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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix, making a YTP video out of them or spamming their talk page.
Low tier god bananas.jpg

The legend himself.

Every day this girl would take me in the back of the little nursing room and she would start playing with my dick.


YouTube Favicon.png Lowti3rgod, admitting to being molested.

Lowti3rgod YouTube Favicon.png sparrow25, (Dale Emanuel Wilson), appropriately renamed "The Black DSP" (or "DarkerSydePhil") for his manchild tendencies, is a sociopathic supreme nigger who got famous for his outbursts of rage (whenever he lost in online video games, mainly Street Fighter) and his grandiose sense of self. Well-known for expressing numerous types of violence and lack of empathy, remorse, shame or guilt towards anyone he encounters, including those close to him, like his raggedy ass hoe of a ex-girlfriend (fuggin dumped). His signature threatening behavior is one of his more known reactions, where he tries to intimidate others with physical and psychological violence mixed with huge quantities of foam at the mouth verbal abuse, aka a chimp. As a bonus, he also confessed of being molested as a young boy which should indicate where all this antisocial attitudes and pseudo-alpha male authoritarian compulsions come from. Instead of seeking help, the moron instead decided to become an impulsive uncontrollable asshole with shallow emotions who not only is a danger to himself but also to society, since he occasionally attends tournaments in order to highlight to everyone how much of a deranged nigger he is. Besides his fascination with animal torture that he likes to constantly share on social media, this sack of shit is a complete pussy bitch and pretender. He adopted a parasitic lifestyle where he uses pathetic excuses and blame-shifting to justify his behavior. Perhaps the only good thing he's managed to achieve is beating DSP in a 1v1, though he most likely won because Phil is incapable of blocking LTG's button mashing, but that's still not saying much, as even you can beat DSP.


Don't be fooled, the one getting raped is him.

I still rage quit in Street Fighter and always will as long as 50/50 mix-ups exist and "Oni". I don't give a fuck!


—Lowti3rgod, being a bitch ass nigga.

Lowti3rnegro is known for his online videos of him being a button mashing scrub in Ultra Street Fighter 4 and other fighting games, which includes him talking trash to other players and calling them mashing scrubs when, ironically, he does the same things he complains about. Anyone who beats him is a brain dead mashing scrub. Anyone who he beats is a mashing scrub that sucks. He literally hates any player/character that defeats him; if/when he loses, he ragequits, and/or sends hatemail, which has gotten him banned from XBL across 7 different accounts, and on some occasions pulls up the system menu on the console, so he won't have to witness his ass-beating. He then retires to his parents' basement and jerks off to Muppets On Ice, or animal torture he mistook for gay furry porn.

Ltnegro talking like he is actually relevant or anyone cares for his input.



I'm here just for the chimpouts lol.


—-Avreage viewer.

He even made a video attempting to justify ragequitting (something he's infamously reputed for, especially in SF4). It seems that he has his head shoved too far up his spook ass to realize that he sucks. That, and his 0-2 record in show matches, pretty much add up to why people actively dislike LTG. He sucks at SF. He also sucks at KI, Injustice 2 and Tekken. He thinks that the only fair characters in Street Fighter 4 are Guy, Cody, Dan and Rose. He also hates charge characters, even though his main in SF5, Urien, is a charge character. Despite using the name "Low Tier God" he constantly picks mid and high-tier characters, showing he's nothing but a lying nigger.

LTG raging in all its glory
LTG raging, Extended Edition
LTG raging, Killer Instinct Edition
This is how you make a grown man cry over a video game.
Typical LTG post-defeat butthurt mail
BAWWW saying "black" is RACISS!!
Ragequitting all day errday
It never gets old.
Really, it doesn't.
Need to say more?
Yes, this was serious.

How it all came to happen[edit]

Accurate dramatization

His rise to infamy took place on June 2014, when he did a FT5 online with someone named Viscant (A Marvel vs Capcom 2 player back in the day and an OG/Veteran) and won, subsequently talking shit about him in pure niggerdom fashion. Viscant challenged him to play some more, and mopped the floor with his ebony ass after a crushing 20-6 victory. Low Tier Fraud lost his shit afterwards and cried everyday on Twatter about it, basically harassing him constantly and accusing him of being a drug addict among other things. Eventually he made an ass-ravaged video using Viscant's picture as the portrait of the 'single, unhealthy gamer'; this triggered an exchange of angry tweets that culminated in a FT10 WFN Grudge Match on October 23 2014, where Viscant won 10-6 despite barely even playing SF4 and effectively pwnd the clown for the final time.

The Match that ended everything[edit]

Abridged version
Full version
Another POV
And another one
Talking shit as usual, even after being pwnd

Right before the so called "Grudge Match" even started, he insulted Viscant ON CAMERA on a personal level and threatened him with violence; had it happened, Viscant would have surely beat the shit out of Low Tier Pussy as he actually was a pro kickboxer when younger and certainly knows how to throw punches. The fact that Viscant was calm and Low Tier Cunt was already losing his shit certainly shows you what a whiny, unstable, cotton picking nigger he is. When LTG got his ass handed to him, not only did he try to play it down by accusing Viscant of playing lame, but also used the race card like the white washed nigger he is to defend himself from any criticism (AKA the truth) and backpedaled like a bitch by saying the shit he threw at him was "not personal". Yes, Low Tier Bitch, sitting there and insulting someone for their style of dress, getting worked up and acting like a pseudo tough cunt while making threats, all while being a welfare nigger in stolen "designer" clothing" is totally "not personal."

Viscant, having a killer death stare at this point from both exhaustion and pure hatred (being a hard honest worker who busts his ass off at two jobs while volunteering at a drug rehab center) verbally ripped Low Class Nigger's balls off and made him his bitch. Dale has not recovered from this blow up to this day and shall not ever again, with a little help from ED.

The "fit" and "fashionable" gamer[edit]

Fit = Bloated Synthol injected biceps

Being the USI nigger he is, he made a "fitness video" showing him in the gym with horrible posture, poor technique and overtraining his biceps (a very small arm muscle) several times. The only reason he ever had any gains so to speak off, is because he's a skinny tall bitch with a high metabolism; people with high metabolism tend to be low on fat no matter how much they eat, but they also tend to trip over and die if you don't feed them every 12 hours. He's nothing more than a lousy disco pumper addict with too much free time who can't seem to realize that having over-trained biceps with pencil thin forearms and chicken legs makes you look like a faggot. He also abuses supplements and ODs on shit that is meant for real bodybuilders in hopes of having gains. Then again, what would you expect from a typical lazy nigger?

His dieting skills shown on video consist of packaged egg whites (he's too much of a cheap nigger to use real eggs, or his food stamps won't cover it), turkey bacon (mmmmhh, lots of fat, so healthy!) and salad (wow duuuuude, ALL OF THEM GAINS FROM THE GREEN SALAD, BRO!) while insulting every other gamer on the planet of being unhealthy, all while acting as though his mutant biceps make him look "fit."

Fraud Tier Scum poses like a obnoxious hoodrat every time he introduces himself, calling out his name in three slow moves that are supposed to show his mutant biceps. LTG is an attention whore that tries to show off with overpriced label clothing (stolen from Whitey) and ridiculous sneakers (also stolen) while driving an old-ass car from the 60s, getting pulled-over by cops every now and then for obvious reasons.


The video LTG doesn't want you to see. Truly evolutionary.

During the year of 2015, Low Tier Chimp, being the assblasted attention whore that he is, apparently couldn't handle his well-deserved negative attention, and tried to change his course of replying to his "racist haters" on JewTube and Twatter. Everytime someone brings up any kind of criticism, the clown now replies with a short "Evolve".

What does this "Evolve" relate to? It is very obvious. His narcissist tendencies have skyrocketed, with everyone literally hating his guts. He opened a fitness channel "Tier Fitness", in which he, of course, always skips leg day every single time and half-asses his reps. But then again... do you really think a nigger like him is capable of handling multiple channels? He abandoned the fitness channel after like two videos and reuploaded his stuff on the games channel, because managing two channels with one video every full moon is hard, y'know.

Since he can't argue for shit, he just tells all his haters to "evolve" into what HE has become. That's funny, because he's so insecure, if you look at the video above, he rages like a baby in front of both his ex-girlfriend and Twitch.tv. Then he tells his ex-girlfriend to "shut the fuck up", showing highly aggressive behaviour with a long awkward pause, and if you look closely, he was about to hit his girlfriend on camera. From this unprovoked, violent gesture alone it's very apparent that he was physically abusing his attention whoring mudslime-hybrid ex-girlfriend.

So basically he wants us to "evolve" into a supreme Nigger.

Lowti3rgod and animal torture[edit]

Low tier god animal torture abuse1.png
The range of his emotions can be engulfed in a grain of sand.

As with any victim of childhood abuse, Lowti3rgod developed a sick sexual fetish to compensate for his sore anus. As if that isn't enough, he successfully managed to underline and reinforce the prominent idea that niggers hate animals. When he's not busy punching his stupid girlfriend in the face and losing in video games, our beloved nigger posts numerous animal torture pictures on his Facebook page with deranged prepubescent captions where he not only points out how hilarious these pictures are but bashes people who disagree. Of course, a couple of other sick fucks encourage the idiot to post more, hence everyone is waiting for a ban. Hopefully not before his crush fetish is revealed and every animal worshiper with a WIFI connection will storm his Facebook. It is a well known fact that Lowti3rgod keeps a box of mice in his room, in case he needs to rage-crush one between matches. Without a doubt, his comfort with animal torture comes from a deeply repressed need to dominate someone (like he was dominated up the ass), but since he's too much of a pussy to do it with someone his own size, he resorts to torture defenseless, tied-up critters. Lowti3rgod managed to reach the rank of unparalleled pussybitch not only in-game but also in real life.

Quotes for a SCRUB[edit]

The following is a selection of truths he gets as replies of his YT comments and some fags from GameFAQs:

Talk a lot of shit for some white washed nigger from the burbs. Pray you don't get stitched up. You'd get your head bounced off the tile till your lights go out bitch. Fucking monkey back in your cage.


You are the biggest fuckign faggot this community has ever seen.

You rage quit on a ft5 and then talk shit Brent bodies you in person, talks shit to you and you crawl up in a ball like a little bitch


You sir are the worst kind of nigga you have no balls, you hide behind your computer, and straight up YOU ARE TERRIBLE !


LTG is a textbook sociopath down to the letter. Look at his hand gestures no matter when he speaks no matter the context he always over exaggerates his motions. His actions are almost always criminal behavior with psychopathic reactions and he doesn't care how anyone else feels clearly. Everything he exhibits is the attitude of a sociopath and the actions as well.


Well amen. I was like: what? You're calling viscant out in THAT manner and now you're saying it's not personal and calling the racism card. Come on man that's just fucked up. Also sad of him threatening viscant with physical violence when it's obvious viscant isn't a physical powerhouse. That's a pussy move, I'd even call him a bitch myself just for doing that, but I'm way over in Europe


This is just... really sad. I hope the rage is just an act. I mean I used to rage quit (Against the AI) but that was when I was 6. I think I have said almost the exact same thing to DSP, and I don't think ANYONE wants to be compared to him.


Nigga you talking all that shit and you lose youre like the joker of USF4 either you stop playing or you get youre shit straight and yes for the record i would fight youre ass in rl bitch ass nigga.


LTG, why the fuck do you have to be so cold hearted? The whole FGC already knows u as a moronic piece of shit and nobody likes you. From the whole FGC behind my back, Fuck you. Arrogant mother fucker. What is so good about you? You are the biggest fool of the FGC, u fucking fraud. Fuck you


Saltiest person I have ever seen. He still comes back to this video to reply to the comments after 6 fucking months. What a fucking sore loser. Your name suits you a lot,you're truly low tier just minus the God.


Your pull ups are shitty and you sound like a bitch, since you suck at competitive gaming you think giving people shitty fitness "advice" is any better? Do what you do good at by acting like a fag online and making us laugh at your sorry ass.


Dude, from this LowTierGod guy's comments and attitude you can tell he has a serious inferiority complex haha. He reminds me of the MMA fighter Warmachine, who was a mediocre fighter that got bullied by 4chan until he punched himself in the face multiple times out of frustration. He also dated a pornstar and when he caught her sucking another dude's dick he beat her nearly to death. He then tried to hang himself in prison and failed at that too lol.


He's not a good player, he started with sf4 but claims to be an og. He will never grow his channel because of how he is as a person. You can't call him black because that's racist, he rage quits regularly.....yeah he's got the small man complex.


Why do people still give this waste of breath attention?

Hell, even his girl dumped him, and attitude-wise, she seemed just as bad.


Get That Ass Dumped


has LTG had one day where he was happy in his whole life? I can just picture him waking up every morning with a frown on his face - going to his window to watch the sun rising and saying, "Same old, predictable bull-shit from the sun, same set-up with the jump in, same Zoning bull-shit sun rays. fucking scrub"!


In the end[edit]

Like DSP, Low Tier Scrub will continue to whine and complain and be ungrateful to those who actually support him.

Butthurt to the max.

Videos of a SCRUB[edit]

The video that sealed his demise
Black King Scrub vs. White King Scrub - This needs to happen again
Another embarrasing defeat
His "fitness" routine
Best fitness meal, yo
Vanity nigger
Of course, he's a lazy nigger
He plans to make it to Hollywood with these shit acting skills
The butthurt is real
LTG in a nutshell

Gallery of a SCRUB[edit]

Scrub Niggerdom About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

LowTi3rFraud in 2017[edit]

LowTi3rGod got suspended multiple times on Twitter for his typical violent outbursts on social media, usually after his recent losses in fighting games. Being the sore loser he is, he fucking thinks any video that showcases his stupidity and failure on Jewtube is an attack on himself and he flags the videos, due to his reputation of being a false flaggot this days. He also managed to get banned from Twitch, meaning he streams on some backwater website with fascist chatroom mods that will ban you if you dare criticize LTG.

LowTi3rTakedown in 2019[edit]

As Dale's butthurt has increased exponentially, he has expanded his takedown on things exposing his stupidity to internet articles, including this very page.

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