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Casey Marie Anthony is an American super-cunt best known for the good example she set for all the mothers of unwanted kids in the world. Of course she is from Florida, - the same state that brought you Ottis Toole and Josh Phillips and just recently, white spic George Zimmerman - with her parents Cindy and George. This ugly attention whore spent the last 3 years receiving cunt punts at Tallahassee Federal Correctional, due to the fact that she killed her child, but LOL SHE PULLED AN OJ and got away with it! A self-confessed spiteful bitch, Casey has been the subject of much BAWWWWing by journalists such as Nancy Grace on account of the fact that she's sliding in and out of jail like cock rubbing up against her sphincter. As Casey believes her life is an accurate imitation of "Sex and the City", she originally wanted to have an abortion because no man would want to bone her with a whiny little rugrat looking at them through a crack in her bedroom door.

After consulting her Magic 8-Ball, however, she instead decided it would be easier to spew it out of her crotch; let it mutate for a couple of years; then kill it and pretend she never had a child to begin with.

She was served with over 9000 counts of child neglect after failing to report her 2-year old daughter, Caylee, missing for over a month, went to court and eventually got away with it.

What have I missed?
Jee Jing
2 days ago
Wang Jue
4 days ago
Amy Bishop
6 days ago

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