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George Soros

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George Soros (real name: György Schwartz) is one of the most powerful, richest, and corrupt old kikes in the western world and a well-known Neoliberal Globalist Capitalist cuckold and godless anti-white Oligarch (who's ironically (((white)))) who is the epitome of kikery and far-leftism, going so far as to fund leftist hate groups such as Black Lives Matter and other SJW-supported organizations. Soros is also a popular target for conspiracy theories, where he seems to be behind everything and is apparently a real life supervillain.

Soros perpetuates the greedy Jew stereotype. During World War II, Soros collaborated with the Nazis against his own Jewish people, and nearly broke the entire country of Britain by swindling the country's bank. He is known there as "the man who broke the bank of England." He also funded the riots of Ferguson, sent protesters to trigger the Baltimore riots, was one of the biggest donors of Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 campaign, funding widespread protests in her favor in the name of the Democratic establishment, is partly responsible for the rise of Antifa (and its pedo-apologist wing By Any Means Necessary), a group of faggots aimed at trying to bring back communism and anarchism, two ideologies that have failed every time, and he also funded butthurt protests against The Donald's presidential win, thinking these are going to change the election results, even after the election was well over.


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God bless the USA. The only country to land a man on the Moon

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