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Last updated: July 14, 2019

Previously Featured Threads:

Lolgo.png What the fuck fetishes - See the best Deviantart has to offer right here!
Lolgo.png Bad Webcomics Wiki - Euphoric atheist makes an article saying a website and its users are gay compared to ED. The site is run by an ED admin.

Lolgo.png Sleepykinq - Someone comes to EDF to try to get us to troll someone. Predictably, we prefer to troll him.
Lolgo.png Zaiger tried to nuke the forums - Go here to shit talk him
Lolgo.png You must all look at this site - Likeicare discovered an exact, live copy of EDF2 but filled with virus laden porn links. Go look at it.
Lolgo.png ED is being sued, we need your help. - Someone has filed a lolsuit against ED. We need shekels to defend the motherland.
Lolgo.png LULZCAST THREAD - Watch us plan (read: bicker about) the next episode of the new Encyclopedia Dramatica Podcast on YouTube Favicon.png our YouTube channel
Lolgo.png ED Tshirt Contest - Submit your design and get called a faggot
Lolgo.png Being and anti-feminist on tumblr - Famous tumblr anti-feminist joins the forum, gets tolled off of it in 6 posts and is now threatening to sue us
Lolgo.png ED Gaming News Website - The guys on the forum try to make their own gaming news site. For once it seems like they will be successful, until the guy who was supposed to do the coding goes AWOL literally a day before the launch.
Lolgo.png The #GamerGate thread - Were laughing at everyone on either side of the debate... for ethics.
Lolgo.png Kevin Mann is ED official - Some retard shows up on ED's facebook group, refuses to leave so we get him to admit he's a pedophile rapist and write an article about it
Lolgo.png Flight 9525 Audio Sketch (Voice actors/Audio guys wanted) - New stupid project on the forum - looking for voice actors for a satirical skit about Germanwings Flight 9525
Lolgo.png LOL TomPreston did it again! - The Tom Preston thread is now at over 2,000 pages of shit
Lolgo.png Julianne Irace thought she was hot shit - An attempt to raid the ED facebook group and to make ED a personal army against the failed raiders by two angry ex-lovers turns into a massive lulzfest on the forum
Lolgo.png Police Trainer: Ferguson - EDF2 is hard at work on its next terrible game
Lolgo.png What's the longest you've ever gone without a shower? - We're all disgusting
Lolgo.png Immelmann - EDF helps new user write an article by telling him to kill himself
Lolgo.png Someone has been a busy little BEAVER ♥ - Saddest story ever: dude on our forum likes all his own posts with three sockpuppets and pretends to be an 18 year old girl for six months to flirt with people in exchange for more likes. Succeeds in seducing a lesbian
Lolgo.png Sir Wulfington Battle Grounds - EDF2's biggest GamerGate supporter turns out to be a bigger dog fucker than Sarah Butts and is trolled off the forum
Lolgo.png Who Do You Like More? - A user from Facebook who signed up to share photos of his dick and sister gets wrecked by the EDF community
Lolgo.png Mod tag - (Now former) mod's attempt to play a forum game ends with him being kicked out for being a faggot
Lolgo.png The Fight For 15 - EDF members circlejerk about how "successful" they are IRL
Lolgo.png Trolling da Space Battles Community - PMFO learns the hard way that nobody cares he trolled da Space Battles.
Lolgo.png Kiwi Farms Thread - Kiwi Farms admin Null shows up to answer questions, EDF member responds by putting a noose around his neck and posting a suicide threat on youtube.
Lolgo.png I would like to have a ban please - Faggot demands to be banned and, after having his request denied, spends several hours arguing with automatically generated spam before begging to be left alone and quitting
Lolgo.png The Devi Ever dump thread - Infamous tranny lolcow "Devi Ever" finally gets her own EDF thread, complete with stalker-ish timeline of her long line of crowdfunding scams and tranny nudes, joins the forum, gets trolled off
Lolgo.png Sexy Wiki Adventures 2: Final Reckoning - Known pervert/lolcow Sexlord66 finally gets doxed after spending over a year posting his nudes on EDF2 for the sexual gratification he gets from being humiliated. We are currently deliberating if we should send them to his friends or family first
Lolgo.png An ex-EDF plushophile faggot - We found our old friend TheDOSFag talking shit about us on a gay acceptance forum so we raided them until they shut down registration
Lolgo.png Fear and Loathing on the 2015 Faggot of the Year Campaign Trail - Voting underway in the 2015 Faggot of the Year primary elections.
Lolgo.png Crazy Bitch Fucks Her Dog and Has Random People Smell Her Fingers - Ediots discuss the antics of one Whitney Wisconsin.
Lolgo.png Guy who can't get laid makes documentary about kissing - Romeo Rose joins the forum, dumps his entire life collection of photographs, and his best friend calls the police on him for suicide threats.
Lolgo.png *** OFFICIAL THREAD OF 2015 FAGGOT OF THE YEAR *** - Voting is complete, Romeo Rose wins EDF2's "Faggot of the Year" award!
Lolgo.png *** PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION PREDICTIONS *** - Come and join the debate! EDiots discuss the everything there is to know about the upcoming 2016 presidential elections!
Lolgo.png Black History Month doing it's best to increase racial divide - February is Black History Month. The Poverty Pimps remind evil white high school students to check their privilege with racist video.
Lolgo.png Huh...so I need dating advice. - EDiot asks fellow forum members for dating advice in October 2015. Four months later the "advice" just keeps on flowing. We're givers like that.
Lolgo.png The New Ghostbuster Trailer - EDiots discuss the new feminist Ghostbusters movie trailer... we have graphs and everything!
Lolgo.png ***OFFICIAL SAYTRSATURN THREAD*** - Inexplicably butthurt faggot dislike spams posts of people that had made fun of him once six months ago, only to have pictures of him sucking dick dug up and posted
Lolgo.png Hey everyone - 'Giant autist uses his first thread on the forum to make a personal army request against Know Your Meme. KYM mods soon join EDF and explain he was banned for making death and rape threats/fanfiction about other users. He then proceeds to threaten to rape and murder the people now trolling him on EDF.
Lolgo.png Encyclopedia Dramatica Community Channel? - Plans to create a community ED Youtube channel immediately descend into bickering.
Lolgo.png I'm Epyc Wyn, a high-ranked editor on KnowYourMeme.< - Another banned member from KnowYourMeme saw Pachirisu's adventure on EDF, and decided he wanted the same kind of attention.
Lolgo.png Hey guys! - Would-be nazi hillbilly storms off the forum in a huff after being laughed at and exposed as having a giant nipple disease.
Lolgo.png Apparently an "ED Admin" or someone is SUPER butthurt over Minecraft - Some retard from the 2b2t Minecraft server tracks down and tries to intimidate random ED user into deleting their article by pretending to be one of our admins.
Lolgo.png ED's Youtube channel is becoming active as of right now, and you faggots can help. - We are trying to make the Encyclopedia Dramatica Youtube Channel into an active community account. Come to the thread if you wan to help or submit content and we might upload it to our channel.
Lolgo.png gertbot on Twitter - lotic is creating a successor to EDF's most inane, retarded, and (second most) prolific shoutbox shitposter.
Lolgo.png first (and last) annual tinfoil hat contest - May the best retard win.
Lolgo.png #zewgate - Retarded ED admin tries to blackmail forum user for nudes, instead gets blackmailed by the rest of the forum for money.
Lolgo.png Supppp - Two reddit lolcows join the forum to slapfight each other, everyone loses.
Lolgo.png Presidential Election Predictions - Come join us watch the country come to terms with a Trump presidency.
Lolgo.png They´re coming to take me away - One of our own forum users just got deported by god emperor Trump.
Lolgo.png ***2016 Faggot Of The Year Award*** - Come read all about the gayest drama on our forum from the passing year as we hold our sixth annual contest to decide who was this year's biggest faggot.
Lolgo.png Kiwi Farms Thread - Fun times on the Kiwi thread: KF lolcow joins thread looking for sympathy but instead gets doxed (page 83). Then Null shuts down Kiwi Farms and its rapefugees join EDF2 instead while we work together on bringing it back online.
Lolgo.png i dont wanna go to prison - 17 year old lolcow on the forum commits identity fraud. Forum users report him to the FBI to watch him freak out.
Lolgo.png Should PastorOfMuppets be permabanned for his own good? - Retarded jackass from our forum accidentally admits murdering a 9 year old girl
Lolgo.png 2018 Faggot of the Year Awards! (voting thread) - Mikemikev is voted 2018's Faggot of the Year due to sockpuppetry by retards.
Lolgo.png Dropdatwat is a jew - Forum lolcow takes a 23andMe test, confirms what everyone suspected.
Lolgo.png Nigamajigas "wife" is losing her shit at me - Screenshots of an oldfag and his wife telling Likeicare to get the hell off their lawn.
Lolgo.png post good reddit finds - Find something on Reddit that isn't trash or a liberal circlejerk? Post it here!
Lolgo.png I recorded my classmate having a emotional breakdown in class - Ilovemenandwomen cyberbullies a girl by filming her having a mental breakdown and blackmailing her with it, later ends up getting away with it.
Lolgo.png who are all these fags on discord? - Otter enthusiast discovers our Discord for the first time, and finds nothing of value.
Lolgo.png Youtube hates retards - Jewtube retards destroy a channel dedicated to reading children's stories to actual retards.
Lolgo.png Is this Sugar Bombs? - Oddguy speculates that a user previously thought to be dead may have faked her death and moved to Uganda, where she almost died for real.
Lolgo.png I Was Asked To Be Here - Onideus discovers he is no longer banned, comes back to EDF, and quickly shows that he hasn't learned a thing.
Lolgo.png I'm about to be expelled from uni....Diaper Dumpster - Onideus hijacks Dropdatwat's thread, only for users to discover how much of a sick fuck pedo he was allowed to be under the protection of Zaiger. We are still cleaning his mess up.
Lolgo.png how do you feel about elves? - Oddguy asks for everyone's opinion on elves, which turns into a discussion about other various mythical creatures.
Lolgo.png Lady wakes up after 28 years in a "minimally conscious state" - A thread which was supposed to be about some Arab woman waking up from a coma is derailed and turned into a thread about redneck violence.
Lolgo.png VX - EDF2's suicide baiting king of stalkers. - Oddguy reveals what disgraced admin VX (Powerword:Travis Neil Cooper) has been doing since being chased out of ED—mostly just threatening suicide and sending pictures of his tiny penis.
Lolgo.png (Urgent) ProJared drama - The ongoing coverage of ProJared's many scandals, including cheating, sexting a minor, and dick pics.
Lolgo.png SeeBeen leaves - Announcing the retirement of one of our more competent administrators
Lolgo.png Yellowbird is PastorOfMuppets - ... in which a failed school shooter, convicted ISIS supporter, suspected child-rapist/murderer, and known FBI stool-pigeon slyly infiltrates ED, is briefly promoted to administrator, and gets unmasked and B& in the nick of time (Srsly)
Lolgo.png RIP - dropdatwat gets banned for a few days, EDF users rejoice
Lolgo.png TheDOSFag publishes his literary masterpiece! - TheDOSFag, an autistic furfag who used to sperg on ED, publishes a tl;dr.
Lolgo.png Etika is dead - Etika tried suicide-baiting by threatening to jump off a bridge, and accidentally succeeded. Click here to laugh at his waterlogged corpse.
Lolgo.png r/transpassing - A magical place, where the mentally ill go to reaffirm their delusions, or get laughed at even harder.

Lolgo.png ED's 15th Anniversary is Fast Approaching

Oddguy suggests celebrating 15 years of Encyclopædia Dramatica by either doing a livestream, or pulling another OhInternet.