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Feminism is a contagious and mutagenic venereal disease that, like Syphilis, affects both the reproductive system and the nervous system of women who were deficient in the antibodies present in the sperm of Human males, i.e. single females and lesbians. Symptoms of Feminism include: infertility, uterine damage, encephalitis resulting in increased aggression (just like Rabies), adrenaline overdose (magnifying their already-aggressive amygdalas by 99%), severe allergy to males, mental retardation, Down syndrome, autism endocrine dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, excessive growth of body hair, toxic body odour, vagina dentata, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, cancer in general, and paranoid schizophrenia involving a phobia that The Man and everything (even the trees) is out to rape them. Some victims of severe infection by Feminism are hopelessly mutated so much that they resemble less Human Female but rather as rabid, mimondless and extremely violent canines that murder any Human male near them, or mutated gigantic zombie landwhales that kill every form of life around them with their stink.

Because of our modern politically-correct society, everybody now pretends that Feminism is not a physiological-mental illness caused by a deadly virus that puts AIDS and Ebola to shame, but rather some sort of "philosophy" that promotes the "absolute equality between male and female" and because it's "inherent" and "natural" and therefore should not be cured, employing the same position with the issue of Autism. Any effort to cure feminists gets shouted down and persecuted as "misogynistic, Patriarchal," just like how compassionate people who promote Euthanasia and putting the autistics out of their misery are immediately condemned for "Nazism" and shot on sight. Due to this the once respectable medical diagnosis evolved into mainly an excuse for misandry and spoiled brats to be entitled to anything they want and abuse hardworking males whenever they want, because women should be "strong", "assertive", and "liberated" (in other words, insufferable bitches) without even understanding or reading the actual philosophy behind gender equality. The vast majority of these pretending "Feminists" are too inept, callous or lazy to do actual research. If they do, they cherry pick incomplete evidence or ignore it altogether. It's also the idea that we can make both sexes equal by focusing solely on the issues of one of them.

What have I missed?
Milo Yiannopoulos
2 days ago
Bug Chasers
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Oh my god you literally don’t even know who started GG, do you? The Kotaku journalist was a *victim*, not the instigator. The article never existed, which was admitted by the actual monster who started all this. The (false) coverage allegation came from ONE YouTube video.


—Zoe Quinn Archive today-ico.png screeching over GamerGate until someone's account is deleted, as usual.

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