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A man widely considered to be one of the greatest IRL trolls of all time. Way back in the sixties, Charles Manson aka C. Murder invented and popularized murder. Since then, murder has enjoyed consistent mainstream success and remains one of the most widely enjoyed pastimes today.

After a brief and unsuccessful musical career and gaining then losing all the money in the world three times, Manson decided to settle down and start a family with actress Marilyn Monroe's corpse. In this regard, the couple experienced difficulty from the beginning, as no church would agree to marry them, and it was shortly discovered that Marilyn was infertile. After much deliberation, and finding that he was unable to murder his spouse any further, Manson eventually decided that adoption would be the most practical solution.

However, on the very morning the couple had elected to murder their way on over to the local orphanage, and in what many consider to be miraculous circumstances, Marilyn spontaneously gave birth to a lively little baby menstrual clot. They named if after its mother and it went on to become a very openly gay industrial recording artist, under the pseudonym Boy George.

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