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Christopher Edward Hansen is a cock-blocking old media troll who is most well known for being the host of MSNBC's famous comedy program, To Catch A Predator, where he would bait unsuspecting pedophiles into traps set up by Dateline and Perverted-Justice and then ask them life's immortal question – "Why don't you have a seat over there?"

While he was once the envy of many a 4channer, the inevitable cancellation of his show ultimately led Chris down a dark path of cheating on his wife and writing bad checks since he's now broke as fuck. It's safe to assume that Chris currently spends his days posing as a 12-year-old female prostitute and sucking the recently-released paedodicks of the same men that he put in prison just to make enough money to survive while living out of his van. Chris has also aged only slightly better than Bill Clinton, as he now looks like James Comey's grandfather despite only being 59.

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