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Gawker Media is (was lol) an American blog network founded by Nick Denton, a cockmongling, turd-burgling Jew from hell. It comprises 13 or 14 different web sites, which try desperately to churn out snippy, “hip” remarks that will garner pageviews from middle-aged fats in Methtown, USA -- i.e., the only people who still consider Gawker relevant. Above even VICE media, Gawker is the most reviled "news" reporting outlet in existence presently and are only topped by Buzzfeed for the title of clickbait king. Aside from spending all their resources in publishing fluff articles they are prone to becoming obsessed with stories about how other pockets of the Internet are more important than them (GamerGate). All commentators must be a daily cum bucket for the mods and worship all that is spoken on the crap blogs, there is no trolling or lulz in comments EVAR (besides "Jezebel"). Obtaining +v requires a newborn for jew sacrifice and a thorough probing by large webmaster cocks. It's important to note this article is edited at least once a day by contributors to Gawker Media. You can help by reverting their edits, identifiable because they read like advertising copy written by faggot Brooklynites who were unable to land real jobs. If you're looking for a challenge, don't hesitate to drive the founder's daughter into a suicidal cutting rage as she is a tumblr user who will end her life at the drop of a reblog.

Anything published on Gawker can hardly be considered news and won't even be touched by the worst tabloid. Whenever you hear about Gawker it usually has something to do with some new scandal their inept staff has gotten themselves embroiled in, including: bribe, not paying their interns, waving their flaccid dicks at oncoming traffic, threatening their readers and getting the comment section at Jezebel spammed with rape porn.

What have I missed?
Joss Whedon
2 days ago
4 days ago
The Daily Stormer
6 days ago

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