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The bat-shit man himself.

Lomstat is a 23 year old self-absorbed Mexican furfag that lives in the city cesspool from the taco land.

The Furfag[edit]

According to popular belief, his hobbies are: Yiffing, drawing, jacking off, and hunting down other furfags for yiffing. His forced grin startling anyone who dares to look at him, Lom is a psychopath who has strangled his friends in order to get to the top. He also is known for controlling people for his satisfaction, using them as his fuck-toys and later pretending he doesn't know them so he can watch them get all wet and sweaty before yiffing them once again.

Lom has a bitch mate which happens to be from the other white meat and a faggot that has a small dick. His fetishes involve cross-dressing and BDSM (of course his boyfriend admits he's a sadistic bastard). No matter where you are they'll fuck the brains out of each other in front of a crowd like in a donkey show. They have fucked over 9,000 spics and srsly have AIDS.

Lomstat is into bestiality and will rape your puppy in the pooper when you're not looking. Lom has a master who fantasizes about yiffing other furfags then mutilate them like his disturbing fursonas and piss on their rotten corpses. He's also an incestuous fucktard; he posted pictures of his mom strip dancing on the internets which give him a boner. His LJ is worthy of lulz as well, as he can't spell for shit and talks about CP.



Unfortunately I had sex with him, I was virgin, there is no doubt he infected me.



Butthurt furry who had sex with him.

LJ Deleted[edit]

Apparently he bawwwleted his journal from severe butt-hurt and told at least 100 furries, but they were too busy fapping to care.

His lovely and trusted boyfriend looking for friends to meet and "share" (their sexual diseases):[edit]


Age: 20
Sex/Orientation: Male/Bisexual
Name/Alias: Ryoku / Ryoku
Email: Lord_Ryoku3399@yahoo.com.mx
Yahoo: Lord_Ryoku3399
MSN: slave9of9my9nightmare@hotmail.com
AIM: Raka3399

Furcode: Ask for.
Location: Naucalpan, Mexico MX
Relationships: Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff Seeking Male,Female,Trans (Whatever is good for a raep) Species: Feline-Other (Son of an Orgy o.0 Panther + Husky-like-Wolf + Fox <3) Modified 2008-09-24 08:17:45

Mew mew! -waves paw-
Hello! Im a Mexican male Furry looking out for some friends to hang out and stuff,
I luff RPs and do Tapestries (MUCK), Second Life and Furcadia && I usually travel a lot too
so I might be able to meet someone ^^

I do random artie stuff and usually upload it to my DA ryoku3399.deviantart.com or to my FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ryoku-w/
And Im also open to commissions, requests and trades =D

So yah, just add me or sommin see if we get along ^^! -Huggles- :3

WARNING: I'm cuddly =3!

P.S. YES I'm a MALE! Some people see the pic on my add and think Im a girl but I'm NOT! :3
(those people who think that are blind lol.. cofgh cofgh EMO cofgh)

Cat Orgy[edit]

Screenshot from the fur-pile

Lomstat used some furfag's place for a fur-pile and thought it would be a good idea to be a cam-whore, but there was a /b/ tard there that uploaded his orgy session. When they asked him why he did, his answer was... "I did it for the lulz."

Fur Affinity Drama[edit]

Some emo fag started being a drama whore in Lom's FA gallery, talking about how tight his asshole used to be without him and how much of a failure he has been at life. He was then gang-banged by Lom's minions, which caused him to leave the fandom forever.

In case someone of you dont know.... i HATE DRAMA!!!!. in fact, if i where bulimic, i would look at furrydrama to puke! But as all we know. eact hime you hate something, you find it anywhere here's an example: [1] 30 fighting messages allready over my boyfriend's birthday gift!!!! I'll tell you once and for all: i am a DIRTY BASTARD! i SUCK as a humanitary and nice person! i am not worthy your time and emowoerds! so GET OVER IT allready!!!!




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