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ichverbot (Joshua Moon; the other known aliases are Null, IbanZ) - owner of Kiwi Farms and 16chan, Blockland troll, pedophile, self-proclaimed lolcow, internet tough guy, web developer, high school dropout, nihilistic autist, jew, scam-artist, white knight of Chris-chan and potential mass shooter.

Josh Moon first came to attention when he offered to co-admin the CWCki Forums (now Kiwi Farms), giving out his email and doxxing himself in the process. Infamy soon followed when users quickly noticed that Josh could be easily baited into responding in emotionally charged and humorous ways. Eventually he was put under investigation where his embarrassing internet history was exposed for all to see including making rape threads and possible rape attempts directed at a number of his forum users.

His crown achievement was somehow convincing Fredrick Brennan of 8chan that he's the man to take his site to the next level, but instead spending the next few months making a crippled man in a wheelchair act as his personal autism caretaker/drug supplier while he pretended to write code but instead sat around abusing his mod privs to ban and dox anyone who made fun of him on /v/. For this dubious pleasure he billed Hotwheelz 12k, and when the code didn't work tried to claim ownership of 8chan and then just fucked off. Since then Null has had a change of heart. He is currently been trying to use his Chris-Chan sub-forum to white knight Chris-Chan after learning from the disaster of epic proportions known as Infinity Next by hilariously using the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and other law enforcement agencies to protect Chris from the big bad mean trolls who hurt his feelings.

What have I missed?
James Alex Fields
2 days ago
4 days ago
August 6 & 9 1945
6 days ago

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Female announcer from the Doom: Eternal gameplay demo in QuakeCon 2018 that later offended special snowflakes, ResetEra members, and nu-male video game journalists.

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