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tumblr (AKA dumblr) is 4chan's retarded 14-year-old sister/rape victim. It is a mainstream website that preaches the concept of needlessly minimizing the vowels in words, and it was created, perhaps, for blogging. While its original purpose has long since been forgotten, its present application is apparent: to provide a circlejerk space for every hipster, 16-year-old girl, and Indie artfag to post their favorite stolen photographs and pieces of mediocre art, "meaningful" subtitled stills or gif collages from pretentious popular films, as well as talking about how cool wolves are, all within a cesspool of self-congratulatory victim-hood. In short, tumblr consists of boring and vulnerable, boy crazy high school girls that wish they were someone else and the sensitive guys who ultimately win them over by posting desaturated Polaroids of their meticulously decorated bedrooms. Generally speaking, tumblr is the Internet's biggest hugbox. It doesn't matter what you post, as long as it's "progressive" some bleeding asshole will reblog it and jerk you off.

tumblr's population consists solely of only the coolest and most trendy kids in your nearest suburb or recently gentrified urban avenue, as well as talented 15-year-old photographers, poets and writers. If the Internet had property for its users to virtually dwell in, tumblr would be the gentrified neighborhood full of studio apartments, paid for by mom and dad. tumblr users probably want to go to art school to study painting, and likely will get in with enough hard work. But, alas, they are likely to drop out after discovering that reposting images on the Internet didn't magically give them talent.

tumblr is known for its high population of newfags who steal memes and claim them as their own and say that they "invented" them. What tumblr fags don't realize, is that all of these memes should have been forgotten last Thursday, and no one finds them funny, or even slightly humorous anymore. Most of the comics posted on tumblr contain all of these memes in every fucking panel because these so called "artists" can be bothered to draw the fucking faces themselves, but what the still don't realize is that using the punchline in every fucking panel kills the whole joke. They basically take something shitty, make it even shittier, and then share it with the world, and they all obsess over it like a bunch of fags.

What have I missed?
Yosuga No Sora
2 days ago
George Herbert Walker Bush
4 days ago
Maria Meza
6 days ago

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Lolgo.png Should PastorOfMuppets be permabanned for his own good?

Retarded jackass from our forum accidentally admits murdering a 9 year old girl

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Don't forget that before they attacked PewDiePie on E;R, they were attacking him for daring to be a white guy that was "trying to stop" a youtube channel run by "brown people" from being #1 on YouTube. That's literally what this is about to them. "Muh Diversity."


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