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Maddox, King of the neckbeards
Being a writer, Maddox appreciates good humor.
Maddox IRL. Photoshop and post video editing help a lot.
No girl thinks I'm cute. I'm repulsive. I'm hideous.


—The only truthful thing he has ever said.

Maddox (powerword George Ouzounian) is one of the pioneers of internet trolling, flaming, and unwarranted self importance. At least he was this person four eight NINETEEN years ago. Despite his shtick being so yesterday, he is still a pioneer of lulz. Noobs should read some of his early articles to learn how to flame, but not anything post-2005, because that is when he started to take himself seriously and his writing really went to shit.

Most non-retards will notice much of what Maddox has to say is unfunny in the way that it points out obvious things Internets users already know. He is also a pirate. He makes that very clear. A little too clear. In fact, his many claims of being a pirate, coupled with a trend of no longer updating his site have worn pretty thin. He also wrote a shitty book recently, and an even shittier comic.

Some (including Maddox himself) claim that he is indeed a STRAIGHT pirate by throwing in exaggerated claims of his sexual ability. This is known as "trying too hard" and it isn't fooling anyone. His failure to come off as a badass is best revealed from pictures of himself. Everybody has learned that he is nothing more than a neckbeard-wearing, basement-dwelling, shell script programming, raging nerd.

Maddox had a brief 2nd wind of success with a comedy podcast The Biggest Problem In The Universe co-hosted with his business partner Dick Masterson, however this would fall apart as Maddox would slowly become an SJW and throw a temper tantrum over Dick fucking Maddox's ex girlfriend that he'd been broken up with for over 3 years (and all while Maddox was dating someone else already). The actions taken by Maddox after May 31st 2016 would cause him to go from pioneer, to unfunny, to full on lol-cow.

Early Life

Young Maddox vacationing with his parents in England.
One of Maddox's childhood heroes.

For the majority of his childhood, Maddox lived in poverty, sleeping only in a dilapidated house of mud. It was during these harsh years that Maddox developed his tough personality and his love of manliness. Maddox likes beef jerky, vinegar, lumberjacks, eating babies, and headbutting pussies. He also has extremely high self esteem and is in love with himself. He has a terrible taste in movies and video games and defends it by calling people fags.

"Adult" Life

In college, Maddox had a brief but passionate affair with getting a math degree. He claims to of only been one test away from passing, but despite redoing the test 3 times. Apparently "suck my micro-penis I'm awesome, you're stupid and meat is delicious" is not a correct answer in academia. He decided it was better to peruse attention on the internet rather than gainful employment, but because it was the right move and totally not because putting effort into something was too hard for the middle aged failure who half asses everything then pretends it's gods gift to humanity

Maddox claims to be a pirate, but since he lives in the landlocked state of Utah, it's more likely he means an ass pirate. Eventually Maddox would move to LA, where he would begin dating a nigger tranny.

Maddox may be a software programmer, and he may be into everything else associated with basement dwellers, but that doesn't necessarily make him one. He was finally able to vacate mom's basement after selling over 9000 books last year, now he lives in luxury, on the money he conned out of stupid people like you. You may be thinking with Computer Science III skills he must be very valuble and highly employable. Nope. Maddox is the equivalent of the friend who learns how to go into browser settings and recover all saved passwords in the browser and tells everyone he is an elite hacker. Maddox has no server admin skills that have been useful since the late 90's (before anyone knew anything about computers and before anyone secured anything online). Maddox's 1337 hacking skills are not even script kiddy level stuff. Just basic trolling any retard online can do now a days.

Additionally, Maddox is also a camera whore as evidenced by his numerous pictures of himself on his website and the image to the right.

Maddox hasn't worked at a real job since 2004. That Job (which is the only real job he ever had) was in telemarketing, a field that hires anyone with a pulse and pays above minimum wage because turn over is so high. All his money used to be selling merchandise [1] and beating off on drunk hobos for cash, however now that Maddox has tried to turn fleeting e-fame into IRL money, he's spread his ass hole wide and is letting everyone from scam kickstarter Kendall and Hyde, to AI wrong think skynet beta test Candid nut inside his asshole.

Unfortunately, when those companies realize it's not the early 2000's and no one gives a shit about Maddox anymore and pulled all their ads. Maddox has now been reduced to begging for people to log in to his Madcast media website with their facebook so he can scrape pennies selling their data.

Examples of his work

Maddox poses with some fag.

How is it possible that a guy with a small penis and a hairy back is more powerful than Pepsi on the Internet?


—An article from mid-2003


Maddox's Formula to a Successful Article

  1. When thinking of ideas for topics, the first things that should come to mind are minor and meaningless things that make you get your panties in a bunch. Examples of this include people who use hashtags on Twitter, people who only prefer cheese on their pizza, or people who listen to ska. If it bugs you to the point of insomnia, then you're doing it right.
  2. Begin writing over 9000 paragraphs worth of ranting crap where every other sentence must contain juvenile insults directed at the subject, such as shitheads, dipshits, fucking idiots, etc. Also, be sure to throw in plenty of slang for male and female genitalia. It cancels out any attempt at sounding witty and clever, but don't tell Maddox that! He thinks he's funny and smart!
  3. Draw some shitty MS Paint pictures to illustrate the inane, psychotic rant people quit reading 2 paragraphs in anyway.
  4. Pretend what every shitty half-assed argument you made is God's gift to humanity. Remember, it doesn't actually have to be good, you just have to act like it is.
  5. Slap your e-mail address at the bottom of each page, ignoring the fact that you've pissed and moaned endlessly about your idiot fan base who won't quit e-mailing you.
  6. Insert a counter at the bottom of each page, implying people beyond 1999 still give a shit about how many views a page received.
  7. ???
  8. PROFIT! Now you can give it away for free on the Internet and pay for you rent and groceries with likes and shares. Now to go fail at other projects, like books that are shitty rehashes of articles you wrote a decade ago, tanking pitches, failed TV pilots that are only made because they are tax write-offs for entertainment companies, and a poorly-produced YouTube show.

IMPORTANT: In your writing, don't try to come off like a normal, respectable human being. Keep reminding your readers that you rule the world, your opinions are right, and everyone who disagrees is wrong. This is to compensate for your ugly physique and small penis while you sulk on IRC with your naive friends who are convinced you're a manly pirate in your mom's basement. Additionally, remember that this is your outlet to being a crybaby bitch instead of working out your problems the proper way, such as seeing a counselor/therapist/psychiatrist, going outside, finding a girlfriend, winning a fight with someone bigger than you at a bar, or just plain quit being a fucking pussy!

Fan Sites

As with all retarded things in the world, they usually have a fan site. Maddox is no different, having two of the gayest fan sites ever. Maddox Mania and The Best Fan Page In the Universe are where intelligence goes to die.

The Best Fanpage: Poster Child For Failure

Recently, an ED insider did an in-depth investigation of "The Best Fanpage," revealing some disturbing yet unsurprising things about Maddox fans:

Also, Something Awful's Weekend Web did a segment about the site, causing the members to BAWWWW. Whine-One-One was dialed, and waaambulances were dispatched immediately to handle the epidemic of butthurt.

After the original forum got shut down, another one popped up under the name of Maddox Militia, courtesy of AngryJerk (a blatant Maddox wannabe, as evidenced by his shitstain of a website). Since he's also imitating Maddox's style of never finishing anything, the actual "fanpage" remains incomplete. The new forum failed hard, only garnering about 30 members (which is pathetic even when compared to the old one). On June 13th 2014 the whole forum got spammed to hell by a group of newfag trolls nobody's ever heard of calling themselves Neo-HC. Rather than actually doing something about it, AngryJerk decided to join in the fun. Then he made a post explaining how he was going to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and didn't even bother to ban any of them proving that he, like the real Maddox, doesn't have a fucking clue how to run anything.


The Alphabet of Manliness

Remember kids, Maddox identifies as a feminist
Maddox puts a man into a choker hold for some homosexual rape.
Maddox was right to disavow Alphabet of Manliness, no one who cries about cyber bullying this much should have man associated with their name at all
Latest edition of Maddox's old book book

Why should people buy anything I sell? I don't know why anyone should buy anything



Maddox has released a book, "The Alphabet of Manliness". As a skinny, old and balding Armenian computer programmer from Utah, Maddox is an authority on manliness. The book was published in an effort to cover the cost of the huge quantities of Nair needed to remove his disgusting back hair. The book skyrocketed on the NY Times Bestseller list, an embarrassment to all parties involved. Covering a variety of subjects ranging from how stupid women are, to how great men are, to specific instructions for cooking meth, "The Alphabet Of Manliness" is a prime forerunner of everything that was never funny, even through shock value. The book also mentions Chuck Norris, making him as funny and edgy as the average shirt in Hot Topic.

When approached by inquiring as to what price his book should be sold at, Maddox replied, "About a million dollars, srsly." Amazon did not think this was funny and initially refused to stock the book. Since then though Amazon now sells new copies of the book for $10.85. With each book sale, he makes no money. Not only has Maddox failed at convincing people about how manly he is, he also fails miserably at the game of capitalism.

Since Maddox is a pirate, he has no problems with people pirating his book. Get your copy here.

Despite the book being to humor what Zoe Quinn is to videogame creation, it sold very well. It made number 2 on the NYT best sellers, which proves how simple minded people were in 2005. However, this is a victory no one saw coming and something Maddox can always look back on and be proud of. It is an immortal moment where he transcended seeking attention on the internet and made a legit career for him self on his terms. Definitely something everyone can at least respect. No one can take that from him. NO ONE!


When Maddox moved to LA and began opening his mind to the ways of polyamory and being a cuckhold, he realized he needed to ditch and disavow his business partner Dick Masterson for being a fucking white male. Why? Dick Masterson was banging Maddox's ex from 3 years ago behind his back and not letting him watch. Despite that Maddox was already in a relationship with some nigger bitch who may or may not have herpes according to internet rumors, Maddox rage quit having a career and went full SJW In order to smear his business partner. He accused him of being responsible of a rape list on some 8chan board, which got all of Maddox's buddies at the cult of UCB to disavow Dick Masterson, however what Maddox forgot is he spent is entire life before this moment writing articles on his website like "why Elizabeth Smart is a stupid bitch who deserved to get raped and kidnapped", or saying in interviews his favorite joke is about a little girl getting raped in the mouth and an entire chapter called "C is for Copping a feel" where he gives tips on how to commit sexual assault without getting caught.

Because Maddox didn't think things through he was left with 2 options; Realize he was being petty trying to virtue signal in order to shit on a business partner who in all reality is doing him a favor by eating his sloppy seconds so Maddox doesn't waste his time digging in the trash bin to avoid being with his new transexual nigger bitch, or disavow the only mark of success in his career that proved he was more than just another internet shit poster making him a failure as a human being all over again.

Maddox chose the later

Remember, sexual assault is incompatible with the values of Maddox if he's not the one making money teaching you how to do it right
Like a woman, Maddox overreacts and feigns outrage for attention

It is pretty funny that Maddox accuses Dick of being a rape appologist and supporting a rape list with the phrase "Get Raped" as Maddox express great delight over this being the official slogan for his show while a reluctant Dick Masterson tries to squirm out of "Get Raped" officially being involved in anything he says or does. Audio here [3] entire episode transcript here [4]



—Maddox on telling people to 'get raped'

I am better than your Kids

How do you follow up a successful book that was a break from the mold of your normal writing and gave fans something fresh, yet still familiar? How do you follow up charting #2 on the New York Times Best Sellers List?

If you're Maddox, by copying and pasting a joke you wrote over 10 years ago and gave away for free and expecting it to sell even better than the last book.

In fact here's a picture of all the excited fans who bought this book!


Mystery 3rd book that will be called 'The Best Book in the Universe' F*ck Whales

Since the failure of his 2nd book, Maddox's entire carreer as an e-celeb is hanging on this book doing as good as the recently disavowed Alphabet of Manliness. He attempted his hand at a Podcast with Dick Masterson banking on the success of the podcast would grow his brand and guarentee a base that would buy his book while providing him income while he stalls writing it to do more important things like play video games. He has been writing at a pace that makes George R.R. Martin look punctual. NO SERIOUSLY in the same amount of time it takes Maddox to shit out a single book, George R.R. Martin has written multiple Novelas, Side Stories, and completed the next main Game of Thrones installment.

Unfortunately due to the said story of Maddox getting butt hurt that his ex from 3 years ago prefers penises she can feel and non hairy backs, Dick trolling Maddox everytime Maddox let his autism speak, and his fans telling him what an autistic faggot he is, he rage quit the podcast. He attempted to launch a podcast network of which he sunk $30,000.00 into the Website alone (which is odd that a computer programer would pay $30k for a website he could of easily coded himself). Since then people have been fleeing from Maddox and tuning him out, with the only people he is close to anymore being the SJW cunts of LA he used to make fun of 10 years ago.

But there's no way copy and pasting the arguments made on his old podcast and charging money for something he already gave away for free wouldn't sell like hotcakes! Look at how great the last book did. This will be a safe bet. I'm sure this book won't be the nail in the coffin that has been long overdue.

The book was going to be called The Best Book In The Universe but because some Dickhead bought the domain name, he renamed his book to F*ck Whales

At first my book was all like...
But then my book was like...
Nice book title you have there Maddox, shame if someone TOOK IT FROM YOU

F*ck Whales sold like shit. Not only did this book not even crack the top 1,000 on amazon, it may of not even sold 100 copies the first day it came out [5]. What does this mean? This book most likely didn't even sell 1,000 copies[6]! Even funnier than that, it's unknown if the freebie copies Maddox gives as complimentary copies count toward that figure and it has been well documented that Maddox is giving a free copy of this book to every youtube e-celeb in hopes they will shill. This means from a publisher prospective, this book potentially is selling in negative territory.

How bad did this book bomb? Maddox went on The Drunken Peasants to shill copies of it, DP had to put a filter on their pay chat where people pay money to DP to have a comment read on air. Because Maddox is such a pussy cry baby the filter prevented every single comment but 2 (which were troll jabs at Maddox worded in a way that the hosts wouldn't intemperate as such). It cause such a shit storm DP had to refund EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO PAID THEM MONEY TO READ A COMMENT ON AIR THAT DID NOT GET READ [7] because the fan base was going to pull Patreon funding and the mass chargebacks for services not rendered would of flagged their StreamLabs accounts as fraudulent and gotten DP flagged as a scam. It got so bad Dick Masterson personally offered to comp any and all refunds out of his own pocket to avoid any financial damage happening to DP[8].

Invite Maddox as a guest, it will help your podcast
When your former business partner is STILL fixing your fuck ups

This book isn't just a zero selling failure, it is a death dealing sinkhole of failure that ruins all it comes in comtact with.

A burn so harsh, you should sue someone over it

F*ck Dignity: and other petty lolsuits form a self proclaimed brilliant mind! THE SURPRISE 4TH BOOK

After F*ck Whales sold so poorly that it possibly may have been the first book in human history to have sold a negative amount of copies, Maddox finally followed up with a REAL novella that is truly worthy of the current year Maddox name. It was hillarious, fun to read from start to finish, and true to old school maddox realeased 100% for free at Maddox's expense. Which you can read for free in it's entirety here [9]

This 50+ page novella is refered to amongst fans as F*ck Dignity: and other petty lolsuits form a self proclaimed brilliant mind but is refered to in the New York Civil court system as GEORGE OUZOUNIAN, P/K/A MADDOX, and JANE DOE, V. DAX HERRERA P/K/A DICK MASTERSON, FOUNDATION DIGITAL, LLC, GREG BOSER, LOREN BAKER, CMGRP, INC., D/B/A WEBER SHANDWICK, JOSHUA KAUFMAN, ASTERIOS KOKKINOS, TREVOR BIRT, PATREON INC and JORDAN COPE.

This is the Maddox follow up fans have been waiting for. Insane petty gripes blown up into comically exagerated and over blown grandios claims? Check. Showing via example how being overly sensitive is detrimental to properly functioning and will not garner people to have sympathy for you but rather cause people to make fun of you even harder especially on a public forum such as the internet? Check. Hilarious pictures? Check. Swipes at massive mega corporations? Check! Double Check if you include his publisher Simon and Schuster losing all that money publishing F*ck Whales and not this 100% free Gem. Recycled material reworded slightly? Since most of the "evidence" seems to be lifted from the unreleased lolsuit his girlfriend ended up getting hit with a restraining order because of Maddox's understanding of how the law works, it's a half check since most of that reused material was previously unreleased.

It was a stroke of perfection that in many ways outdoes his 1st book. It was a perfect bridge for people who have never heard of who Maddox is to laugh at him, and well as Old fans to laugh and enjoy inside jokes that only people following Maddox's career from day one would get and understand. It's re-readable, sharable, and best of all priced perfectly at what writing from Maddox has always been worth, absolutely nothing. It doesn't even have ads!

Enjoy a free audiobook version with commentary from a legal scholar


On December 9th, 2008, Maddox announced that all of the time he spent not updating his website was not only devoted to jacking it to hentai and being a basement-dwelling loser, but also spent on developing his own show, dubbed uncreatively The Best Show in the Universe. News of the show, which is set to air on YouTube, came via an update on his site, in an article where he heavily criticized YouTube for being full of shit, coming in only 3 years behind everyone else on the Internet in this endeavor.

Finally, after almost two years, Maddox finally managed to do what 13-year-old boys, retards, faggots, and Chris-Chan managed to do in a matter of days, if not hours: post a poorly-made video to YouTube.

The "show" is basically a redux of his article criticizing children's artwork from almost 10 years ago. This article is Maddox's main claim to Internet fame and he clings to it as the foundation of his manly personality. This time, he focuses on criticizing children singing on YouTube. Maddox is significantly less humorous when you can see his receding hairline and AIDS-patient physique on camera. The fact that it took him two years to shit out this steaming pile of unfunny just goes to show everyone exactly how far beyond the shark Maddox has jumped. PROTIP: Claiming to be a manly pirate lumberjack only works when people can't see that you're actually a scrawny, balding computer programmer in real life. It's a pathetic compensation.

The Biggest Problem In The Universe

After the failure of his 2nd book, Maddox needed a win. In an act of desperation Maddox began sucking internet troll Dick Masterson's dick to do something with him to keep him from having to go back to the hell of having to work a real job where he was a productive member of society.

The Podcast

Dick and Maddox began the podcast version of this show, and it was actually pretty Awwright at the beginning. Dick as usual played the heel to Maddox's moral faggotry and need to be right, this is what Maddox thought the setup of the podcast was. In reality, it was Dick trolling an autist.

The podcast is a gold mind of quotable autistic moments. Some topics Maddox discussed on The Biggest Problem in the Universe include:

  • Covering up his pisshole while peeing to see what would happen
  • Defending pedophiles
  • Defending antifa and black lives matter
  • Shitting in a big pile of leaves
  • How it doesn't matter what gender something is, if it gets his dick hard he's fucking it
  • That everything is a spring
'Satirist' doesn't understand satire
Maddox realizing that Dick Masterson was a rape apologist did what any social conscious individual would do... choose to work with him for over 10 years and accuse him of being a rapist once he starts banging your ex.
This is who Maddox is dating, hard to blame him for wanting to crawl back to his ex
Pedophilia is considered a psychiatric disorder, not a moral failure. I was talking to a friend awhile back, who I said…I asked him


—Maddox defending pedophiles on episode 30

Should we demonize these people to the extent that we are?


—Maddox on being nicer to child rapists

Send me on MARS ONE! I'll go right now


—Maddox on the Mars one scam

I wouldn't not date a girl with herpes


—Maddox on his current relationship


The Podcast was successful, but Maddox rage quit because Dick Masterson started dating an ex Maddox had been broken up with 3 years. I know this has been said multiple times; this is to emphasize despite how pathetic and hillarious this is, it isn't a joke. This is a fact. As funny as it may be a 40 year old who is going broke, needs room mates to pay his bills would throw away his only cash cow over pussy he hasn't been tapping for over 3 years while dating someone else it needs to be emphasised this is not a punchline to a joke, this is real. The only joke this is a punchline to is Maddox's life.

The T.V. show The Youtube Show

Maddox had been working on a REAL T.V. show with a live audience, however since Maddox is an Autistic manchild and torpedoed every pitch meeting he had, he began work on a Youtube channel show with a a live audience.

His first guest was a SJW that insulted the whole 'gamer culture'. What a start to a good show. The live show sucked and the first episode was an indicator of the direction of failure Maddox was heading. The show is a waste of your time.

Maddox gets trolled by Penn Jillette

On July 29th, 2010, Maddox stumbled into what will no doubt be a self-publicized 15 minutes he'll milk for the rest of his life (an actual 15 minutes, not a fake 15 minutes) when he was spotted on an episode of Penn and Teller's: Bullshit! during a segment they did on "Old People". (YouTube Favicon.png partial vid only) don't bother, it's set to private. Go torrent it

It's unclear how this happened. But, seeing as the show's research department was probably busy lighting their farts that week, some retard on the staff (who probably thinks they're internet saavy because of it) thought it would be a good idea to irl troll a slew of unfunny internet bloggers, who whine about anything and everything they're butthurt about, to posit a possible geratric holocaust.

When I hear the word's "old people" I think of smells, uh I think of laziness, I think of bitterness...



—Maddox, talking about...old people?

When I think of old people having sex I imagine a lot of loose skin...sweat...



—Maddox, you sure think about this a lot.

Penn's Response
Penn's response.

During his screen-time (a whole 1 1/2 minutes!), Maddox's eagerness to somehow achieve God-tier status from P&T's fanbois seems to have been a bit of a footbullet. The overt lulz of all of it seems to have flown over Maddox's (bald) head altogether, but wasn't lost on Penn, seeing as Maddox is, himself, clearly in denial about being...just fucking old. Penn proceeded to counter-troll his ass, describing him as a blogger who is "no spring chicken and spouts predictable, angry, middle-aged manrants on just about everything", along with some other lulzy shit before they literally told him to "GTFO". you DO imagine old people having sex...and you jack off to it too, dontcha?


—Penn Jillette, brofist

TL;DR: Go blog about it faggot.

Madcast Media: How Maddox became a cuck

Many argued over Maddox no longer being funny being funny after 2005. After 2016, there was no more argument. Maddox was a full blown cuck supporting SJW faggot.

That's right, a 'high quality' official network has less money and content than an unofficial network that has zero planning. Fun fact, there are 2 shows that are missing from the CUNT network in this pic, one with a patreon that still makes more than Maddox
"There is nothing inherently wrong with being a cuck"-Maddox defending his life choices

Maddox began the Indian Jones leather purse shilling network. On this network that he hyped up and actually dropped $30,000.00 on a website for you can listen to numerous and diverse podcasts such as:

  • The Best Debate in the Universe- Did you like Biggest problem in the universe but thought it was too funny? Good news! Maddox and Wigger co host Ruck Ruck "I look and act like a 12 year old" Ali watch Maddox argue both sides of a boring pre selected topic that he brought in himself while he shills man purses and tries to kiss the ass of relevant e-celebs so his book doesn't tank when it drops and end his entertainment career for good.
  • Pod Awful- Was Rucka not edgy and childlike enough to satisfy your craving for pedophilia? Was Maddox being completely unfunny to much comedy for you. Then you need the ultimate void of comedy where unfunny meets edgy manchild. Welcome to Podawful. A 2 hour long show where nothing is funny, everything is edgy, and the smartest thing to come out of the hosts mouth is Maddox's micropenis. Wanna hear some top quality comedy content? Of course you don't, your watching Podawful. The only funnny thing that ever came from this show is it lost Maddox all of his sponsorship because Jesse called a mutual friend of Dick and Maddox a nigger for starting his own podcast and not doing it with Madcast and giving Maddox a cut of his revenue. It's okay though because Maddox's girlfriend specified she likes when people call her a nigger and it is okay for people to call her a nigger.

The host Jessie Straud is Maddox's personal lapdog and does all off Maddox's dirty work for him. He earns $0 podcasting living off mommy and daddies trust fund, and spends 24/7 moderating for Maddox, making sock puppet accounts white knighting Maddox, and editing this page because Maddox will not give him that sweet juicy dick if he doesn't white knight for him.

HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS, This Podcast is dead because no one listened to it or cared it existed. However there is some interesting reasons as to WHY this became a podcast on Maddox's shitty network in the first place came out when it was revealed; The podcast host created the $30K website for Maddox and was given the amount of work the hosts did could of easily been made for $500 from a design house.

Madcast media revenue model

This balding 40 year old wants you to think he's still a "bad ass"
  • Patreon - Madcast media makes most of their money off Patreon. Podawful makes a grand total of $0 because Jessie got banned for breaking TOS and trying to contact employers, stalk family members, and doxing people on his show. Maddox after over a year makes less than $300 a month. For a reference point, his autistic parody makes more money than he does on Patreon shitting out lazy content.
This fat autistic fuck is making more money than you and you're basically a cuck
  • Bonus content - Maddox has releases bonus episodes of his podcast no one cares about on iTunes called "Maddox vs The Universe". His first episode even made #4 on iTunes comedy charts just right behind 7 year old Dane Cook comedy specials and albums dedicated to making fun of him and calling him a cuck
At first I thought I was hot shit for beating out a 5 year old comedy album on a platform no one uses anymore
but then an album about what a cuck faggot I am ranked higher than my album
That's right, an album about Maddox being a cuck is saved in the US national archive
  • Mad-Bux - Don't like using legal currency for purchasing products? Then you can use MadCuck-bux!
First you purchase Madbux directly off a sketchy site ran by an internet troll...
...Then you get Madbux sent straight to your door
A TL;DR of what the fuck Cuck-Bux are
  • Amazon Link - Feeling Generous? You can send a few pennies of your Amazon purchase, which would add up to some serious money if anyone listened to the show.
Look on the bright side Maddox, you can only go up from here
A regular Madcast Media Maddox video
Maddox can look forward to youtube eventually paying him in Cuck-Bux for his content.

Maddox is was currently banking on his book F*ck Whales to save his failing career and sucking off any popular youtuber in order to save his career. Given his has less than 100 people giving him less than $300 a month I'm sure this book will not be a total failure that kills his career.

"Why hello fellow kids, surely you don't mind if I borrow some of your credibility?" (the look on Rucka's Face when he realized he made a huge mistake)

2017 BAAAWsuit Against Dick Masterson

The TL;DR Metokur breakdown
An actual lawyer who knows whats going on goes whats going on
Real lawyer keeps reminding people the law doesn't end where Maddox's feelings begin
The conclusion to IRL lawyer going through the whole document
Don't worry Maddox, Mundane Fat likes you. Surely that worth almost as much as having a winning case
Mundane Fat gets his shit legally pushed in
Go ahead and call the cyber police, it won't unfuck your ex
Maddox being triggered is a legally documented FACT
You could of prevented this

In November Maddox served Dick (and Patreon everyone who ever had contact with Dick) a TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR civil suit claiming that Dick had irrecoverably hurt his ass with mean trolling and insults that damaged his ability to become rich and famous. Apparently there is no way a balding 40 year old who constantly tells his fans they are shit and to fuck off would not be worth $20 million and have a following of billions. While it is true that Dick gave his ass a right jack hammering (as well as his ex-girlfriend's ass) what isn't true is the estimated monetary damages to which Maddox feels entitled to, which realistically probably fall into the $100 range given the performance of his last book.

YOU can read the entire lolsuit here [10]

Maddox is a shining example of how you can completely ruin yourself by becoming a whiny little liberal purse puppy and getting cucked by a man named Dick.

This isn't the first time Dick and Maddox have tangled in court. Maddox tried to copyright the old podcast behind his co-creators back and had to go to court over that in a still pending case, and M3tal Jess has a restraining order against her from calling Dick Masterson's girlfriend and trying to get her fired from her job as a teacher. What make this lolsuit so hilarious is what Maddox admits to legally with this lawsuit:

  • Maddox admits he has PTSD from being called a cuck
  • Maddox admits to organizing attempts to cause people to lose their jobs for hurting his feeling
  • Maddox admits to co-ordinating and trying to get Dick banned off patreon despite not breaking TOS
  • Maddox admits "Biggest Problem in the Universe" was a joint venture, guaranteeing a loss for his copyright lawsuit
  • Maddox admits his book sold shitty as fuck
  • Maddox admits his girlfriend also suffers the same PTSD Maddox suffers from
  • Maddox admits all parties involved are not in New York and many of those claims are not in New York Jurisdiction
  • Maddox admits all Dick Show people involved are parodies, ensuring first amendment speech protection against mean things said
  • Maddox admits his business has been destroyed
  • Maddox admits to himself and M3tal Jess faking/defrauding companies by pretending to be a reporter in order to get people fired
  • Maddox states his intent was to get people fired with fraudulent action

The lolsuit not only has a 99% chance of getting thrown out the moment a judge lays eyes on it as the most likely reason for why it is so poorly written is because Maddox worked out a deal with the "lawyer" to get a discount for writing up his own claim, but now opens Maddox to not only multiple lawsuits for illegal actions he openly admits to and has filed forever in the public domain, but removal from many of the platforms he gets paid on because he is violating their TOS.

Be sure to check your mail, chances are Maddox is going to sue you too for reading this article

Maddox the cyberbulling victim: How you can help Maddox become an hero

Maddox not amused, but can't afford the income loss from you NOT paying to insulting him
Dignity for sale (80's girl is his ex's nickname)

Last thursday, Maddox cried to some twitch midget about being cyber bullied and how he thinks it's wrong to dox people and say mean things about someone or make shit up about someone online or go false flagging someones content to get them removed off a platform. Maddox of course fails to mention when he has personally done these things and talks about how for a short while he was the victim of a cyber harassment campaign. Maddox's bar for cyber harassment is so low even Anita Sarkeesian would tell him to get real and grow a pair of balls.

He'll disavow his Twitch stream if you give him a dollar
This is what he cries to moderators about to protect him from
Maddox cries about job lynch mobs, defends VIRTUE SIGNALLING, punching 'Nazis', talks about how his dad only graduated highschool and his mom is a highschool dropout, and more.

Maddox is a cry baby bitch who is still haunted about his business partner banging his ex without letting him watch. Maddox will auto-ban you on twitter for following Dick Masterson, sends his alledgedly herpes riddled girlfriend to look up threats made against him, and has even cried to mods at Twitter because Dick hurt his pussy too much with mean words. How can you help Maddox toughen up, stop being a faggoty little pussy, and become an hero?

  • Vist Maddox's twitch stream with a trolling name reminding him what a failure of a human being he is
  • Ask him about his alleged erectile dysfunction
  • Ask him about his tranny herpes infested current girlfriends alleged herpes
  • Ask if his "girl"friend is a tranny
  • Ask him if he would have sex with a man if the man got his dick hard
  • Ask him about the restraining order Jessica Blum (his tranny herpes infested girlfriend) has against her an why she has it
  • Ask him how sales of his book are going
  • Ask him where are his sponsors
  • Ask him what happened to the Kendal & Hyde website and why the link for Madcast redirects to a link to the Dickshow store
  • Ask him what happened to his original audio engineer
  • Ask him if it was his fault his sister committed suicide
  • Ask him how many units 'I am better than your kids sold
  • Ask him why his social media accounts are losing followers
  • Call him a cuck
  • Call him an SJW
  • Disagree with him
  • Ask him how much he's earning on patreon
  • Ask him why his new show has the same iTunes/RSS feed as the old show
  • Ask him if he really paid $30K for a website
  • Tell him he wouldn't be such a failure if he put any ounce of effort into anything he did and that slapping together shit lazily and trying to pass it off as good isn't funny or entertaining.
  • Tell him his cosplay wasn't funny, it was garbage and is a perfect analogy for his body of work.
  • Ask his girlfriend directly about any of this
  • Tell him you work a part time minimum wage job and still make more money and have more free time than him
  • Quote anything from his chat log leaks
Even former contributers to Maddox hate him so much they buy ads on his subreddit linking to the leaks
The cyber bullying of Maddox in a nutshell
Well I'm pretty fucking tired of being abused by these dipshits

Here's what I owe you guys: NOTHING.


—Leaked Maddox Chats

I don't owe you shit. I don't owe you a podcast. I don't owe you entertainment. I don't owe Dax a fan base. I don't owe anyone an explanation into my personal life with my ex girlfriend or any of this shit. It's time everyone fucked off and left me alone. You owe me your gratitude for all the years of free content at my expense. If you don't like it, don't listen. I don't care. How about a fucking thank you? Dax got into UCB because of me. Dax has a podcast now because of me. Dax has a girlfriend now because of me. Dax has a house now because of me. How much more can he fucking use me for? FUCK HIM and fuck the fans who took me for granted. I'm done dude.


—Leaked Maddox Chats

Cool, how many hours did you spend contributing content? Drop in the bucket to the 12 x 129 hours I spent on it (and that's just production, not counting meetings). That's over 1,548 hours. And paying for a few bonus episodes doesn't offset the cost of producing the other 107 free ones. So how about a thank you?

Instead of constant harassment


—Maddox thinks he's entitled to so much more

Seriously I'm done with this whole thing man. I'm over it All I wanted to do in life is produce the best content for people to enjoy And this is the thanks I get?


—Maddox Ragequitting on his fans

You're offended?! Sorry, is there a forum of people who are harassing and slandering you and calling you a cuck and a faggot every fucking day? Please go on and tell me how you're offended. I'm over this dude.


—Please don't call Maddox a cuck-faggot. It hurts his feelings

Harassing and medling in people's personal lives is way over the line. And that's what the dick warts are doing. I just want to be left alone. I'm not going to escalate this. Please, I just want to be left alone.


—Maddox says unironically while his employees try and get an ex fired

Gallary of 'quality' that Maddox puts into everything he does

At the end of January 2010, Maddox decided to reach out to all the arrogant nerds on reddit, due to his fanbase completely forgetting about him for not updating his website often to their liking. The members of reddit came all over the post, asking him all kinds of stupid questions that have been answered over 9000 times and pretending to give a shit about what he's up to as his excuse for not updating his website. Why is this retarded AMA worth giving a shit about? Well, Maddox constantly harps on 'Quality' as his excuse for never updating his site or shitting out another book in a timely manner, as well as how important it is for Maddox to have his name tied to something so he's not willing to let just anyone advertise and control his message and writing. Below are just a few examples of all the quality and effort Maddox puts into everything he does and everything that has him or his name attached to it:

Look at how delcious Maddox's artisan hot sauce is. Clearly a man who won't just slap his name on just anything

Other Maddoxes

"El otro día demostré lo increíble que soy con un chanta argentino" translates to "The other day I demonstrated how incredible I am..." (Nitpicking anyone? lulz). He writes video game guides for those idiots that cannot access or are too fucktarded to use Google, but his work has been stolen for other magazines. SRSLY. He could be a troll for the win, but he thought that, being not so retarded as those who read his site, falls in the fail category. Si usted habla español, hágale una visita. Dross is also a douchebag of epic proportions, as is shown in this article where he brags how better he is and how true he is to his internet persona in comparison of Maddox and Toobis based on his muscles: *UPDATE* Dross has publicly declared interest in having anal sex with Maddox (srsly) and cannot longer be considered a ripoff since he has declared his Internet persona is a character and is doing the whole thing for the lulz. SRSLY.

  • Daniel Isaac: Another clone of Maddox with the same Modus Operandi. It would be nice to write something lulzly about him, but it would be repeating Maddox history, but without so much space. Yes, he is that lame. Daniel Isaac's.

Fun Facts

Maddox with Thai IRL transsexuals (when he had hair) Proof.
Post-op or pre-op?
  • Maddox claims Something Awful is a shitty site. No argument there.
  • Maddox is a cuck. He will try and argue that he is polyamorus to excuse that his girlfriends fuck other men behind his back and that he can rail all the pussy he wants anytime, but honestly, what woman has low enough self esteem to willingly let Maddox fuck them?
  • Maddox's current girlfriend M3tal Jess Jessica Blum may or may not have herpes. It's rumored she does, but no one has a smoking gun. However it wouldn't matter if she did because Maddox "wouldn't not date a girl who has herpes."
  • Maddox's employee and girlfriend Jessica Blum has a restraining order against her because she called Maddox's ex girlfriend's job to try and get her fired. His other employee at Pod Awful has also admitted to going around and calling her work as well because she would rather have sex with a guy who says Men are better than women than ever crawl on top of a balding failure for a pity fuck.
  • Maddox's sister commited suicide because she couldn't live with the shame of being related to Maddox.
  • Maddox allegedly has erectile dysfunction. This was discussed in an AMA on /pol/ Dick did.
  • Maddox has no up to date computer admin skills.
  • Maddox likes FF7, so that means he's a homosexual. Proof.
  • Maddox admits to being a huge fan of teh cawk, so that means he's a homosexual. Proof
  • Maddox likes buttsecks with small boys, so that means he's a homosexual. Proof
  • B3ta interviewed Maddox, proving their faggotry.
  • Maddox is Armenian, and therefore a terrorist.
  • Maddox likes Pantera. Which is gayer than AIDS. Maddox loves Pantera's early history as a glam band.
  • Maddox's frontpage links to Ebaumsworld, College humor, and CTRL ALT Delete. No further comment necessary.
  • Maddox likes transsexual Thai boys, Proof.
  • As is well known, Maddox is a homosexual. But a lesser known fact is that he is also gay. This means he is in fact a fag².
  • Is probably Jewish IRL. Would explain a lot.

You paint this picture like it's a tit-for-tat spat. It's not I've endured 8 months of this shit I've lost sponsors I lost my livelihood What has he lost? Jack shit. UCB (is a) hobby, not a fucking job. He hasn't lost anything monetary. Period. And he has tweeted about me literally hundreds of times, mentioned me on his podcast for hours, and slandered me I don't like that this makes it seem like we're responding to each other. I'm not. And having a few private conversations leaked isn't nearly equivalent to months of slander and harassment. I won't apologize for the feed, because that was Randy's fuck-up. There's a paper-trail for weeks proving it. If I release that for proof, Randy might lose his job. Do you realize how much responsibility and pressure you're putting on me to prove my side of the argument?

And by the way, Dax re-tweeted the video 3 TIMES!!! He had friends at UCB who were following him. And about 10 of our mutual friends re-posted that video after that. He got banned from UCB because of other allegations by women he's done shit to in the past. I'm NOT going to take responsibility for that shit. He got banned because of him. And now I'm the one suffering financially, not him. Nothing has happened to him. He's a liar. What I will apologize for: Not mentioning him on the final episode. That's all I did wrong. I'm not apologizing for shit didn't do, period. You conveniently left off the part where Dax ended the fucking podcast by lying to me Lying about me Slandering me Fucking bullshit dude. I asked you for evidence of my wrongdoing the other day and you sent me an episode of The Dick Show. Unbelievable.


—Maddox dindu nuffin



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