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Malik Obama, High King of the Shitposters.

Malik Obama (a.k.a. "Memelik Obameme", "The TRUE Obama" and "MAGAman") is a beloved member of the alt-right and an unrelenting Twitter shitposter from Nairobi, Kenya, who is known for his burning desire to Make America Great Again!, over-the-top hatred of cucks and thots, and for being the non-half-breed half-brother of President Black Jesus.

Quotes from Twitter's Most Lovable Negro[edit]

Shitposting is what we have in common. It breaks down the barriers we put up between ourselves.


—Malik Obama, breaking down barriers so we can BUILD THE FUCKING WALL

Mr.Trump is President-elect of the USA and only Allah is greater than that!



Let's spray MAGAma all over the USA!


—Malik Obama, wanting to spray the USA with his creamy MAGAma

Alt-Right is Neo Nazi? Is Malik NEO NAZI?


—Malik questions whether he is the world's blackest Nazi

Anybody can be Racist! Not just Whites!


—Words of wisdom from the King of Memes

Buzzfeed News=Cuckfeed News!


—Malik tells it like it is

Please don't send nudes! Bad manners!


—Malik doesn't want to see your tiny white willie






Coincidence detected by Malik

Africa is a DISASTER!


—Malik Obama, speaker of truth

I am the true OBAMA!


—There can be only one

Ok folks. Got to admit it. Anime has short-circuited my brain!


—Malik, on the horror that is anime

Please people, don't use bad language. It is not good for the children.



I haven't been spirit cooked my friends. I'm alive and breathing!


—Malik informs us that he is safe from PizzaGate

.Mr.Trump did not use me. Malik is a grown man. I support Mr.Trump of my own free will. It's a matter of intellect. Get over it people.


—Malik, on being a grown man[citation needed]

Mountain Dew is for CUCKS. Have you ever seen a good person drink Mountain Dew?


—Malik, on Mountain Dew

Cuckoldry is major sin.


—Malik, preaching the gospel

Make Cuckoldry Gone Again!


—Malik hates your wife's son


Obama operates a Twitter-favicon.png Twatter account, where he spends the majority of his time online. It is here that all of his shitposts are to be found. How long will it be until the twitter kikes gas his account is yet to be seen, but considering that they attack anyone who isn't P.C. (Weev serves as a good example), it is highly likely that his account will be terminated in the foreseeable future. Here are some notable lulzy tweets.

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In The News[edit]

(((Buzzfeed))), the McDonald's of journalism, Archive today-ico.png published an article detailing Malik's rise to infamy.


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