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An example of an extremely popular book.

Lithursday is the main source of lulz for /b/tards on a Thursday. Unlike Caturday, posting anything on Lithursday won't turn you into a furfag, but it will reduce your standing to that of a basement-dweller.

Lithursday consists of posting pictures of books that people have found interesting or useful. However, it always degenerates into either manga discussions or becomes heavily trolled by /b/tards. Fight Club is posted every thread without fail.

Sometimes people post unfunny or shooped pictures on Lithursday. Doing so is strictly forbidden, as Lithursday is serious business.

Some argue that Lithursday should be replaced with ZonDay, after the Lulzy Events of 7/26.


Lithursday was created at least 100 years ago, on the 4chan /b/ board. Due to the age of the board, many old memes can often be found, including but not limited to Cockmongler, Computer Science III and mudkipz.

Since those early days, Lithursay has become a day to be remembered for great information on anal techniques.

Current situation[edit]

Books used to be uploaded as jpg-rars (rars hidden in jpg-files), but due to mootfaggotry this is no longer possible requires you to add padding to circumvent moot's filter. In an attempt to circumvent this rage-invoking change, anon made a file binder specifically for 4chan usage. Long live lithursday lol blocked. Several other workarounds are available.


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