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Usenet is the original Internets lulz and hate machine. It was created at least 100 years ago by basement dwellers and other furries as a means of sharing information about how much their parents were making them pay rent now that they were 30. Usenet messages are similar to e-mail, except they are public, and anyone can view and participate in the drama.

In the early days of the Internet Usenet was the proverbial "wild west", with no form of banning or any kind of direct censorship. Participants were expected to stack their emotional issues at the door, because there wasn't anyone willing to subscribe to that shit, not when there were important issues to discuss; like new episodes of Beavis and Butt-head, how to kill whales, malicious hacking, kibology, audio frequencies of 2600 Hz, Karl Malden's nose, alien vampires and other flonkish pursuits.

Usenet is of significant cultural importance for the Internets, having been the beta testing ground for important Internets features such as spam, trolling, Internet Law, and the flame war. Usenet pioneered drama generation in the field of technology and some argue that it is in fact the grandfather of all lulz on the Internets. Many advanced linguistic communication techniques also originated or were popularized on Usenet, such as "NO U" and "I will hack your computer if you don't STFU."

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