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Manly Tears

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If you were looking for the /v/ lurking tripfag see Manlytears

Isn't that an oxymoron?



Manly Tears is a disease common in, but by no means limited to, anime and kung-fu movies. Some argue that it has recently made its way to the west and started to affect /b/tards, while others simply view it as a handy excuse which allows the Anon in question to well up inside without being accused of faggotry or starting a BAWWW thread.


When It Is Okay To Shed Manly Tears

If you win the championship, we'll look the other way.
North Korean World Cup player in a show of manly tears after being raped by Portugal's entire soccer team.

Towards the end, they showed the complete run of Tennant episodes and I watched them all. Manly tears, /b/. Manly tears.


Anon, shedding manly tears over Doctor Who being killed and replaced with Edward from Twilight

You decide

Sniff, sniff.


I, uh, killed my wife.

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Gallery of Manly Tears

Not to be mistaken for the most known troll on /v/ Manly tears.

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