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Logan Paul

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Logan Paul = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Logan Paul
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Born April 1st, 1995
Residence Hollywood, California
JewTube YouTube Favicon.png Logan Paul Vlogs (active)
Twitter Twitter-favicon.png loganpaul (active)

Logan Alexander Paul is a pasty white faggot and American YouTuber/suicide activist campaigner. Although best known for his work with the Japanese suicide campaigns, his illustrious career actually began in the early 2010s on the platform Vine, catering to underage individuals and the clinically retarded. Unfortunately, in his quest to raise awareness for suicide, he failed to recognize that his prime audience are the target undesirables for which suicide is an option, resulting in an enormous amount of attention from the old media, and people who aren't 12-year-old boys. Indeed, this episode now threatens to overshadow his otherwise unremarkable career, and put an early end to his campaign.

Audience and content

The most notable portion of Paul's "career" is the type of people he caters to. Whilst certainly not alone in his shameless targeting of underage loli and 12-year-olds, the scale of his reach has warranted attention. With over 15.1 million followers, this upstanding individual has the potential to reach more people than the entire dominion of New Zealand. Now with this kind of popular reach, what does Logan broadcast to them?

Idiot Shit

Since you’re so flexible I want to k ow can you put your foot into your stomach can you try it please I love you


— Cydney Williams,, actual fan

His viewers will be able to vote one day


— Anonymous with the sad truth

Video published typically involve "pranking," or the molestation of an unsuspecting public with obnoxious and unfunny impositions, vlogs, detailing drivel about the hardships of enormous wealth, white trash family, and luxury living, movies, starring and written by himself and his equally undesirable brother, and other media determined by the state of California to be detrimental to the intelligence of the public at large. He also loves dumbing down his audience to the point of when pulling off serious suicides and pranks, the children are brainwashed to laugh and not care about the event because LOL IT'S JUST LOGAN MESSING AROUND :'D

Suicide (well, not HIS suicide, as we can all only wish, but actually just a video he made of someone else's suicide)

Logan makes sure to film in every single detail for more views.
LOL dis is funny.

In the last days of December of 2017, our heroes fatefully decided to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, presumably to document, and hopefully participate in the time honoured Japanese tradition of harakiri. After spending a few days gracing his underage viewers with the joys of Pokemon Go, horseplay at Customs and Excise, hentai, and being a typical white foreign asshole gaijin, Logan Paul went to the Aokigahara forest and found


Recognizing the potential for clicks and money, he then spends the rest of the video cracking jokes about the dead... now we really don't have any problem with here at Encyclopedia Dramatica, it's just that these were deeply unfunny. He could have at least thrown in a dead baby joke or something. Anyways, his video was then uploaded to YouTube, where it trended for 24 hours, whilst out of the notice of everyone who wasn't an underage loli. The plan was working brilliantly until...

Old media finds out

Suicide, Yah Yeet!
You disgust me. I can’t believe that so many young people look up to you. So sad. Hopefully, this latest video woke them up … Suicide is not a joke. Go rot in hell


—The guy who says "bitch" in Breaking Bad, basically saying Logan should kill himself for making fun of suicide.

Oops! Bawwww!

It turns out that NORPs don't appreciate having their children exposed to suicide. Also, apparently videos involving dead bodies can be seen to be in poor taste! He's since deleted his original video—although entrepreneurial netizens have apparently saved copies (see below)—and had made TWO (count'em!) botched apologies, all whilst death threats and fatwas rain upon him from the old media and people who can legally drink. He's also since put a hiatus on making vlogs, at least until presumably this episode escapes the limited memories of children, and he can begin shitposting again. However, he still roams Japan creating a disturbance around the whole island. Incidentally that video of the 11 year old went viral in its own way, and was eventually taken down by his mother. You can find our more about what happened here.

Of course, while Logan Paul hides under his covers in the hopes the Boogieman disappears ("if I don't expose any skin, the boogieman will go away, right??"), the rest of the world moves on. Since this happened, YouTube dropped Logan from their "Google Preferred" program, as well as various YouTube Red TV shows and movies... basically ensuring Logan Paul's free money supply will evaporate in due time. But hey, he's a MAVERICK!!!, right? Maybe Logan will dab on his haters and all of his problems will all go away. BTW, you can buy his apology T-shirts and vinyl stickers at his online store; link in bio.

The Video Itself

YouTube has flagged the video itself and any copies of it, so reuploading a copy of it there for posterity is out of the question. However, other video sites happen to have it (and undoubtedly love the traffic it generates for them), so you can find it here. Any of these links should work just fine:

Related Videos

I wonder if Logan Paul is finally experiencing true "ambivalence" in his life. Like, he's finally getting some mainstream attention, which undoubtedly strokes his ego, but it's over a video he did which makes people think he's worse than Hitler (because at least Hitler never vloged a dead body for free hits before).

Hey Logan! You're on TV!!

h3h3's Ethan weighs in

Logan Paul's SAD Life After The Controversial Video (BANNED, WANTED By Police)

The Logan Paul Defense Army; one of them says that the guy who killed himself should be LUCKY to be in one of Logan Paul's videos!

What The Japanese Think Of Logan Paul: basically, he's uncivilized, boorish, gaijin scum

boogie shares his opinions as well

See also

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