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Doki Doki Literature Club (Alternative titles: Most Overrated Game of 2017, Bitches be Crazy: The Game, and "I'm Not Scared, You Are!") is a brand new amazing visual novel dating sim created by Dan Salvato that attempts to lure unsuspecting gamers into playing a cute anime visual novel, but surprising them with suicide and "horror".

Although it is frequently called a "game" it has no real gameplay. The majority of the time spent playing DDLC is either used clicking "next" or skipping if you want to get through the hundreds of dictionaries worth of dialogue, and even after all of that, the rest of the game is clicking random words to complete a poem because, just in case you forgot, you are in a literature club.

What have I missed?
Coolest Monkey in the Jungle
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Someone has filed a lolsuit against ED. We need shekels to defend the motherland.

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British man blows hole in throat while trying to hold in a sneeze



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