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Cat eyes.JPG
Foxworth and his newest waifu, Nagato Yuki-Chan. At least he doesn't hoverhand anymore.
I didn't know waifu polygamy was a thing..
Well, he doesn't know what the fuck the "razor" is

Lord Foxworth (powerword: Nicholas Fedorov; his other known aliases are error404, Nicholas Foxworth, Aeromatic, MisatoDX4, etc) is an obsessive, diagnosed autistic, anime obsessed, Japanophile, old hardware hoarder, animator. He is also a literal transgender pedophile and is presently engaged in a polygamous relationship with two people he met online, one of which supports him financially without requiring him to work. He routinely changes identity in order to attempt to conceal himself and confuse those who attempt to understand him and his autism.

In the past, Fedorov used to post memes and video animations about anime characters, proclaiming to be in monogamous or polygamous relationships with them. He claimed these were "jokes" after being confronted in the future, but at the time, tried to downplay his autism with bullshit: he said he took his actual feelings and interests, and blew them out of proportion, trying to hide his lolicon nature. He has since turned to shotacon and professes in private that he wanted to be a "shota mommy", and described his attraction to a person as a result of the fact they looked shota.

This page had to be condensed as a result of incredibly outdated and irrelevant information being present. This included further details on Fedorov's obsession with certain anime girls in much greater detail. However, there is much more accurate information as of 2017-2019 in this updated page.

This is awkward.
At least he doesn't hoverhand anymore.


Foxworth had owned a YouTube channel filled with extremely shitty animations mainly in 3D with the exception of several 2D animated videos copying other users he later despised for being more popular than him on the website. The videos resemble extremely deranged early 1990's educational programming and are incredibly dull. They are usually based around his own characters, sometimes featuring kawaii (at least, he thinks so) animu girls. As far as the characters themselves go, the most honorable mention would be Mr. Computer, a generic talking anthropomorphic CRT computer monitor with bulging eyes and bright red lips as if he were a nigger, and was Foxworth's mascot and representation. Mr. Computer's first appearance was in a video titled "Do you want to buy a new computer" and became a main character in Foxworth's running series Franklin and Beyond. The "series" was inevitably scrapped and forgotten. Foxworth shows his artistic representation and love for his creation through drawings and animations featuring the nightmarish CRT monitor-headed creature. The channel also had another failed video series called Eggplant Edwardson, which only had one episode before it was scrapped.

Mio Era[edit]

"Don't make anything stupid, or I'll rip it out"
Seems he has a handjob fetish

Foxworth's first waifu was Mio Naganohara. Here are a few of the pictures he has created in dedication to her. Foxworth later gave up Mio for Yuuko and Nano, and even later gave up both Yuuko and Nano for Yuki Nagato. And we're talking about the one from the newest Haruhi spinoff, Nagato Yuki-Chan no Shoushitsu, not even the good Yuki.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

ï love her so much, ï have no way to descrïbe ït. Mïo ïs my love, ïdol, and ïnspïratïon. Nano's also one of my waïfus, but ï honestly love Mïo more. ï'd do anythïng to meet her. ï lïterally sït and lïsten to the nïchïjou openïng theme on repeat for hours thïnkïng about the good tïmes we'd have. ï love Mïo. She's so beautïful, nïce, and sweet. So ïnnocent. What am ï goïng to do? ;___;

Mïo, ï just want you to know that ï love you. ï'd make you so happy. ï'd take great care of you.


Alright. I don't know how I can express my love for Mio other than writing about her and making photos that include her, so here I go once again. Mio, you are truly the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. I feel like you're a gift. I know I say it often, but at this point my life literally revolves around you.

You're all I think about and you're everything I will continue to think about for the rest of my life and beyond. Even I'd say my obsession with you is slightly unhealthy but in the best way possible. You're perfect. My heart fills with joy as I see your beautiful face, knowing that I love you and you're safe with me. I love every aspect about you. Your looks, your personality, your humor.

There's literally nothing more pleasing than to put on my playlist of the entire Nichijou soundtrack and to lay in my bed in tears thinking of you. It's literally how I spend all of my days as a NEET. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, it's about you. Before I go to sleep, I remind myself of the wonderful times we could have. When I wake up, I imagine you next to me still asleep in my arms. There's nothing more I want than to feel your wonderful, beautiful warm body in my arms under the covers as I hug you tightly. My romantic feelings for you exceed anything I've ever felt in my life before. You overload my emotions with the pure, clean feeling of love. Every cell in my body explodes with joy whenever I see you.

I just would like you to understand my love for you. I don't know if there's a way to REALLY let you know, Mio. I believe you are real. You have affected me on a psychological level, and it's getting to the point where I can't go a minute without thinking about you. I can't even animate hardly anymore without thinking about you. I can't accomplish any goals in life without dedicating them to you. You're an inspiration, Mio. Everything I do that I'm proud of I do for you.

I just hope you understand that I love you and I always will, and my love for you is eternal.


More examples of the Mio-sickfuckery can be viewed here:

Discovery by 4Chan[edit]

After Foxworth posted his horrifying pictures to DeviantArt, anons from 4chan's /b/ board quickly caught on. On January 21st, 2015 4chan's administrator Christopher "Moot" Poole declared that he was retiring from 4chan for good. 4Chan needed a new administrator, so what did they do? The anons came across the brilliant idea to attempt to throw Foxworth into office. For about a week, the anons would shitpost edited pictures of Foxworth's own photoshops that included Mio at the time. The anons mindlessly shitposted their edited Foxworth photos claiming to give 4chan a green on green color scheme.

To this day, most cringe threads include at least 10 pictures from Foxworth's deviantart and have caught on as a cringe meme. The pictures have also spread to reddit's /r/cringeanarchy, /r/justneckbeardthings, /r/weeabootales, and many other subreddits. The photos often cause massive shitstorms over whether or not the pictures are from today, from the early 2000's, or are old and have been edited to look like cringe photos. These are all assumptions based on people who aren't aware of just who Foxworth is and how he intentionally makes his photos look like they were taken in the early 2000s.

Attempt to Deflect Trolls[edit]

Fucksworth rapes his new waifu.
Mio is disappointed by her husbando's volatility.
Nano, once again in captivity of our weeaboo communist autistic.

Last Thursday, after reading this very article, Cocksworth got butthurt and went on a bullshit long rant Archive today-ico.png (archive) trying to convince people that he took his actual interests and feelings and blew them out of proportion to simulate cringe. This was an extremely poor attempt at deflecting people's interest in his delusions. This was later confirmed by him in a Archive today-ico.png new announcement. In the first announcement, he goes into full detail about how he actually does have delusional relationships with fictional characters that he can't realize aren't real and calls himself a self admitted weeaboo. He claimed to be a totally sane weeaboo geek, who exaggerated his interests and feelings to get some laughs with friends (which is clearly untrue, because Foxworth has no friends). He also said that Mio, the loli he was badly desperate for, was too gay for him, and he replaced her with Yuuko. If he would have quit posting cringey pics/videos after making the first announcement, it might have actually worked.

This was removed two days prior to its release. After it's removal, he assumed that people would simply leave him alone if he said some of this was a joke. Being naive as fuck, he continued posting cringy pics and videos about his obsession, giving away that this announcement was nothing but a big pile of bullshit he pulled out of his ass to save face.

After this, he shortly deleted his DeviantArt account and all threads from /chuckecheese/, destroying over two months of his autism. The account was later reactivated and devoted to his "new waifu", Yuuko as was the same for /chuckecheese/.

He also appeared in a Kiwifar.ms thread dedicated to him, still trying to hide his obsession. He fails though, because despite making these announcements he still can't seem to prevent himself from making terrible photoshops and continuing to express his unhealthy love for his anime babes. Here are the other poor deflection attempts. Again, this might have actually worked if he were to stop posting new obsession content, giving himself away as fucking insane

Hi. I really enjoyed reading this thread as it had me create an account here so I could reply. Before you make any further assumptions, I'd suggest reading my newest DA Journal Entry:


So, now you know the mystery behind this account. Also, I'd really appreciate it if OP could edit out my name from the post as that is my legitimate full name. Thanks a lot.

Linking my name might not have been the best idea, but again. This was to simulate authenticity as a lot of other aspects of the profile included my real life. The compressed images are not only compressed to simulate 90's graphics, but because the compression makes the image a little more interesting. That's why I overdid the compression instead of just making it a normal compressed JPEG. Just don't get the idea that the entire thing is satire as I have said before.

Everything you saw in that profile was 100% real. The thing that made it satire is that I took my real life style and interests and blew them up to the largest, most autistic proportion possible. Animation wise, they are intended to be low poly with eerie shadows and simple models. This is to simulate early computer graphics of the 80s and 90s. I wouldn't want it any other way because this animation style is what appeals to me which is why I try to recreate it. Go ahead and pay attention to the YouTube all you want as it will be updated frequently for probably the next decade. The deviantart is dead though and never will be revived again simply because I am bored of shitposting these images and creating more to emulate actual obsession. I can't stress it though though, I don't want to confuse people into thinking I am not an anime/90's fan. I've spent a long time trying to nail down the surreal late 90's vibe even though I agree I've overdone the compression a bit along with other things. Just keep in mind that about half of what was posted about Mio applies to Yuuko. Just not in nearly as an autistic way. I am a self admitted weeb who's proud of his waifu.


Later he deleted these posts. Even after attempting to play the "it's kind of satire don't troll me anymore" card, everybody knows that his sick obsession with the Nichijou anime is genuine and he really does masturbate to Nichijou daily.

Fascination with Nano's Asshole[edit]

Nano getting ass-raped by Nicholas
Nicholas getting a mouthful of Nano's ass.
More anal Nano-Nonsense.
As sexually as I am attracted to Yuuko, I have to say that I am just as interested in Nano. Particularly with her anus. I would love to ram my hard cock inside of Nano's tight anus for hours and hours.


Nano Shinonome has a fantastic ass! There are so many things I would like to do to it.


—Nicholas Fedorov

Nano has the most fantastic ass in the world. It is so nice, round, and beautiful. I want to fill her ass with my cum and fuck her tight hole until I fall unconscious. I want to fill her small, vulnerable asshole with all of my love. I want to bury my face between her beautiful plump asscheeks. I want to cover her ass in oil and bend her over. Nano's ass is so amazing! I just want to kiss her and lick her for hours. Why is she so beautiful, and why does she have such an incredible ass?


—Nicholas Fedorov

It seems that our lovely Nicholas has acquired a new fetish as of April 2015. He seems to have a fascination with putting his dick inside the asshole of Nano Shinonome, one of his many Nichijou waifus. As more on this fascination comes up, I will continue to update this section because it's too good to pass by.

Being a robot, does Nano even fucking have an asshole? He seems to want to humiliate and dominate his extremely advanced fleshlight Nano.

I think it would be so much fun to dominate and humiliate my sweet little Nano's ass. I would love to fuck her tight little hole and hear her moan as I'm penetrating her tender asshole. Nano and Anal fit very well for me.


He has also seems to have found a Nano Shinonome Skype roleplayer to fulfill his sexual needs:

I am very happy to announce that I am now ALSO in a relationship with Nano Shinonome! I love both Yuuko and Nano. Nano has added me on skype and we are in a serious relationship.


Nano's face, in disbelief when she realizes what he wants to do to her.

Nagato Yuki-Chan Era[edit]


It seems as of August 2015 Foxworth has finally changed waifus again. This time, not a character from Nichijou, but the version of Yuki Nagato from the newest Haruhi spinoff, Nagato Yuki-Chan no Shoushitsu. As you can expect, he has done nothing more than replace Yuuko with Yuki in his photoshops, cram his whole board full of Yuki posts and pictures, and change the photo to every account he has to Nagato now.

The happy couple uses Foxworth's ancient computer together
Note the weird teenager mustache thing he has grown

Foxworth has completely ditched Yuuko and is now focusing on creating content for Yuki.

Since Foxworth's newest devotion to Yuki Nagato is so recent, I will continue to update this section as he releases things about Yuki.

Yuuko, grieving over the loss of Foxworth to Yuki


In 2016, a YouTuber by the name of Chadtronic had stumbled across one of Foxworth's videos. Amazed by how shitty it was, he made a ten and half minute long video on him and sent a million fans over to his YouTube account.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

For a while, Foxworth had simply ignored them and ended up making several friendships with other JewTubers, collaborating with them on a channel called the "Grand Channel". About a half-year after the channel was created, Foxworth decided to kill it off because he was jealous of other creators getting more attention than him and the fanbase he had gained gave him constant tard spasms, causing him to completely lose his shit and delete all of the videos uploaded onto it.

A couple of months had passed, and Foxworth came back solely to scare his audience off, and attempted to spread RATware to his twelve year old fans on the account, but some moralfag flagged the channel and his cocks got banned.

Foxworth distributed RATware to fans of his several more times via Discord. He usually sends the same type of virus (always in the form of an exe/batch file), and will try any tactic to spread his vile filth on your computer.

Foxworth Spreads A Virus.png

Foxworth Hates His Fans.png


I'm happy to consider myself an anime fetishist.


Foxworth has called himself an "anime fetishist" on many accounts. He loves hentai, and isn't afraid to say it. He also seems to enjoy straight anal sex with anime girls.

Yes, that is correct. I fetishize the Japanese anime art style sexualized or not. I'll easily admit that I'm probably the most henati obsessed person you'll ever meet. There's nothing more I enjoy than hentai/sexualized anime images. It fills me with the most amazing sensation I've ever felt. It's really overwhelming how much I enjoy hentai, seriously.


He says that his relationship with Yuuko is not mainly sexual, but that he has an emotional bond with Yuuko.

I'm a very sexual person, but my relationship with Yuuko is not mainly sexual. Me and Yuuko have a wonderful emotional bond which fills me with joy every single day.


Foxworth also has a thing for traps, confirming that he is in fact gay. This shocking detail was revealed over Skype by Foxworth himself, while talking to someone he believed was looking to roleplay with him.


Presumably a few months later, Foxworth started to take his homosexuality to the next level by posting pictures of his thighs and feet, and even a couple of n00dz to some of his Skype buddies.

The Tranny Era[edit]

On November of 2016, Foxworth officially came out as a trap on his public Twitter page. After this event, he proceeded to beg his fans for money so he could buy women's clothing on Ebay in the weeks that followed.

His fanbase was composed mostly of 12-year-olds, orbiters, weeaboos and other types of degenerates. It's been rumored Foxworth had sent RATs and other types of viruses to his fans, but it's not been confirmed (yet).

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Contemporary faggotry[edit]

Fedorov recently took up multiple different names since May 2018: error404, aero404, Aeromatic, and Misato or MisatoDX4. They have been exploiting minors under 16 and also adults, encouraging them to carve "Aero" into their wrist. Additionally, they've been generally causing drama - being the subject of over 17 /cow/ threads on 8chan (which he attempted to repeatedly derail) before the CIA glowniggers took it down. During this era, Aero started to take estrogen and anti-androgens. After an individual known as Von doxxed Fedorov's home address, Fedorov posted photos of their shotgun on their Discord server regularly. The firearm was not actually theirs, and "made them feel safer".

After his mother was fed up with the bullshit that Fedorov was causing, he was kicked out. He was afraid he'd end up like someone he was deeply in love with - another (homeless) transfag known as Chijo, who he eventually grew to revile. Fedorov regularly talked about how Chijo never wiped his ass and was a useless druggie, despite the fact Fedorov is a middle-school dropout. Fedorov then moved in with an alcoholic called Hoverduck. After several months of living with him, Hoverduck also decided he was a tranny, and renamed himself Sanchiko. He has not begun taking HRT. He continues to spend excessively on alcohol, but as a result of his full-time wageslave job, he is able to (somewhat) support himself and Fedorov, who is so incredibly entitled that he demands to be "adopted".

After moving in, Hoverduck and a 16 year old were in a voicechat where Fedorov and Hoverduck were pretending or actually engaging in oral sex. It is also claimed that Fedorov lost his motorbike, which he used to go around with his gf on drives in.

The attempts at deception[edit]

Fedorov may have briefly moved in with a faggot known as Bandit; but this could have been bullshit, because they just make shit up for continued drama and attention. BPD, eh? Fedorov also claimed that they had "forgotten" their actual, real name, because they had never talked to anyone. This, too, is impractical, given that their mother engages in contact with them, and has referred to them as "Nicholas" on their FaceBook before Fedorov got them to delete it, which was one of the final straws.

Fedorov recently also attracted a person who identifies themself as Alice-chan (arisu#1038), but they're a tranny, so I'm referring to them as "arisu". They call themself a "catgirl transbian". They are in a polygamous relationship with Hoverduck. Arisu gathered a number of people who dislike or have otherwise been harmed by Fedorov, apparently claimed that he had visited Fedorov and Hoverduck, and that Fedorov had threatened him with a knife. Arisu also recounted one occurrence where they had entered an abandoned school which apparently had old computers in (which is incredibly unlikely in the first place). They then apparently stole several of them and took them in their car.

Arisu was exposed as another transfaggot who's attempting to stir up drama for.. Literally no reason. Arisu stated that they were going to "report [Fedorov] to the US [Postal Investigative Service]" and said that "USPIS isn't to be fucked with, they are second-rate FBI agents looking for someone to come down on".

The next morning, Arisu claimed that Fedorov had gone on antipsychotics and that they should be trusted, sending screencaps of group DMs with Fedorov and Hoverduck. It was clear at this point that the trio (united only in their worship of Fedorov, which surely continues to nurse his ego) had been scheming to provide misinformation, deceive, and lie. All to cause and exacerbate the situation.

Restraining order[edit]

Fedorov claimed that he would organise restraining orders against Arisu (clear bullshit) and 98, as well as Von. This is more hot air from the king of liars. North Dakota, where Fedorov has been locked down to (either ND or WA), imposes stringent requirements on restraining orders. Temporary restraining orders can only be issued until a hearing is scheduled, and after a hearing is scheduled, the standard proof for arrest warrants is needed ("reasonable grounds"/"probable cause"). This would be incredibly difficult to achieve, given that Fedorov, not being part of a state or federal law enforcement agency, would be unable to force Internet companies to comply in order to link the messages that 98/Von has posted with their real-life identities. They would have to match the IP addresses of their computers - which Fedorov does not possess - with the IP addresses of posts they have made. This would be entirely impossible, given that 8chan is down (and even if it went back up, 8chan does not comply with any requests except those from US law enforcement and intelligence agencies), and that Discord similarly poses difficulties.

The doxxing, etc.[edit]

Fedorov, in an attempt to stop people disclosing further information about him, has consistently doxxed people that disagree or have fallen out with him. He doxxed someone known as 98, a fellow tranny, who started a community based on the NEC PC-9800 series. Check the next subject to learn more about that situation. He also doxxed Von, who was the person to leak Fedorov's original home address, after Von had picked up Fedorov and took him to the arcade when they were still friends. They have also doxxed or threatened to dox numerous other people; though this has mostly proven to be hot air.

9800 situation[edit]

Fedorov also became obsessed with old computers and retrotech. I suppose these reminded him of a time - altogether brief - that he was not retarded. He bought many of the Japanese PC-9800 series rapidly with the support of retards from the Internet. Fedorov wouldn't even do anything with these computers; he simply cleaned them, checked if they could be turned on, (occasionally) hid womens' clothes in them so his mother would not figure out he was a tranny, and then put them in a stack against the wall. He actually accumulated a huge stack of computers that encompassed an entire wall of his room. He recently attempted to sell them, but this similarly leaked his address, and he soon deleted it after /cow/ noticed.

Fedorov soon became jealous of 98, who became distant to him, after somewhat falling in love with Fedorov and planning a future with him. Fedorov eventually revealed to 98's parents (98 was stupid enough to leak his father's email) that he was a tranny, and as a result, 98 had all of his Discord accounts deleted. A random person in the 9800 Discord was given ownership, and Fedorov continued to pester that person for ownership, saying that 98 had promised it to him but did not have enough time. 98 has recently resurfaced.

Vlogs & dysphoria[edit]

Fedorov hates seeing himself in his old form, or being referred to by anything but his newly-adopted name that.. Isn't even really real. You can find one of his vlogs here, which shows his face, with his ex, who since abandoned him. He also posted YouTube videos about his old love. The vlog can be found here.

Mental illnesses[edit]

Fedorov is quite obviously a tranny these days; and as a result, is afflicted by a litany of mental illnesses. He attempts to use these to justify his actions. People like Arisu and Hoverduck entirely fall to this trap. To this date, Fedorov has claimed he has:

  • Borderline personality disorder;
  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Narcissistic personality disorder; and
  • Antisocial personality disorder.

The pedophilia[edit]

Fedorov has engaged with several minors (around the age of 16, one was 15), and encouraged them to send explicit photos to them, including of their ass, penis, and other parts of the body. Fedorov has expressed his desire to be a "shota mommy" to several of his former friends who have since turned against him. While his Twitter has since fallen inactive, Fedorov has been posting shitty art that is an imitation of others on Twitter. Where other artists have been better than him, after meeting these artists, he has fallen out with them. His art is near-entirely of a particular woman - who he imagines to be - with extremely large breasts. This is another demonstration of his idea of being a "shota mommy". Yeah, I know, I thought it was bullshit too.

Aero-cucks self harming

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