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DeAndre Harris is a violent thief and fraudster, known to be at large in the City of Charlottesville, Virginia. He is wanted by authorities in connection with the unprovoked beating of an elderly gentlemen, during which Harris used a heavy flashlight as a billy-club. The elderly gentleman was showing the public some valuable military memorabilia, when Harris and his accomplices attempted to rob him.

Harris, 21, is known to have preyed upon the good nature of the US public, whom he conned out of nearly $200,000 by portraying himself as a blameless victim on a fundraising website. Harris then spent all his ill-gotten riches on flashy cars and hiring a film crew because like many other violent criminals he hopes to pursue a career as a rap "artist."

Harris is currently believed to be conspiring with a close family member to launch a fraudulent lawsuit against the City of Charlottesville, in an effort to extort further sums of money from public funds. Residents of Charlottesville are encouraged to inform public guardians of any knowledge they may have concerning this dangerous individual's activities and likely whereabouts.

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