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The original, not lulz-inducing post.
The chaos begins.

Originally appearing on 4chan, Anonymous posted the following:

Mämmi is now a meme.

Mämmi (pronounced ['mæm.mi] in IPA) is a Finnish traditional Easter dessert, a malt porridge which is baked in an oven. It is made of water, malt and rye flour and is dark brown in appearance. The Swedish name for it is memma.



Naturally Mämmi was not a meme... yet. Within seconds Anonymous let loose an undeniable tsunami of scat porn coupled with the original quote.

How To Mämmi[edit]

Basically just paste the original quote into your image-board of choice, along with a horrendous scat picture. Lulz ensues!

Om nom nom!
This is how it's done.

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