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Edward Lawrence Krassenstein and Brian Mark Krassenstein (a.k.a. Talkgoldcom, edbri871, Akmed Malakar, JamesOkeef and the Super Ponzistein Bros.) are a pair of 37-year-old manlet twin brothers who are best-known for their amazing ability to vomit up a seemingly endless stream of obnoxiously stupid anti-Trump tweets – a skill that has helped propel them to prominence as key members of the long-running joke that refers to itself as "The Resistance".

Prior to becoming the biggest fucking stooges on Twitter, the Krassenstein brothers were most well known on the internets for being well-documented con artists and thieves who specialized in running Ponzi schemes, distributing pirated content, stealing domain names and booting up a spambot that was only capable of spamming a single string of text. The Krassensteins are also serial E-ntrepreneurs who have run at least 100 internet scam websites that have included MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold – two seemingly competing forums that both catered to Jewgold enthusiasts and offered their criminal user base a convenient platform to advertise their highly illegal Pyramid Schemes to ignorant wannabe investors.

In late 2016, the Krassensteins finally seemed to have gotten what they had coming after both ICE and the Department of Homeland Security raided their home in Fort Meyers, Florida and seized many boxes worth of evidence against the dastardly duo. Despite Archive today-ico.png the case Archive today-ico.png against Archive today-ico.png the brothers Archive today-ico.png being a Archive today-ico.png fucking Archive today-ico.png slam dunk, Barack Obama's incompetent federal government ultimately failed to file criminal charges and then pretended that—despite the fact that they had sent in the motherfucking Department of Homeland Security to raid their house—the Krassenstein brothers had done absolutely nothing wrong and were actually totally innocent of every crime that they had ever committed.

Since getting away with the biggest abortion of justice since O.J. Simpson got away with making sashimi out of his coal-burning wife and some Jew, the Krassensteins have moved on from running silly Ponzi scheme forums and rebrand themselves as "journalists" for their personal Fake News sites called Independent Reporter and Hill Reporter. As you'd expect, both of these sites target libtard Democrats who are dumb enough to throw their hard earned welfare money at literally anyone who claims that they'll be able to take down Führer Drumpf.

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