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Zoe Tiberius Quinn, real name Chelsea Van Valkenburg, and porn name Locke Valentine, is a rainbow-haired feminazi internet whore who sleeps with indie developers and video game news journalists behind her ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni's back in exchange for panel seats, contest wins, positive media coverage and whatever general good favor her pussy can snatch her from journalist cucks like Nathan Grayson of Kotaku. After Eron Gjoni submitted The Zoe Post to tell the story of how he caught her for cheating and lying, Zoe Quinn plays the victim card and gets her white knights and beta orbiters to defend her reputation. After that Gamers Are Dead article white knighting Zoe Quinn that pissed off a lot of gamers, Zoe Quinn gave birth to GamerGate.

Zoe Quinn is literally a unskilled jack-of-all-trades and career jumper that only jumps where the big money is. A shitty stripper, a unattractive porn model, a shitty video game developer, a shitty book writer, a scam artist, a accomplice, a now-currently shitty genderfluid comic book writer, and more importantly a popular item on the menu at the fast food chain restaurant Five Guys Burgers & Fries. She also sucks off anyone willing to suppress negative publicity about her, which is why no other website is willing to mention this controversy aside from this beacon of truth. It's also worth mentioning that by her own standards, Zoe is also a rapist and murderer.

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The closure of a redboard results in a caravan of undocumented newfags wandering into EDF.

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Five years ago today, the ex-boyfriend of game developer Zoe Quinn published a lengthy online expose titled "The Zoe Post," detailing a number of intimate details regarding their messy breakup and her alleged sexual relationships with game journalists. In the coming weeks, an online backlash snowballed into one of the biggest culture wars in the history of the entire internet.


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