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Typical conversation in the chat room
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Lulz.i8 was a desperate attempt to bring organized raiding to Anonymous. The site started October 16th 2007 however only lasted a couple short months because of legal issues. The site was created by malfunctiononline, a beaner with the creativity of a 9 year old retarded illegal Mexican with ADD. Surprisingly, it has produced a couple decent raids.


The Chatroom is where Anonymous conspires its next attack until some newfag basement dweller thinks they will be hilarious by spamming DESU for 45 minutes.

IRL Chat:

  • Connecting to chat server...
  • Connected and signed in.
  • You have joined the chat room as Anonymous82.
  • Members of room: Anonymous82 Anonymous Anonymous35 Anonymous223 Anonymous96
  • <Anonymous> ring ring ring....
  • <Anonymous82> Hello?
  • <Anonymous> internetz hate machine plz
  • <Anonymous82> you've got the service
  • <Anonymous> I'd liek to order up some lulz plz
  • <Anonymous82> your bill sir
  • <Anonymous> What! It's over 9000!
  • <Anonymous> Do not want!


The site has a reasonable amount of content for the type of website it is. It has epic music, a recommended Stickam for raiding and of course Epic Raids.

Epic Raids

The most original and greatest part of this site is the "Epic Raids" which happens as needed. When the raid begins the users go to another page with a briefing, epic music (to set the mood) and a arsenal of pictures. Raids are raids, but Epic Raids are guaranteed to be epic.

November 10th 2007 - Raided an epilepsy forum. Ended in a staggering win: Anonymous 32, Epilepsyfags 0. The Epilepsyfags could not escape Anon's fury as the majority of threads were plastered with flashing images. The raid ended in a DDoS of the site by some raidfags who didn't think giving people seizures was enough. The justification was simple: they had it coming.


November 14th the site closed for about a month due to threats by the company hosting their site. The owner relocated a month later returning lulz to kids everywhere. The site also includes new content that some people would call shitty however lulz.i8 users call it progress.

Temporarily Closed

The owner of the site declared the ending of raids temporarily because his computer has crashed. This brought sorrow the raidfags everywhere. But he also has stated he will be revamping the site and hiring staff. To avoid legal issues the owner will no longer be raiding things that could harm people IRL like epilepsy forums which pissed off over 9000 people.

The fucking hilarious end

The one awesome raid that lulz.i8 produced that was thought to be a win actually created epic fail as the site owner of an epilepsy forum they raided sued the shit out of the creator of lulz.i8. This site is forever b& from the internet. It was their first epic raid, but also their last.

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