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Ramadan Van Man

Ramadan Van Man (Powerword: Darren Osborne) is a sheep-fucker who decided to join in the festive frolics of teh Musselmenz by livening up their dreary annual ritual of not eating or drinking anything during daylight hours. Since 2017's Ramadan fell in June - the month in which the sun comes up at 4am and doesn't set till 10.30pm, during a summer in which London temperatures were higher than those in Florida (srsly) - light-hearted prankster Osborne figured that the Muslims of Britain's capital could do with some comic relief. So he set off from Wales in a rental van and drove it into a crowd outside a London mosque.

What have I missed?
Renee Bracey Sherman
2 days ago
4 days ago
Bill Cosby
6 days ago

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/pol/ autists' meme goes mainstream

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Finally, he's dead. I heard the impact. Now the problem is gone, I must think what needs to be done to Futtaim. It will be slow so that they won't notice that am using my government position to destroy her family. Oh Futtaim if you had accepted my love! Argh... comfort!


Shaikh Doctor Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi.

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