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Casper the whorish ghost .jpg

Start with 48% retard, 10 percent✡Jew✡ and a whole failed generation of children that have been taught since 1st grade, and above, by the liberal education machine that being white is a crime and you will end up with something that has no real depth or understanding to the plight of those under her money hungry feet because her first and foremost goal is to follow the great American tradition of becoming a white face for a black product so she can sell cheap ass, gumball machine, Urban Wear (at a 300% mark-up) to dumb ass white kids that would rather choose to buy from her because Vicky's skin tone and face don't scare them like some flat nosed rapper that is always going on about putting caps in the ass of the white man and take everything that belongs to him as reparations for a slavery tradition the gave no concept of.

Living like she has taken notes from a VH1 Behind The Music docu-drama on any rapper picked at random, her whole life consists of her faking grudges, fights and her being of black decent just so she can market her cheap ass plastic gangsta shit to the bottom 5% of America because its all about The Shekels for her.

What have I missed?
I masterbauted right after the Sandy Hook Shooting
2 days ago
Adventure Time
4 days ago
6 days ago

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Lolgo.png Bad Webcomics Wiki

Euphoric atheist makes an article saying a website and its users are gay compared to ED. The site is run by an ED admin.

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