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We can bitch, we're past the Big Chief!

If you're looking for a game with a fuckload of derivative 'Fetch Quests' and a learning curve somewhat akin to a 90° angle that plays like a stiffer, more barren version of Arkham Knight then you found it right here stud.

Looking to capitalize on the success of Mad Max: Fury Road Warner Brothers released this game a few months after the movie.

If you want something to throw $15 at and say you got something out of it, let us recommend picking up a copy of Fury Road because, for an action game, Mad Max is short on the bimbos in next to nothing, right outfits.

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The plot, yes it does have one, revolves mostly around Max getting a Godly, gas burning, pure Anerican V8 engine for a replacement car that is being built for him by a troll of an autistic Male that has the mad mechanical skills, Chum Bucket after Max had lost the original black-on-black interceptor from the original Mad Max movies to the son of Immortum Joe Scrotum.

Most of this quest includes insipid seek and find quests like getting sulfer for bullets, building up bases so you can rearm and heal and getting better mods for the Shitty V6 Chum initially installs in his Magnum Opus

Once max wins the race for the Giant Chief the game becomes more linear with Max offering to help Fire Crotch Hotty Hope, find her daughter Glory. The game follows Hope and Glory up until they are murdered and Max swears vengeance on Scrotus for his killing Hope and Glory.

Main Characters[edit]

Name Description Picture
Max Rockatansky If you have no clue who Mad Max is then you better go crawl back into that hole you rose up out from or return back to that Shit filled, third world country you came from because this is one of the few decent things to come out of Ausfalia since Elle MacPherson. Max is your obligatory Anti-Hero that would rather be crushing skulls than saving damsels in distress. After losing his original car Max gets caught up in helping people because of a quid pro quo situation where by helping them, they help him by getting him mods, ammo or information. All around psycho. He went mad after seeing the Toe Cutter gang run down his wife and son.
Mad max and dog.jpg
Mad max 56.jpg
ChumBucket A crazed ass dog eater that believes that the gods of acceleration and the saints of nitro speak to him directly and have granted him the plans to build the most divine of all vehicles, The Magnum Opus Sees Max as a saint sent from heaven that will bring his fevered dreams to fruition. Directly responsible for the deaths of Hope and Glory when he sees that Max will choose to dump him in favor of Hope and Glory to start a new family. Runs away with the Magnum Opus when he is spooked by the Vulture Gang. Followed and easily captured by the Scrotus faction; looking to save his own skin, chum comes up quick with the locations of Hope and Glory and the plans for a new family he thinks Max has.
Mad max chum.jpg
Dinki Di In the Mad Max world, Dinki Di refers to any dog because it us the name of the dog food in universe. This dog is important because in the opening scenes, it attacks Scrotus saving Max. Main use in the game is for finding land mines.
Mad max Dinki Di.jpg
Hope Making you think that this is the Star Wars franchise, she is the only female in the game. She represents a new life for Max when they are married in a fevered dream of his by a Furry. If max had any plans of running off with her to play new-daddy to her daughter and have a house with a dog and a garden, they are quickly over when she is brutally tortured and hanged. In the second half of the game most of the missions revolve around her and the reason Max goes after Scrotus to murder him is to avenge hers and Glory's deaths or as Glory says, "Write my name in their blood".
Mad max hope Internet.jpg
Glory That ugly little red-head that you know will become super hot at 16 from looking at her mom. Only in game to serve as a mission quest and a reason for Max's end game seeking revenge on Scrotus after his gang, rapes and tortures her. Some fans theorize that she is the dead girl Max sees through Fury Road.
Glory 5609.jpg
Scrotus Your obligatory villian in game. Believed to be dead after max plants a chain saw in his head in the opening scenes. In later parts, it is found out he survived and is given the title of Immortal like his father Imortum Joe because he survived the chain saw attack and appears to be a living god. Steals Max's interceptor at the beginning of the game setting off the whole series of events.
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How To Beat The Big Chief Race[edit]

Only $250

Unlike us, we're good at everything and succeed at everything we try, You suck at everything including life. Because of this, and feeling a little sympathetics towards your plight, we decided to give you a little in game help with the hardest area.

  • The second the race starts fire a Thunderpoon at the big chief then hit nitro twice.
  • Keep your speed trigger only pressed down half way. If you go Balls to the walls you will wreck and lose.
  • Everytime your thunderpoon becomes ready hold down the aiming button until you have a good shot because it slows down the action, also, try to make sure no other car is near the Chief because, trust us, the second you let that poon go a car will get in it's way and sacrifice itself for the chief.
  • Focus on only attacking the Big Chief. A shot wasted on the other cars is a shot wasted on the Big Chief. You should be able to take him out with 4 or 5 shots if you're maxed out.
  • If you can't get the Big Chief this way, you're a Fag and should be sucking dicks in your basement apartment.

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