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Devon Tracey

Devon TraceyFedora icon.png (also known as Atheist Roo, Atheism-is-unstoppable, TraceyRemix and Autism-is-Unstoppable) is a narcissistic, racist, arrogant, Zionist YouTuber who makes poor videos, while keeping his ugly smug little face hidden behind a kangaroo, and sporting a ridiculous-looking bandana (which he wears only because he thinks he's a bad ass, as he used to bully other kids in school, a claim he declares on Twitter as if it's something of which to be proud). He looks like the older brother of Brett Keane, and they both have very similar personalities, believing they are intellectually superior and always engaging in sissy-fights with YouTube posters calling them out. He also has a nasally Napoleon Dynamite voice. Used to be a Flash designer, but now everybody has realized that both Devon and Flash should be kept away from the Internet. Also you'd think with his leet flash skills he might be able to make decent looking videos or animations, but nope.

What have I missed?
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Lazy Town
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6 days ago

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Anita Sarkeesian admitting that criticism is not harassment

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Yet another 13 year old boy falls at Likeicare's hands.

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My Final Fantasy would be to stick my tits between Tifa's dicks if you know what I mean.


And then anon never went to /v/ ever again...

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