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Valerie Elise Plame Wilson (a.k.a. VPlame1488) is a stereotypical dumb, American, blonde bimbo and anti-semite who first gained national attention in 2003 when a member of the Dubya Administration "accidentally" blew her cover as a super-kewl CIA spook by leaking classified information about her employment to the press in a scandal that would become known as the Plame Affair (which should not be confused with Plame's upcoming adult video series of the same name). Unfortunately, Plame did not mysteriously die of dioxin poisoning or kill herself after having her cover blown and has since gone on to write a book and campaign for Satan in the 2016 Election.

In 2017, Valerie Plame once again gained media attention when she came up with a brilliant plan to get United States President Donald J. Trump banned from Twitter before he could "start a nuclear war"... Srsly. While her goal was already fucking stupid, her plan was even stupider – start a crowdfunding campaign to raise A BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS from dumb liberals for the sole purpose of buying Twitter and banning Trump. Only later did our savvy ex-CIA agent learn the fact that Twatter is actually worth at least 15 billion.

Yes, this brave woman is truly a shining example of the finest that America's great "intelligence" community has to offer... and a shining example of why fucking noone trusts U.S. intelligence agencies anymore. Ten bux says that she was only hired in the first place because tits and because the CIA just hadn't met their monthly vagina quota yet.

What have I missed?
Scout Schultz
2 days ago
Tom Preston
4 days ago
Campo Santo
6 days ago

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