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Mo Brooks, Morris Jackson Brooks Jr. (born 29 April 1954) is a Republican representative from that fine Inbred state of Alabama that has contributed to our National conscious with such great outward offenses against our common decency such as the lynching of Innocent Black Men, using their police as a Quasi-Military force to beat the Shit out of civil-right protesters and completely denying the existence of complicated ideas like Science, Biology, Mathmatics and evolution because it challenges their perfect Childish faith where Santa Claus and his elves created everything. Their religious bull headedness has less to do with the Quantum theory that given enough time and the right events happening in the right order, it's a probability that life can happen and more to do with the fact that the Jews are right in that when your dead, your dead. Game over.

As with other largely publicized scientific debates such as leaded gasoline, clean drinking water, Global Warming, Rising Sea Levels and the creation of a government agency that would ensure that America's Food and Drugs are what they say and not just sugar pills or crude oil and red food dye calling itself Catsup, Mo Brooks is on the side of the well entrenched Corporate Dollars that repeat over and over in a Buddhist style chant, "Everything is all right. There's no reason for change. Let's just stay the course because no one will miss Miami when It's under water."

So remember, even though Science is showing an increase in mean temperatures and a rise in ocean levels, It's only because of Urban Heat Islands and erosion.

What have I missed?
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Chris Chan
4 days ago
Battle For Dream Island
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Lolgo.png Bad Webcomics Wiki

Euphoric atheist makes an article saying a website and its users are gay compared to ED. The site is run by an ED admin.

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