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Mongo, April 2005

Project, don't delete or vandalize this one. Seriously.[edit]

Based on live 7/28/06 version of article.

  • Real Name Unknown
  • Age 57 (2006) Birthday in September [1]
  • Place of Residence Omaha, Nebraska OR St. Louis Missouri
  • Employed with United States Department of Homeland Security
  • Previously Worked As National Park Ranger at four different National Parks-Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Shenandoah
  • Educational Qualifications BA in Physical Anthropology and MS in Forensics
  • Born In Helena, Montana, USA [2]
  • Grew up in Missoula [3]
  • Physical Appearance Caucasian male, 6'7", 280 pounds
  • Sexual orientation Straight, divorced, currently engaged to Debbie.
  • Lived In Eleven different states over the last 25 years, travels extensively in the U.S but has not visited Europe, Asia or Australia.
  • Known e-mail addresses 1) 2)
  • Political Views Neoconservative, votes for the Republicans.
  • Time Zone Eastern United States.
archived image of MONGO from his old WP user page.
Image of MONGO at NYC Harbor, 1988.

MONGO, is a Wikipedia admin from Montana, but now lives in Omaha, Nebraska, or as per his blog in St. Louis Missouri. He spends many hours a day editing Wikipedia, possibly while on "on the clock" as an employee of the department of Homeland Security, defending Bush administration policy. [4], [5], File:MongoUSDHS.jpg MONGO is an infamous wiki administrator. Just like the WP admin NSLE, he bans forever anyone who disagrees with his edits or who complains about admins. He protects the talkpages of everyone he blocks to deter them from communicating with anyone and asking to be unblocked.

After having this article featured on ED's front page, when he bans now he removes every talk page communication the account has made, even if the account is an established Wikipedia user and has many page edits. MONGO has later unblocked some of these editors after formal complaints were lodged.

Knowledge, Briefly[edit]

MONGO works in the Department of Homeland Security[6] , and some argue that he may be editing pages as an extension of his naturally conservative personality, removing other edits which may be controversial. [7], Archival record of admission.

"Mongo, in all honesty, when state that you work for USDHS and then immediately archive the ensuing discussion that lasted for about 3 days, I'm sure a lot of people are going to assume it's because you don't want people to see it. SkeenaR 03:31, 6 April 2006 (UTC)" [8] (see #MONGO_as_a_verb)

"Given that you are employed by the U.S. Gov't, and actively engaged in combatting conspiracy theorists in various WTC-related articles, the suspicion that Uncle Sam might be rewarding you for this in some form or fashion is, in my opinion, a rather natural suspicion... — Jun. 25, '06 [16:52] <freak|talk>" [9]

Extremely Politicsal/Religious HAte[edit]

Mongo hates [10] all Muslims [11] and equates all of them [12] as terrorists [13] and their religion as violent like Nazis [14]. He advocates kidnapping their families. [15] and feeding their naked mothers to pigs. [16]. He repeatedly uses terms like "camel jockey" and likes rather lowbrow illustrations [17]. He wants to obliterate them [18].

Mongo owns guns, a stainless steel Kimber and a Glock 19.

Mongo is so far to the right that he takes Ann Coulter seriously. [19]

MONGO's Activities on Wikipedia[edit]

MONGO reveals that he is actually an employee of the Homeland Security Department, working on Wikipedia.

MONGO mainly creates and edits articles related to nature reserves in the US. MONGO also concentrates on making sure any 9/11 conspiracy theories (which he refers to as "junk science") do not make it to Wikipedia.

MONGO's throws personal attacks constantly on wikipedia. [20] [21] His blocks are typically juvenile ad hominem attacks, and he removes all attempts at further communication from banned users. [22]

He has singled out User:Samsara and blamed him for this article, when Samsara had only made minor formatting corrections to it and made a see also to the main wikipedia admins page at the time. The odd part is this -- User:Samsara on ED is not nearly the same individual who is Samsara on Wikipedia -- and voted on that basis to prevent WP:Samsara from becoming an admin.

MONGO's Activities on Wikipedia - What Is His Agenda[edit]

MONGO's editorial history as an officially sanctioned admin of Wikipedia is laced with repeated efforts to quell discussion of 9/11 attacks, criticism of the Republican Party, and the Bush Administration. As an employee of the Federal United States GovenmentFile:MongoUSDHS.jpg, this is a blatant conflict of interest [23]. As Wikipedia is a major source of "factual" information for many now, some wonder if MONGO is working undercover on Wikipedia to protect the Bush administration with his special privileges given to him by the Wikipedia management. Wikipedia admins like to call people that disagree with their editorial decisions sockpuppets, but Wikipedia may be employing the services of a possible plant and sockpuppet by the US Government in the form of MONGO.

MONGO's Reaction to This Article[edit]

Ever since MONGO discovered his article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, he has displayed a level of aggression far surpassing Mistress Selina Kyle of The Wikipedia Review. He has deleted an old revision from his userpage simply because this article linked to it, and went so far to protect the ED article editing it with his sysop privilege, and removing the external link to this site, which clearly violates wikipedia's policies.

Additionally, he deleted four images, not including the ones regarding himself, just to be rid of contributions from people who he believed were attacking him.

At that time, he went on a banning rampage; banning five separate users from Wikipedia for updating the Encyclopedia Dramatica article ("Sleeper trolls"), reverting every change they made. In one case, MONGO didn't like a user's username ("ComplainingAboutAdminsGetsYouBannedAndYourTalkPageFrozen‎"), which had nothing to do with MONGO, yet nevertheless he reverted all communication from them and banned them. In violation of WP policy and tradition, zero warnings were issued, and repeated attempts at communication went unheeded. Spectacularly in ignorance of the needs of the disabled, he has called this site "retarded" [24] and has used the same terminology when a WP user mentioned that he visited ED. [25].

MONGO Begins Hiding Evidence of Abuse, And Is Aided:[edit]

Shortly after complaining about personal attacks, he went on to make numerous ad hominem attacks himself. CheckUser finds User:MONGO1 is ( from Nebraska. He used User:Ed Poor to impersonate that wikipedia ex-bureaucrat with AOL IPs. This is MONGO on WP Tony Sidaway, another Wikipedia admin colluded in this.

And in another violation of WP policy, he states that he is going to remove the edit from wikipedia's history.

You know what, I think I will now delete the history of those IP's just so you stay curious. I suppose I need to get an account at ED and tell them it is me so they can then do a checkuser and then you'll see that it is the one and only time I logged into there. But, the problem is, I don't want those guys posting my true IP on the article that is over there about me. Don't you think I would have either gone into that website myself or had one of my "friends" take care of it if it was my IP...think.--MONGO 18:00, 21 July 2006 (UTC)

MONGO and other WP admins hide any proof of this, including removing edits and locking talk pages (this is fairly common behavior on WP, as the admins behave as if there is a thin blue line) and nearly every account which complains has been banned. After banning these users, and removing all methods of further complaint, administrators on Wikipedia tell the users, who have then signed up under a new account, that they did not take this to the proper channels.

MONGO Cover-Up[edit]

UPDATE: On 7/22/06, MONGO indeed followed through with his stated threat and deleted this commentary and evidence with his "extended" Wikipedia admin powers, completely scrubbing any record of edits from the ENTIRE Wikipedia database. This was done after numerous editors on Wikipedia had connected the dots of tying MONGO to violations of Wikipedia vandalism policies - all due to the article you are now reading. MONGO writes in the deletion log "cover up history"!!! This is all even more amusing as he lists "historical revisionism" as one of the things he most hates in his blog profile.[26]

Third Party Commentary:[edit]

Funny comments on wikipedia's ED article:

  • "Ah, I am not aware of them or their activities. I have worked very hard in the past to protect many wikipedians from off-wiki harassment by those that have posted at wikipediareview and hivemind. I can't be at all places at once, and I was alerted by someone about this stuff.--MONGO 08:34, 18 July 2006 (UTC)" Guess what? He banned the person who helped him out. [27]
  • "What are you accusing me of? I see that you have had an account with us for a year and have less than 150 edits total and you want me to take your commentary seriously? I was alerted to this situation...I don't have the time to be everywhere, buddy. How about you go write one long well referenced article and stop your trolling.--MONGO 09:15, 18 July 2006 (UTC) " [28]
  • He blanks out an entire talk page after losing an argument. [29]

MONGO's Activities on ED[edit]

Once Mongo learned of the article, he visited ED with the sole purpose of vandalizing articles, particularly this one, and has used sock puppets, an activity which WP disapproves of in the strongest terms.

Further Evidence of Attempted Cover-Up:[edit]

MONGO curiously admits to trying to hack this article, in the same instance (see above) of admitting he will hide evidence forever on Wikipedia itself. Sadly, Wikipedia admins only police themselves, without any checks against abuse. This demonstrable lack of quality control and oversight seems to be clear evidence of cronyism.

MONGO As a Verb[edit]


  1. The act of improperly archiving an entire talk page, including active discussions not finished. (example). This is often done when losing an argument or avoiding answering questions and is considered vandalism.
  2. Hiding evidence as abuse (such as the evidence in the example link in definition #1--talk pages were deleted).

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