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Mike Pence


Michael Richard Pence is a polished 1950s movie-star and generic retarded satanic, conservative puppet of the ZOG. He came to prevalence after The Donald, desperate for votes from the Religious Right after Clinton pwned Sanders, took him in as his Vice President during the 2016 Elections.

Notable for his stances against faggotry (despite being one himself) and leftism, and his support for the Tea Party movement, Pence is likely to be POTUS after the establishment conspires to eliminate Trump. Should this happen, it is presumed the madman will set Dumbfuckistan back 20 years, just as was tradition with the Bush and Obongo presidencies.

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Hey Twitter-favicon.png @CrackerBarrel, a terroristic group that endorses arresting and executing LGBTQ+ persons are hosting an event at your restaurant in my hometown, Cleveland, TN. Care to stop this?

I’m gay and you have the power to ensure me and my boyfriend are safe from these extremists.


Archive today-ico.png (archive)Twitter-favicon.png blake_kitterman following the liberal agenda of trying to suspend people's First Admenment Rights that they disagree with

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