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Steve Stephens

Steve Stephens, aka The Cleveland StReamer, Stevie Steve is believed to be the reincarnation of Chris Dorner with ample facial hair. On the tenth anniversary of the Virginia Tech Massacre, Stevie was in the process of building up his resume of homicide, and decided that he was going to get caught anyway, so he bravely walked up to a random old black guy and shot him in the face, while streaming it on Facebook Live. Calmly walking away from the scene, Steve got into his car and drove off into the sunset. He is currently awaiting autopsy in an Ohio morgue. In order to act like a true badass, he stated that he killed 10+ people including the old nignog in his first manifesto, but this was quickly proved to be false by local police.

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No soul, but plenty of sheckels.

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Thanks a lot Antifa. I'm really thrilled to be on the same side as Ann fucking Coulter.


AnOminous, on Antifa

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