzy video responses, with much assburgers being exploited, Daxflame and Lisanova finally met to do an interview. As you can see, Nova contributes in an appropriate manner:


Lisanova recently DID YouTube. Boh3m3 also posted a video of him doing Lisanova, but it has been confirmed that he was butt fucking trevor rieger, lisanova was not there.

Lisa released a video that had several JewTube stars like smosh and the winekone and daxflame. It's called "Lisanova does youtube" This video was made for the possibility of lulz but it had more bad acting than MAD TV.

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